Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Reviews: Fall Skirts and Tops

Happy Halloween, Ladies! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I am working hard over here this weekend! I think my next day off is Veteran's Day! My husband and I are planning to go Atlantic City to go to the Junkies' Poker Open! I'm not playing it it, I'm just going there to party with my favorite radio boys and sport my Pinochle Skirt! It's perfect for the Borgata, right?!

I am absolutely drooling over the new arrivals at Anthro and I'll be reviewing a couple today! Okay, here we go!

Why does this feel familiar?

Look at the cute lining!
This did nothing for me on the website, but in person I love it! Do you know why?! Because it's a corduroy Circle the Globe Skirt!!!! That's amazing! It's the same adorable shape, same awesome pockets, same cute waistline stitching, plus this adorable paisley lining. This will be coming home with me at some point and at $78, it's a little pricey, but I'll pay full-price for it, just like I did the teal CTG Skirt. The cord is really light so that the skirt stays light and poufy. Love, love, love. E&E, well done.

Glowing Leaf Skirt $98 Floreat

Here's another really adorable skirt that I didn't expect to like. I've walked past this one a dozen times and I finally decided to pick it up. It's really adorable! I love the orange and sequined details.

It's got no pockets, which takes away some points for me. I also do feel like it's a touch long, so I would be more inclined to order a petite size (which is sold out). I wish, so much that Anthropologie would start offering a few petite sizes in-store. There are quite a few of us under 5'4 and I notice that the petite sizes always sell out online before I have a chance to get to them. I just feel a little annoyed about having to pay shipping, just because I'm below average height. But, that's another matter. Back on point, this skirt is really cute and I may pick it up on sale.

Let's talk about the top for one moment, shall we? This is the Trickle Down Top ($68 Deletta) which has been out for a while. It's cute, but sheer. Why?! It needs to be worn with a cami. I would pick it up on sale because it is really adorable. The beige color would go with all kinds of things. Wishlisted for sale!

I have no pencil skirts in my Anthropologie Library and I think this may be the one I take home first! I simply adore this little jersey skirt! The gray color goes with everything and the little layering details are cute and unusual. The length, I think is okay for a petite gal and I am really glad it fits well. My only caveat is that it's expensive for what it is...a jersey skirt. The layers and draping is nice, but $88 seems too much for jersey. I'll wait for the sale on it.

Speeding Panorama Tank $68 one.september

This has been on my radar since it appeared online, but this is the first time I've seen it it person. It's JUST beautiful. I can see this going great under a simple cardi or being gorgeous on it's own with jeans. Plus, I LOVE that it's a drapey asymmetrical top a similar shape to the Hidden Hummingbird Tank which is one of my fave Anthro pieces. The $68 price seems fair, although I will probably wait for the sale which I feel is not far off.

It's a mini skirt, but on 5'1 me, it just means it fits :) How cute is this little skirt? It caught my eye on the hanger and it's a really soft and flowy silk and feels AMAZING on your body. The side pockets are cute and the pattern is really pretty. $128 seems fair, although again, I will hold out for a sale.

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I'll be posting an OOTD later! Enjoy your morning!
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Arrivals at Anthropologie are Killing me Softly...

Well, this morning I woke up and checked the lovely Anthropologie website and lo and behold; November catalog previews are up and new arrivals are on the website! New arrivals in September were heart-stopping. New arrivals for October were "meh" (for me anyway, save for the Refined Cord Shirtdress), but new arrivals for November are WOW, WOW, WOW!!! My wishlist jumped from kind of lame to chock-full of cold-weather pretties! Here are some of the highlights:

Pinafore Pullover $168 Rosie Neira
I reviewed this sweater here and LOVED it. I just can't see paying full-price for it, but I want it so bad. I love the way it's styled here with the Maryam Tank which is just so clever and feminine. This will be a must-have for me this season. I just hope I can hold out for the sale on both pieces.

Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat in Red $168 Charlie & Robin
I was vaguely interested in the gold colorway, but now RED!?!?! Yes please!

Solstice Festival Cardigan $198 Field Flower by Wendi Reed
This gorgeous little number stopped me in my tracks. Wendi Reed has won me over again. I already own the Blooming Lattice Cardi, the Chopsticks Cardigan and the Remaining Lilies Cardigan and she has wowed me again with this adorable woven cardi with larger than life flower appliques. The price makes me sad, but we'll see what it's like in person.

