Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help me choose an outfit, please!

Hi Ladies! I have a big, big, big audition tomorrow afternoon and as well as sounding totally hot, I need to look cute too so that I "make an impression". Here are some ideas I had for outfits with things I already had. Which one do you like the best? It's going to be rainy and cruddy tomorrow, but I guess I don't care.

Audition Outfit #2
I'm leaning towards the Dreamy Drape outfit. The dress is so elegant, but the Foxy Tights would be a fun touch! What do you guys think?! I'm so stressed!!!
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: Flight Round the Garden!

Anthro: Molded and Melded Tee $58, Flight Round the Garden Skirt (now $60), Checkerboard Belt (now $20)
Clearly, I need a new brown belt. I have a brown Green Thumb Belt, but I thought it was too over the top for this outfit. Anyway, it was so warm today! I believe it's probably the last few days I can get away with wearing short sleeves at night, so I broke out my Molded and Melded Tee. This skirt hasn't been getting much community love, but I think it's darling and when it went on sale, I jumped on it! It runs kind of small, so it's really good for a petite gal like me! The length is perfect.

It was super hot at rehearsal tonight AND a mosquito bit me three times before I crushed it between two pages of music. WHY are mosquitoes so attracted to me? I hate them so! It's almost Friday everyone!

Reviews: Tops, Tops and More Tops

Good afternoon ladies! I am SO glad the sun is out today as yesterday was just a rainy, yucky mess! I have some pics sitting here on my hard drive and I figured I'd share them with you.

Lustrious Lavilere Top $88 Yoana Baraschi
This is not a top I would normally try on. It fits TTS and this is the beige color. The sequined and beading details are really cute, but I would wait for the sale on this one.

Molded and Melded Tee $48

 Here's a tee that everyone wishes would go on sale, but doesn't. Truth be told, it's a little big, but I bought it anyway because it's an awesome green. I'm hoping it will shrink a tad when I wash it. It is VERY soft and worth checking out. I would say, wait for the sale, but you might be waiting a long time.

Scattered Clouds Tee - Little Yellow Button (now $40)

 Here's a piece I would hesitate to wear on its own. It's kind of...meh. The black ribbon detail on the collar is really nice, but at the end of the day, it's nothing special. I found it kind of shapeless on my frame. If you can style this up, it's a good deal. Maybe wait for a second cut?

Loosely Looped Tee $58 Deletta

 Hmmm...okay. When I first saw this online, I was so excited. In person it's okay. I don't know what I was expecting. It's a nice fit and the jersey is really soft and lovely. It's a cute little tee and the collar is really special! I will wait for the sale on this one.

Floral Frappe Top $58 Deletta

 Okay, here's one I like a lot! It fits really well and the little detailing on one side is super cute! It would be great on its own or under a blazer or something. Wishlisted for further consideration!

Daylight Aurora Top $78 Bordeaux

I noticed this top immediately when it hit the website and I loved it! When I tried it on, it did not disappoint. This is my normal xs and it fits TTS for me (maybe it runs a tad small since I tend to be a little smaller than xs). The color is a muted rosy blush, not "beige" as described on the website. I can't say enough good things about it. It's very flattering and I think it would be very versatile in any wardrobe. I think $78 is a little much, so wishlisted for sale!

That's it! I hope that wasn't too disappointing!
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD: A Rainy Southward Stop

Good evening, ladies! It was raining cats and dogs here in Boston today! Tuesdays, I work downtown, so my outfit had to be rain-ready. I decided it was a nice day for my Southward Stop Shirtdress to make another appearance! I love this dress!

Anthro Dress: Southward Stop Shirtdress $128 Maeve
Anthro Cardigan: Soft Scallops Cardi (now $60) Guinevere
Rainboots: JCrew 2008

I was quite happy to walk around town in the rain in this outfit!
Sunday, September 26, 2010

OOTD: Weaving-the-Ring of Remaining Lilies

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's outfit is very Mad Men inspired even though I haven't seen one second of the show. I'm afraid to watch it because it will be just ONE MORE show that I am committed to watching when I already watch too much TV already. This is what I wore at my church gig today.

