Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reader Request Reviews, a Pilgrimage to the Accessories Boutique and New Dresses!

Good afternoon, Anthro fans! Santa was very good to me this year and brought a few Anthro gift cards to me. He was very generous and I am extremely lucky! Being home for the Holidays, I simplly could not let this visit go by without making a stop to the Anthropologie Accesories and Shoe Boutique in Chevy Chase, MD. It's about 45 minutes away from where my parents are, so I hopped in the car this morning and headed out in the snow. I thought I could get a jump on the shoppers since mid-atlanticans don't really venture out in the snow, but the streets were full of shoppers! I only took a photo of the exterior of the store because you've seen the interior here and here. But here it is today.

I ended up taking home the Glad Rags T-Straps in Yellow.
This is my FIRST pair of Seychelles and I must tell you that these shoes are extremely awesome! They are first off...extremely cute and they are also unusually comfortable! Who would have thought a 4" heel could be comfortable. Not me, especially since I'm a little weird in heels because I broke my ankle three years ago and had to have major surgery on it. It's almost 100% now, but I still have to be careful about what shoes I wear. These are super awesome and I'm looking forward to buying more pairs of Seychelles in the future. I have been lusting after the Sweeping Stitch Heels and I plan to order them as soon as they go on sale. The ladies at the Boutique were very lovely and the store was beautiful. There were no Anticipation Heels there, though. Boo.

I stopped by the Anthropologie store not far from the Boutique and found them to be quite busy! But it gave me a last minute opportunity to find a few things for an additional 25% off and do some reviews for you. A couple of weeks ago, I had a request from ivvy for a couple of these are for you! :)

Art School Confidential Top (now on sale) $49.95 Girls from Savoy, style #19209105

My normal size 0 was not available, so this is actually a 2. I find Girls From Savoy pieces to be TTS, especially for me. I have to thank ivvy for asking me to try this little top because it is ALL kinds of cute! The shirt is silky and beautiful and I think the 2 fits okay, but my regular size would be better. I may try to track one down when I get back's so cute! It's very comfortable and the quality is great as are most Girls of Savoy pieces. Highly recommended!

Ever Present Tee $78 Splendid

This is an interesting little tee. First off, it's very comfy and cozy. I really like the sleeves, they are really special. Not tight, but well-fitted. The back is really cool with the lacing. I didn't do it up, but it's so high on the shirt, that I really don't think it would make a difference in the shape. It hangs gorgeously however and I can see it under a snuggly cardi or blazer. It's a tad bit sheer. I could see my black undergarment under this color. The $78 price point is a joke. Wait for the sale for sure.

Now on to some newer dresses! First on deck is the Pom Flower Shift $158 Tabitha.

Very retro-chic. I've never been much of a shift girl, but I wanted to try this on. It's actually super cute! The fabric is actually quite substantial...a similar quality you'd expect from a blazer, so it's definitely a cool weather piece. I think the pattern is adorable. This dress will probably fit well on most people, but not if you are as petite as me. It was a little big as you can see from the last photo and it would need to be altered to fit correctly. Plus, I think the pattern is a little intense for a small person. But it's a nice piece and if you can make it work for you, it's worth a splurge. Pass for me.

Soft-Structured Dress $148 Weston Wear

This is a really cute little jersey dress from Weston Wear and this is the xs. It's cute, but I am having some Deja Vu. Hm...this reminds me a lot of the Japonica Dress which is now on sale. A little busy. It's comfortable and fit fairly well, but it didn't blow me a way. Pass for me, but if you like it, wait for the sale. After all, it's a jersey dress.

De Chelly Dress $148 Maeve

There is a lot of love for this dress online and in the bloggosphere. The 0P is already sold out. The dress is very adorable and the Native Amercian pattern is very clever and cute. I, however, don't love this dress. The color palette was a few shades lighter than my skin tone and weirded me out. The bodice didn't fit me very well and it was definitely too long. It was comfortable, but I found the straps also a tad long. This is a case of my wanting to love this dress, but no magic was happening. If you love it, grab it because everyone else seems to love it too. I think if you're willing to wait you may be able to pick it up on sale, but it seems to be selling well at full price. Pass for me for now.