Hanakotoba Cardigan $168 Guinevere
I'm a little baffled as to how this just appeared on the website this morning and yet the xs size and the xl size are already "sold out"? It's gorgeous, though and if I can find it in-store in an xs, it might come home with me.

There were several other items that got added to my wishlist as well, including the Spinning Lace Dress which I have been coveting forever since I reviewed it here. It seems there are several Holiday Party Dresses which excite me! I cannot wait until the November catalog is released! What are you ladies' favorite new pieces?
Sunday, October 24, 2010
Friday, October 22, 2010

Cambridge Arts Coucil Anthropologie Event & Reviews

Last night Anthropologie in Harvard Square hosted a private shopping event to benefit the Cambridge Arts Council and to celebrate their new location. I love Anthro, I love the can I NOT go!? I was very pleased to be invited and I broke out my Two-Wheeler Shirtdress for the occasion. I was greeted to a glass of white wine and this gorgeous display:

...and Kickass Cupcakes!

It's really cute that the store is decorated with Harvard decor. With it being located in the heart of Harvard Square, right next to Harvard Yard (where I spent a good amount of time taking pre-med classes, completed everything but Physics. I missed music too much!) the Harvard theme decor is everywhere. It's kind of adorable and reminds me of my classes (which were HARD, but fun) at Harvard Extension School, which, by the way, is GREAT and affordable and of course...some the best quality post baccalaureate education you can get around here.

After wandering around for a while with my first glass of wine, I started to pick up some things to try on. Then I slipped into the dressing room.

OH! Guess what was in the Mystery Box?

Anthropologie: Bowtied-Beauty Boots $248
I was so excited to get these as a surprise gift! I have the best hubby! These boots are AMAZING! I am a size 8 (sometimes 8 1/2) and these in an 8 fit PERFECTLY. The leather is nice and soft and the bows are cute, cute, CUTE!!!! As you can see, they totally stick out, which is NOT like the picture at all. They are super comfy and I felt cute as can be in them. The soles are a little stiff, so I'll probably be padding up the bottoms. Worth the investment if you like these.

So, here's what I arrived in:
I don't know why my hand is up against the wall. I have no idea what I was trying to do. Anyway, on to the reviews!
Traced Twirls Dress: Girls from Savoy now $80
You know those things you never think you'll ever try on, much less buy? Well, here's one. I never gave this dress an ounce of consideration until I walked by it on the sale rack last night. This is a 0 of course...surprisingly I loved it! It was a good fit and I felt fabulous, glam, like a movie star and sexy all at the same time. I had a concern that it would be too long, but I actually have rather long thighs and short calves, so it totally worked. With some heels on, this dress will be killer. This came home with me.

Chilled Ripples Shell $118 Floreat & Matriarch Skirt $88 We Love Vera

First off, the Chilled Rippled Shell is just drop-dead gorgeous and fits well and I didn't find it see-through, which is amazing for Anthro. It's a really beautiful blouse, I'll consider it on sale.

I love all of my We love Vera pieces and I was so happy to see a Matriarch Skirt in the store. It was very cute, but it didn't wow me. It reminded me of the Circle the Globe Skirt with a print on it. It's not as poofy, but if you missed out on the yellow Circle the Globe and you like the print, here's a skirt for you. $88 seems high to me. Maybe I'm a little cheap, but I could totally understand a $78 price point, but the extra ten dollars seems high. Wait for the sale.

Mystery Sweater $168 Rosie Nietra?? (I can barely read the tag) & Mystery Odille Skirt
*Edit 10/27/10 - This sweater is now identified as the Pinafore Pullover and the Odille Skirt is now identified as the Tales of Yesterday Skirt.

Oh my. I love this sweater. It was super comfy! It will need to be worn over an undershirt or a shell, but I think the shape of it is simply adorable! The skirt is pretty cute with it although it felt an odd length to me. It's a fine plaid, but it has a slightly longer, floral print lining. I don't remember the price, but I want to say it was over $100. I am really focused on the sweater's dreamy and I must have it when it hits sale! It would be so cute with some jeans!

Mystery Dress, Unrecognizable Label $168
*Edit 10/27/10 - This dress is now identified as the Japonica Dress by Coquille 

 Huge all by itself. This is a size 0.
 Saved by a belt!!