Anthro: Remaining Lilies Cardi (now $70), Anthro: Weave-The-Ring Skirt, Wedges: Joe Campbell

I can't tell you how much I love both of these pieces. I tried on the Weave-The-Ring Skirt this summer, but was forced to leave it in the store in favor of another piece I wanted more. When my wedding anniversary came around, my husband bought it for me, along with the Blooming Lattice Cardigan! I love the way that the buttons are on the side! I know some ladies hate this and wear them in front, but I think it's funky and fun to have them off to the left! And I love the little petticoat action that's going on underneath it, plus, it's plaid which for me is always a plus.

I didn't really mean to buy the Remaining Lilies Cardi, it just jumped into my hand at the store. I really wasn't all that into it, but I tried it on and it was all over. This is my 3rd Field Flower cardi and they are all cut so beautifully and are so flattering. This little cardi is packed with amazing little details from the navy ribbon accents to the little applique petals on one sleeve only. I can't believe this wasn't on my wishlist! It's on sale right now, so grab one while they're still around!

It's Sunday night, so that means we'll be broadcasting a brand new Dereck and Kay Show on Blog Talk Radio at 6pm-7pm! Please check it out or listen to a past episode on the website. It's a stupid show, but we have fun! Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies!
Saturday, September 25, 2010

OOTD and Fall Cardigans and Jackets

Happy Saturday everyone! I was so glad to not have to go into work until this evening, because I had the whole day to practice and get ready for my big audition on Friday! I think my arias are ready, but I'm still not sure which outfit I'm going to wear! :)

Anyway, last night, was our weekly Super Smash Bros Tourney and I thought I would fully represent my character, Pikachu in full-out yellowness.  PIKA!!!!
Anthro: Loose Lines Cardi (now $60), Banana Republic Tank (super old), Anthro: Checkerboard Belt (now $20), Anthro: Circle the Globe Skirt (now $40)
Sadly, this getup only got me second place. Maybe I should have done black and yellow, not brown and yellow. Probably only then, will the Pika Power been at its peak.

Anyhoo, on to the cardis!

Summer's Reminder Cardigan  (teal) $128 Sleeping on Snow

This poor cardigan is getting panned online. It's been on my wishlist since it appeared on the website and it's absolutely gorgeous. There are a few issues with it though. It's a made from boiled wool, so it's light but quite warm. Boiled wool is not the same as the fabric to this is a little floppy, which means the top of the cardi will not stay flat against your chest because there is no snap closure there. So the little flower kind of flops down a bit. If this bugs you, then this cardi is not for you. I thought the fit was nice. This is an xs and I think it's pretty cute. That being said: $128 is a little much for this piece. Try it on, wait for the sale.

Sea Fan Sweater $148 Guinevere

This is a cute sweater that fits TTS. The tie closure is actually a feature I'm really liking because, no matter what size you are, you can tie it to form a nice silhouette. It's soft and not itchy at all, although I don't find many things itchy, which is weird because I do have sensitive skin. At $148, I think the price point for this one is a little high since it's really not anything special, so wait for the sale again on this one.

Tulip Curtsy Blazer $118 Daughters of the Liberation

I'm so in love with this jacket, it's not even funny. The product shot on the website did not do anything for me at all, but when I spied it on the hanger in the store, it called my name. I actually don't own a blazer anymore, so this one might have to come home with me. It's a gorgeous velvety cord and this is the gold color which is so awesome! It fit TTS and was really flattering. The sleeves are a great length for cuffing and showing the beautiful striped interior lining it has. At $118 it seems like a fair price point, this is worth it to me. It would be great over a dress or with some jeans.

Herringbone Sweater Jacket $118 Sleeping on Snow

Wow, this sweater is a little small. I don't know if it's supposed to fit this close and be this short, but I don't really get it. It's a nice fabric and something you can't tell from the product and model shots is that the pieces of fabric on the collar are only attached to the sweater at each end so it can be adjusted, which is kind of cool. I didn't figure it out though until I had taken it off. I dunno, I don't really find it flattering. Size up if you do. The price kind of seems fair, as it's a very thick sweater jacket.

I hope you ladies are having a super-relaxing and awesome Saturday!
Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF and some dress reviews! Snowy Egret, Perthshire and Crocheted Clouds

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you all have exciting weekend plans! I have some reviews for you! I spotted some beautiful new fall items at a local Anthro today after work. Such gorgeous stuff and I spotted the coveted Foxy Tights, but refrained from buying them. They are super cute, but I have NO idea what I would wear them with. As a matter of fact, I left the store with NOTHING, which is a great thing. I am saving up for the hall rental fee for a couple of recitals I am programming next spring and summer!

