Friday, April 29, 2011

The Irresistable Maxi goes for Baroque

Hello, ladies! Well, last night went great! I personally think the dress rehearsal was better vocally all around, but it was a great to get back into the swing of doing a solo concert again. It's been a long time! And I'm excited about collaborating again with this program at another venue (fingers crossed someone else will hire us!). I want to thank the ladies who wished me well and said sweet things about my sound sample. You guys are the sweetest!

And...the dress. FAB. It was a big hit. Even though I had it tailored, I still find it a touch too long. But whatever. Tracy Reese is on a roll, dude.

Cats in the pictures again. Hams.

Um...what to wear for shoes? Glad Rags T-Straps! The only heel I had high enough to accommodate the hem.

Anyway, tons of auditions coming up. I hate auditioning. It's so awkward always makes me super nervous, but c'est la vie.

I also have a new obsession: San Pellegrino Limonata. It's so good. Does anyone else love this little can of soda? I don't even like to drink soda, but somehow, when it's European and fancy, then it's okay. I don't even know if it's actually soda.

This crap appeals to my former European-dweller sensibilities. Why is it so good?! Is it laced with something? Crack? Plus, it's called "Limonata" which is fun to say, because it's L-eemon, not Leh-mun. Lee-moh-nah-tah...mmmmm...
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet and Salty.

Well, 9 months after I purchased the dress from the EA Trade Market, it's finally a nice enough day here in Boston to wear it! At one point, it was 80º. Craziness! I had the dress tailored to be a petite length and I had the straps shortened.

Dress: Anthropologie: Salty Seas Dress, Cardi: Limited (old), Wedges: Joe Campbell
Plus, it is the first time all year I haven't had to wear tights! This dress makes me so happy! How can you not love it, it's got friggin' lobsters all over it!

Last night was my dress rehearsal for my little concert tonight and I must say that my lutenist and I are sounding awesome! Singing such gorgeous music doesn't hurt it either :) For those of you who have never heard a John Dowland song, do yourself a favor and click on the video:

And...of course...this song is totally on my program tonight. This is my first time doing a program with lute and I am TOTALLY in LOVE with it. It's sooooooooooooooo intimate and the lute is so gorgeous. I'm very excited about tonight! PLUS, I'm even more excited about wearing the gorgeous Tracy Reese dress during it! It's the perfect length now and the color is OUTRAGEOUS!

Are there enough all-capital words in this post for you? I'm not excited or anything.

Edit: Not a diva, by any means, but a preview from last night's rehearsal for those who care to listen: 

O, Sweet Woods by AnthroFlux
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Concert Countdown and, Outfits, Sale Steals and a Quick Review

Good evening, readers! Happy Sale Tuesday! Much to my disappointment, the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress is STILL not on sale! Grrr! Come on, Anthro! You put the Tuileries on sale, but not my beloved Nostalgic Asterisks? You're testing my patience!

Anyway, here's a couple of outfits from the weekend! Here's what I wore to a housewarming party in the burbs!

Cardi: J Crew Jackie Cardigan, Blouse: Banana Republic Polka Dot Blouse, Skirt: Anthropologie Wooded Hideaway Skirt
The kitties always find their way into the pictures, don't they? Ah...the Wooded Hideaway Skirt. Ever since trying it on, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I love Corey Lynn Calter's designs, but I never want to pay so much for cuteness. So, I can definitely do CLC on second cut! At $148, this skirt was quite pricey, and when it went on sale, $79.95 was still a little much for me to pay for a silk skirt and I totally forgot about it. When it got a second cut to $39.95 AND popped back onto my wishlist, I said: "Yup! I'm ready to buy that now!" and I snapped it up! It's a really beautiful and comfortable little skirt. I am so glad I was lucky enough to score one!

Then on to a fabulous drag comedy show in Back Bay Saturday!

Cardigan: LiaMolly (Thrifted!), Top: Anthropologie (not on the website yet!), Jeans: Gap Kids
The label on this little LiaMolly shrug is so different, but I found this in a designer thrift shop and it's totally cute! I still can't believe this awesome Anthro top is NOT on the website yet. It's been in stores since March and it's totally adorable and worth full price. For a xs petite, this fits TTS, so I would lean toward saying this runs slightly small. I'm totally in love with it. Best full price purchase of the season. And, damn! Why does the cat always get in the picture!