I have no idea what the brand name on this dress is. It had some gold label that was un-readable. Anyway, it's a really pretty pattern, but it's huuuuuge. The cowlneck is lovely. The belt saved it somewhat, but without it, an xs petite wearing this looks like she's wearing a mumu. It's cute with a belt and maybe in a petite size, but pretty much a pass. Maybe on super deep sale. $168 is a little pricey for what it is.

Mystery Moulinette Soeurs Dress, $188
*Edit 10/27/10 - This dress is now identified as the Lucillae Dress

I know that sizing is all over the place for Moulinette Soeurs. I have found that some dresses are cut true to size and some are so big that I am sized out. The Violet Gloaming Dress was one of those that was so enormous, it would never work. This particular dress seems to be cut too narrow for some people. I happen to have a straight up and down figure, so I thought I might have a chance wit this gorgeous dress. It actually fit pretty well and I'd be curious to see if there was a petite version of the dress because I think it's too long. I think it's just beautiful and truth be told...a little roomy. I'd need to get it altered. I will definitely reconsider this at sale time! It seems a little dressy and I'm not sure where I'm going dressed up like this.

And there you have it! I stayed in the store until 9:30 talking to sales associates! They were so nice! I stumbled home with my bag and crept into bed, satisfied with my goodies! What a fun evening!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tons o' Reviews!

Good Evening, Anthro Fans! I have got some reviews for you! Some old items, some new items...mostly adorable! Here we go!

Lucerna Dress $128 Velvet

This little jersey dress is JUST DARLING. It didn't do much for me on the hanger, but on, it's simply adorable and flattering. $128 is more than I'm willing to pay for a jersey dress, so it's wishlisted for sale.

Collector's Cardigan $168 Knitted and Knotted

This cardigan is one that caught my eye when it popped on to the website, but did not impress me in person. It's adorable and the hand-painted flowers are lovely, but it seems a little short. I wished it was 3 inches longer at the bottom so that the flare was more pronounced. It seems a little pricey at $168, wait for the sale if you love it.

In The Trees Skirt $158 Floreat

I know I'm late to the party on this one and I'm probably the last blogger to try it on. I didn't think much of this at all before. It seemed interesting...kind of. When I tried this on, I absolutely fell in love with it! It's so adorable and I can't believe the 0P is sold out online! If you are petite, you would probably be better off ordering the Petite size or having this altered. I think this skirt is pretty adorable, but I don't think it's $158 worth of adorable. Wishlisted for sale time!

Humbled Hydranga Top $68 C. Keer

I'll be quick. I hate this. It's not a flattering shape and when you raise your arm, the top comes with. See? Plus, an ugly gray. If you love this, wait for the sale as $68 is unfair for something that fits weird.

Deuxhill Cowlneck $88 Odille

I already reviewed this blouse once when it was only available in one colorway, but I was thrilled when I got an email saying that there were 2 more colors available! When I saw the new turquoise color in the store in my size, I grabbed one to try on. Last time, I wasn't even able to try on a 0, so this is almost like a first review. Anyway...I still LOVE this blouse. It's very flattering and looks good tucked in to a pencil skirt. I think it's worth the $88 since it's silk and well-made. Plus, I just have a feeling it will become harder and harder to find one as time marches on. I think it's worth the splurge!

Jacinth Sweaterdress $168 Isabella Sinclair

An adorable little sweater dress that's VERY comfortable. It doesn't look as amazing on me as it did in the model shot, but it's cute and it would be improved with a belt. For some reason, on the product shot and the model shot, it flares out at the bottom, but I didn't find the fit to be like that. I would have liked it better if it did. It's still cute though!

Konnichiwa Sweater $128 Sparrow

Bleh. Looks cute in the product shot. Adds 15 lbs to you when you put it on. I couldn't get this off fast enough. Horrible.

Wightwick Manor Dress $128 Maeve

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up this dress and discovered it was corduroy. I love Maeve. I love cord. I love dresses. I wanted to love this one. I just...don't. It fits funny (it's a little big) and would only look great with the waist cinched with a belt. The pattern bothers me slightly also. It's a tad overwhelming for someone of my stature. Again, maybe a belt and some hemming would help it. It's a fair pricepoint at $128 and it feels nice and is comfy. I may reconsider this at sale time.

And there you have it! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!