Snowy Egret Shift $168 Floreat

 I had a feeling going in that this dress would not work for me. The pattern is SO STUNNING and the colors are beautiful. It is a nice quality lining. This dress was a PAIN in the you-know-what to put on. I almost gave up and didn't try it on. It took me a couple of minutes to struggle my way into this frock. The whole thing is unfortunate and I can't believe the reviews online and how good they are. This was a fit disaster.
 Puckering in the back.

Super-duper weirdly tight in the chest. The area in front pancakes your boobs down. I am a small-chested gal and I was uncomfortable. This dress just was a huge letdown as I would never be able to wear this. Mega pass.

Just for the record, they didn't have my usual size 0 in, so this is a 2. The fabric of this dress is not what you'd expect from the product photo. It's soft and a little sheer, but it's nice. I liked this dress! I liked the funky asymmetrical neckline and it's a lovely navy plaid. It's not a heavy fabric, so I don't think it will keep you warm or anything. Wait for the sale on this one as I don't think it's worth full-price.

Crocheted Clouds Dress $188 Moth

 This dress is lovely. The fabric was delicate and the lining is a nice touch and the color is a soft, buttery yellow. It was super didn't fit me. If you are an xsp will not fit this dress, but if this dress fits you, you will love it. At $188, I would say wait for the sale on this one.

I'll be back tomorrow with some cardigan reviews! Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OOTD: Tiny Windows and Tiny Closets

Happy Humpday everyone! I was lucky enough to have the day off from my retail job and had all day to clean the house and prepare music for an evening rehearsal. It was nice and relaxing. Anyway, I wore my pink Tiny Windows Dress to rehearsal tonight with (for some reason) The Four Petal Cardi. It was a strange pairing and I didn't wear them together for more than 5 minutes (it was hot!), but I did wear them together. Why? I dunno.

And now, I thought I'd post some photos of my very small closet. I only have 48 inches width of space. I actually took out the built-ins that were in this closet in favor of Elfa which helped a lot. But, it's still a 4 foot space. I have no bureau anymore, so everything is in those little drawer units. If my husband and I were to buy this place, I would be tempted to knock out the middle portion of this closet and extend our individual closets, because as you can see...all of my stuff is crammed in there! Can you spot all the Anthro pieces? :)

The 3rd photo is the middle portion of the wall of closets which I share with my husband. He has the top two drawers and I have the bottom drawers and three shelves. A divided transparent box keeps all of my pairs of earrings separated so I don't have to go hunting for a mate of an earring once I've found one! The black and white fabric boxes have my gym clothes, scarves and tights in them.

That's all I've got for you guys! It's getting closer and closer to Friday!
Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOTD: Lost Time on Scalinata

Happy Sunday readers! I hope lots of you ladies are getting lots of rest today! I am a weekend warrior between retail, my church gig and the radio weekend doesn't arrive until Wednesday. Until then, I'm still rockin' some Anthro!

I happen to be currently working as the soloist at a Christian Science Church and there is no choir, so instead of wearing a robe, I get to wear pretty clothes! So, here's what I was wearing this morning! I'm lucky the soloist gets a dressing room, so I can take these pics! So luxurious!

Anthro: Lost Time Skirt ($59.95 on sale), Anthro: Scalinata Top ($39.95 on sale), Anthro Checkerboard Belt ($19.95) Limited: Cardi (super old), Nordstrom: Söfft Heels (circa 2008)

The Scalinata Top has not been getting a lot of attention and quite frankly, I bought this not having any idea how I was going to style it and I've struggled with it. There have been many days I've put this on, only to take it off and have it not work with anything. But I never returned it, because it's just so awesome with all of the gold flecks and ruffles! Well, when it met the Lost Time Skirt, it was a match made in heaven! The Lost Time Skirt is just SO cute that I couldn't resist wearing my new sale score at my gig. It might have been a little quirky for church, but whatever.

I noticed a really adorable coat on the website this morning!
Cym & Ripple Coat $188 Elevenses
Hello, lover? When did you come in? Seriously, I am still mourning a beautiful red wool coat I lost 8 years ago and this one is calling my name. I HATE that it's "online exclusive". I wish I knew how substantial it was because living in New England, winters here are no joke. You can't just get away with looking cute when it's like 10ºF and 30mph winds blowing down Boylston Street. Anyway...I'm budgeting for a new winter coat and I am LOVING this pretty right now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, you guys! :)