Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching up!

Remember me!? I'm so sorry for being so behind on posting! Thanks for hanging in there, ladies! Needless to say, there's a lot to catch up on. But's an outfit!

Blouse: Anthropologie Vanilla Bean Blouse 2010, Jeans: JCrew
I wore this to my friend's Madrigals and Beverages Party, which is just as nerdy as it sounds. Bunch of musicians get together, drink wine and sight-read four part Renaissance English Madrigals together. Don't judge, it was hella fun. This was pre- Helios Early Opera rehearsal process time. We put on a GREAT show in January! David et Jonathas was a success for this young opera company.

Cast photo - Photobombed by our Stage Director!!
The Boston Pheonix really liked us! I actually met Mr. Schwartz in the line last weekend to see another opera. He was super nice! I was so honored to be a part of such a neat production with a wildly talented cast. Unlike the last opera I was in, I sang A LOT. Unfortunately, the second day of Tech Week, I was stricken with norovirus. We opened 4 days later and I was okay to perform then, but I really have not been right since. Which leads me to...

...why I've been away. I've been pretty sick. Since getting sick last month, I never really recovered all the way. I lost nearly 18 pounds from my appetite being next to nothing. I was just under 110lbs to begin with, so you can imagine how thin I've gotten. So, I have not been motivated to photograph myself, understandably.  I am scheduled to see a gastroenterologist next week to hopefully get some answers, but that's a long story short. So, THAT'S why I've been away from my blog, quite frankly. I've wanted to go to Anthro and do some reviews for you, but sadly, nothing will fit appropriately right now and I'm afraid the reviews won't be very helpful. Until I get back to a healthy weight, I probably won't be posting any reviews. I may find the courage to post some OOTDs if I feel like I don't look too unhealthy.

I've been keeping up with all of you ladies in the bloggyland! Loving some of the new Anthro Dresses! Especially...

Burgeoning Hypericum Dress

OH...I die. Yes, it's the same shape Girls from Savoy tends to go for, but the pattern, whoa. I need this dress in my life. This may be a rare full-price purchase. Which new arrivals are your faves this season?