Anyway, I dropped by the Anthro store today since, it happened to be in the same mall as my tailor. I saw one lone Embossed Basket Dress, so I thought I'd do a quick review since I've never seen this on a person, but was intrigued by it.

This is a cute dress. The cotton is a little heavier so in summer months, if you put this on you might be hot. Reviews online are saying it runs small. It fits me, so that must be true (this is an extra small for reference). For me, it's nothing to get excited over and it's way over-priced. $168? Really? Wait for the sale.

Whilst I was shopping, I spied something I've been coveting forever! A LONE Deuxhill Cowlneck, Turquoise...IN MY SIZE!!! To boot, it's marked down in-store to $19.95!!! I must have done something wonderful, because the Anthro Gods were with me! I also snapped up a lone Poetry of Trees Jacket and the Heart's Desire Cardigan in ivory that I've been waiting to go on sale forever.

All this AND I picked up my...Irresistible Maxi Dress from the tailor for my concert on Thursday! I had the hem shortened and now, I'm ready to wear it! I'm so excited!!! It's such a stunner!
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ballet, A Very Anthro Birthday OOTD and some Reviews

Good evening, readers! That birthday discount card that I was carrying around with me all the time was starting to make me itch, so I decided to pull the trigger on it a day before the big day. I didn't buy very much, but I did score that lovely new Floreat green and orange, lace-scalloped strapless top that's not on the website yet. See Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie review it here. I HIGHLY recommend this if you live near a B&M store with this in stock. At $98, it's a little pricey, but my discount made it more palatable. It fits well and it's just too damn cute for words. I suspect this will be a big-seller when it hits the website. I've seen it for weeks though, and I think it's worth full price. I also picked up the Wallflower Skirt and a Subtle Survival Trench. The Tracy Reese skirt is mega cute. The photo on the website actually does nothing for it, especially since the waistband on it does NOT have the embroidery (why, Anthro? Remember the Catmint Dress product photo where the belt was patterned, but in real life it was just plain white? Come on, Anthro). I think the REAL thing, is much cuter and the quality is typical Tracy Reese. It has a very cute 50's feel to it and I love it.

The trench coat was a pleasant surprise. I had come across it in another store, but they did not have my size and it was marked $99.95. When I went to a different store a week later, they had one 0 and it was now marked $49.95! *swipe*. MINE. I love this little trench coat and I'm surprised it's not selling more quickly for the 2nd cut price.

I've been insanely busy with my Boston Ballet gig for a couple of weeks. Although it monopolized my time, it was probably the most fun gig I've had all year.  Who wouldn't want to sing at the Ballet!? Everyone seemed very appreciative of our little ensemble which was nice. We decided to have our dinner at a restaurant between performances and two ladies who were at the performance came up to our table and told us how much she liked us! It's really special to feel appreciated for your art...makes it all seem worth it.

My view from the orchestra pit into the Boston Opera House. GORGEOUS ceiling!
Although, I was sad to finish up there, I have my own concert to be concerned about next week and I am in the midst of getting ready for that. AND...I did in fact, purchase a very special Anthro dress for that performance which is currently at the tailor's! Stay tuned to see what I will wear!

In the meantime, I also have a few reviews for you! Here we go... (click images to zoom)

Monarch Skirt - Lil $78

This skirt is certainly adorable and caught my attention weeks ago when I walked by it in a store. A skirt with a monarch wing pattern is very me! However, this thing is HUGE. The size zero was hanging very low and it would have to be tailored. The material is nice and light and it's a flouncy, flowy skirt.

Bottom Line: Adorable and a decent price for Anthro. If you are a true size 0/xs, you will be sized OUT. All others size down for best fit.

Cultivated Maxi Dress - Edme & Esyllte $158 

 I know, I know...maxi dresses mini people = bad. Whatever, I own two maxi dresses and I think I work them. I saw this on the website and I loved it, but I didn't love it in person. I find the pattern to be too overwhelming for me in person, but if you are a taller individual it might work better. It's well made with lovely pleating on the bodice and it fits TTS.

