Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hold please!

Hey, ladies! So, I need to take a short absence from blogging while I straighten out some things in my schedule. Between rehearsals, work and auditions...I am swamped! So pardon my absence for a couple of weeks while I get myself back in order! Thanks for your patience :)

I will try and post the review set no. 2 soon though!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reviews are Back! (Part One - Seperates)

Hi, everyone! I was feeling great and popped into my local Anthro today to try on lots of pretties. Fall is when the beautiful clothes roll out, so I love this time of year! I originally went in to pick up the Lemon Liftoff Blouse, (I cannot resist things with owls on them.) but I had fun trying on some other stuff too :)

Today, I'm going to review seperates (tops and a skirt).

I can't find this top on the website, I just think it's another colorway of the Ruched Heather Tee.  (Corrected by the wonderful Patti, thank you!) Someone correct  me if I'm wrong. It's SUPER cute. I would never in my life pay $68 for a tee shirt, but the moment this goes on sale, it's mine. It's very comfy, a flattering shape and who doesn't love polka dots? It's form-fitting, stretchy TTS. CUTE.

A lot of ladies love this skirt, but I am not a huge fan of it. As someone who is a small frame, I'm finding the pockets to be a little bulky. I wish it didn't have the pockets, otherwise it would be something I would be excited about. The material is very soft and this color is to die for. The fit is slightly large but it looks cute from the side. I didn't like this very much for a petite person. I recommend this, but TRY IT ON FIRST. Pricepoint is a little high in my opinion for what it is. $68 yes. $88? No.

Pilcro Serif Cords $88 (This link is for another colorway)

Hey look! I tried on pants at Anthro! It's a rare occasion that I would try on pants here. Not because I don't like them, but because they usually do not fit me (too long). I happen to actually adore a nice pair of pants. I am still getting used to the idea of a tapered hem or "skinny jeans/pants" as people like to refer to them. When I was a kid in the '80s, you loved having your pants do this. In the late '90s early 2000s pants started to flare out at the bottom and I gladly got on that train and never got off. When this shape came back, I was a little disturbed. All that aside, I saw these and thought they were cute and they looked like they might fit ok. They do. I'm not totally in love with them in this color or how they look in the back. They fit relatively well (I could have taken a 24, but 25 is the smallest). They are easy to get on and soft. They were very comfy, I'm just not comfortable in these. Heck, they are sort of cute, but I don't think I can rock fitted, mustard pants. I am interested in the Stevie Cords in purple though. Pass.

Swoop & Glide Pullover Field Flower $118

Did this used to have another name? I feel like it's been around forever. Anyway, I love Wendi Reed sweaters and I love this one too! It's following the 2011 theme of "Put a bird on it and people will buy it". Other companies are really getting into birds too, especially Umbra (who I adore). This is a comfortable, slouchy cardigan. It DOES have some buttons on it, but I didn't mess with them. This is an awesome sweater, fits TTS...amazingly cute!

Sunset Sails Cardigan Lilli's Closet $118

When I saw this cardi on the website, I was all excited over it. Orange, grey, stripes. All my favorite things packed together in one sweater. I picked this up and was blown away by how soft it is. It is definitely well-made and great quality. Just one thing bugs the crap out of me...

Look how FREAKING short it is! I have the torso of a 6 year-old and this cardi is about 5" too short for me. How sad!! I was so disappointed over this...if it were longer I would have probably walked out with it. It might work with a dress. Sadly pass for now.

Hm...this is weird. It's a tank top, but it's got a little bit of a lacy thingie on it. Plus, you can detach it and just wear the tank top - or the little lacy thing I guess. This seemed like a good idea and looked really cool on the hanger, but I'm not sure this really works in real life. Where would I wear this? The tank top is very casual with no embellishments. I wanted to like this, but it's weird, The fit is nice and it's TTS. The little lace bit has two bands that attach to the top. A neat idea, but not for me. Pass.

So, that's it for today! Hope they are helpful! In the next round of reviews, I will show dresses! Any special requests for next time? I might have time to stop by Anthro tomorrow too!