The Bottom Line: This is worth full price to me if you can work it. Smaller extra petite girls may find themselves being worn by this dress rather than the other way around. 

En Plein Air Dress - Eva Franco $258

 Eva Franco and I usually don't see eye to eye, mostly due to being sized out of most of her dresses. Surprisingly enough, this little frock fit very well! It's a touch long for someone of my stature, but nothing a tailor can't fix...which is why I didn't bring this home. The cost is a bit much, but the fit and the quality are spot on! I wish the Mullany Dress had fit this well or I would have bought it. I find the pattern very springy and the orange belt was a cute touch.

The Bottom Line: This is a nice dress, but it's an expensive dress. The quality is top notch, but in my opinion, it may be worth it to wait for a sale. Fits TTS for a change. 

Flounced Mocha Dress - Zehavale on Sale for $69.95 (was $128)

 I was definitely intrigued by this little odd dress when it hit stores, but it didn't seem like it would work in real life. When it hit sale, I decided to give it a whirl and I was totally right. It's amazingly darling on the hanger, and the idea is really cute. However, when I put it on, I felt like I was a child's doll or I was wearing a tent. OR, that I was a child's doll wearing a tent. Either way, it went back to the rack. This dress looks as though it runs large...had this been a couple of real sizes smaller, it might have been cute.

The Bottom Line: The material and construction are beautiful and the color is really interesting. Reminded me of hot cocoa. However, very petite ladies will be sized out. Size DOWN. I suspect a second cut may come for this dress also.

Radler Blouse - Girls from Savoy $88

 This blouse totally reminds me of something I might have worn when I was 6 or 7 and I love it because of that. It fit TTS and the effect of the skirted waist is so adorable. I nearly walked out with this at full price, but decided to hold out until sale time.

The Bottom Line: Fits TTS to slightly small and is cute as a button. Worth it at full price, but sale price is better. Quality is typical of the brand, being fairly good. 

Skylark Blouse - Girls from Savoy $88

 Here's another $88 Girls from Savoy blouse I nearly bought. I don't have much to say about it except that it fits TTS and it's adorable. The silk feels nice and the little bird pattern is outstanding.

The Bottom Line: A really cute basic piece that works great with jeans or with a pencil skirt and will stand the test of time. Worth it at full price (although I will wait for sale).

Rosewood Tank - Moulinette Soeurs $128

 This is a gorgeous tank and I am madly in love with it. It's a little sheer, but no issue wearing a cami underneath. The buttons are GORGEOUS and the detailing is nice. The pricepoint and the fit are unfortunate here. I found the fit on the tank to be decent, but the straps are WAY to long. I would need to have them shortened, which is not hard,  but we're talking about a $128 tank top here.

The Bottom Line: A gorgeous tank that fits TTS to slightly large. If you can size down, it's probably a wise idea. Shorter gals, watch out for the straps. Wait for sale, although it's selling quickly online. 

So that wraps up my reviews! Hope they were helpful! Today was my birthday, so I felt the need to wear a special dress today to a rehearsal I had scheduled. Maxi dress, Mini person!

Jacket: Anthro Subtle Survival Trench, Dress: Anthro Botantical Crossways Dress

We are officially celebrating Sunday night after The Dereck and Kay Show! I can't wait! I hope all you ladies are having a great week!
Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Back in Stock! (Size 0)

Well...remember me? I've been away from my blog for a while and for that, I apologize. I have been keeping up with others' blogs, but I've been refraining from posting for one reason or another. I have recently taken on quite a bit of work and it's been eating up a lot of time. Between teaching, outreach, my retail job, gigs, the radio show and getting ready for my concert at the end of the month (and also something else called "life") I've been stretched pretty thin. However, all of this has been very exciting! I'm perfectly okay with being busy if I get to do something I absolutely LOVE! I've never been a "regular job" kind of person and this crazy life is me all day long. I have been very motivated and been auditioning and singing my little butt off all of March and April. I also have some plans for some voiceover coaching and creating a demo in early summer, so it's very exciting, yet somewhat something had to go on the back burner and it was unfortunately, Anthro Flux.

BUT, I'm back and the good thing is, I did not stop photographing outfits, although most of the pictures are poor quality. I have GREATLY enjoyed sporting a lot of my pretty frocks whilst I've been away. So, enjoy!

Anthro: Marine Mural Dress
Express: Cashmere Cardi (super old)

I adore, adore, adore this dress! It's so comfortable and I was super, super lucky to snag it on a charge send for $29.95. It's gorgeous, the print is incredible and it's comfortable as all get out. I LOVE marine themes and the little octopus on it is way cute. This is the first time I've worn this dress since I received it last season and I'm so happy to have it.

 Sweater: Ann Taylor Cashmere (old)
Skirt: Antho 1952 Skirt

I'm always challenged about how to wear this skirt because I'm so short and it's long and has a very serious pattern and poof to it. However, I love it and being the savvy Anthro shopper (and cheap), I scored this one for $29.95 after waiting months and months for it to hit sale. I find it works really great with a fitted top and subtle accessories to let the awesomeness of the pattern be the focus.
 Top: Anthro Molded and Melded Tee
Cardi: Limited (super ancient, it even has a small hole)
Belt: Anthro High Prairie Belt
Skirt: Anthro Flight Round the Garden Skirt
Boots: Anthro Bowtied-Beauty Boots

This was a really fun outfit for a crazy day. When the Natalie Lété collection debuted last year I was taken by many of the pieces. I own 3 and this skirt is the first one I bought. It runs slightly small which was great for me, because I also run small :)

Top: Anthro Picture Frame Blouse
Cardi: Anthro Stretching Sprigs Cardigan
Skirt: Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt
Boots: Payless Marley Boots

Boy, this picture sucks doesn't it? And check out the demon cat in the background! I remember this day, this was my first rehearsal with my lutenist for my concert later in the month and I was feeling pretty super. It was the first time it was warm enough to wear my CTG Skirt since summer and I suddenly remember why I was so in love with it. It's the only skirt I've paid full price for and don't regret a single dollar. The color is the best!

Top: Express Button-down (old)
Cardi: Limited
Skirt: Anthro Weave-The-Ring Skirt
Boots: Anthro Elk Camp Wedge Boots

I walked into Anrtho one day just to see what was going on and came across these boots that someone returned. (There are NO Anthros that sell shoes anywhere in my state although there are like 5 stores) They run a whole size too small and when I tried them on (they are labeled size 40), they fit PERFECT. For $69.95 (originally $298) they were too awesome to pass up and I think they are my new favorite pair, especially since they are mid-calf. Anthropologie Gods were smiling on me that day.

Dress: Anthro Dreamy Drape (aka Speckled Ink) Dress
Necklace: Anthro Gilded Impatiens Necklace
Shoes: Anthro Glad Rags T-Straps 

This was my attempt to exorcise this dress from bad audition karma. I had previously worn this pretty for an audition in October which I completely bombed (well, not completely, but it wasn't awesome and I cried over it). I decided to wear it to another audition! Well, I felt good going in, but for some reason, I didn't do as well as I thought I could have! I do not know the results yet, so we'll see whether or not I have exorcised this little Tracy Reese Dress. No matter what happens, I still LOVE it! And I have to add, I was the only soprano wearing yellow shoes.

So, I'm in the middle of my run with Boston Ballet singing in the Fairy Chorus during their run of Midsummer Night's Dream. I did this gig back in 2007 and am SO pleased to be asked to do it again. The Boston Ballet has been moved from the Wang Center to the Opera House downtown and it's a much smaller orchestra pit. We don't get to see the stage this time (boo, hiss!), so I don't get to watch the awesome dancing. So here is what I see:

Dress: Anthro Southward Stop Shirtdress
Boots: Anthro Elk Camp Wedge Boot

I wish we could wear colors in the pit, but we have to wear concert black. We are at the back of the pit and there are people seated right in front of it, so they can most definitely see us! However, we are having so much fun and it doesn't stop us from laughing when the dry ice spills from the stage into the pit right over us. 

Thanks for reading this super long catch-up post! I am back full force, because I missed my little blog! I hope all of you are doing FABULOUS and I'll be bringing back the Anthro Flux Closet Challenge as promised this month (albeit scaled down a bit). Stay tuned, ladies!