I was able to grab the Speeding Panorama Tank, The Wildflowers-in-Flight Top and an Embraceable Tee in Red. So I did well! The sale room and areas were well picked over. I talked with the SA on checkout and she mentioned that the Extra 25% promotion was a first, but she doubts that Anthro will do it again. Boy, what a crazy ride it's been! Do you  think there will be more markdowns on Tuesday? We can only hope! You have one more day to get the extra sale, happy hunting, ladies! I hope you all had a great Holiday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Good morning, readers. Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Holiday today! I'm home in Maryland with my family and quite pleased that it is snowing this morning! I hope all of you who celebrate today get lots of Anthro gift cards for Christmas!

Best wishes, everyone! I'll be back soon with some OOTDs!

Have a wonderful day! Here's my parents' amazing tree! :)

Can't wait for people to open my gifts!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Resisting the Tag Sale, Kitty Love and Why I love Turtles

Good morning, ladies! The semi-annual Tag Sale is upon us! I am considering heading out to see the buzz, but I really picked up all the pieces I wanted last week and the few things on my "must-have" list did not go on sale. I was holding out for the Thrush Song Blouse and the Field Skirt and they are both still full price, so I think I will resist buying until after Christmas when perhaps I will have some more funds. But, that won't stop me from hoping you ladies get some killer deals today!!! The much-coveted Peppered and Striped Skirt finally went on sale, so I hope all you ladies who wanted one can snag one!

We had an unexpected snow here in Boston which made my commute home from work yesterday pretty awful and slow. I think, since we have yet to have snow this year...people have forgotten that it actually does snow here. Plus, I had to drive home in the stinking rental car which I actually hate. However, when I got home, I made an awesome chili with cornbread and went straight to bed. I tried to track the sale leads for a while at Effortless Anthropologie, but I fell asleep.

Saturday night, I was happy to go on an actual date with my husband. We had dinner at a local favorite pub we like to frequent. For some reason, I threw together this outfit and realized I was head to toe Anthro.

 Cardigan: Anthropologie Slow and Steady Cardigan (sold out online) $69.95
Shirt: Anthropologie Molded and Melded Tee (sold out online) $29.95
Skirt: Anthropologie 1952 Skirt (sold out online) $29.95 (2nd cut price!)
Boots: Anthropologie Bow-tied Beauty Boots $248

This outfit is a little avant-garde for me. The 1952 Skirt is really hard to style, but it's really cool-looking! At first, I had the Curry Comb Cardigan on, but my husband thought it was too much, so I changed to my simpler Slow and Steady Cardigan. I had to have this cardigan because I think Turtles are SO cute. I don't know why, I just do. I had a snapping turtle when I was 4...I don't even remember its name, but I loved that thing. It was my first pet...then my parents got stationed in Germany and we had to let it go in the stream behind our house. I have always been obsessed with turtles ever since. I actually have never had another pet turtle since because they require a lot more care than people realize. They need certain environmental conditions, special health cats are a lot easier for me. But I still heart turtles.

Anyway, I left this cardi in the store after having tried it on in October, because I couldn't afford it, but I scored it on a popback in November. It's got turtles on it, which means it's amazing.

This is Tulia, the kitty. She was cropped out of the photo, but she really wanted to be on the blog too, so here she is. She is named from the Swahili word for "calm" (my husband was in the Peace Corps for 3 years in Tanzania and is now fluent in the language. He named her).

She definitely lives up to her name. When we first took her home from the shelter, she had just had spay surgery and did not feel well for a couple of weeks. She hid constantly, and let her other new companion that we brought home at the same time, pick on her. I wasn't sure it was going to work out. But as time went on...she came out of her shell and now we are very close! She is adorable, sweet and super, super strange and quirky, which makes her extraordinarily entertaining. Check out this video I shot of her. She is obsessed with water and sinks.


Hope that adds some sunshine to your day! All three kitties and I are going to sit inside all day on this snowy Tuesday since I have the whole day off today! I'm going to play Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii all day and eat leftover chili! Happy Tuesday, ladies!
Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside! OOTD

Hello, readers! Well...I certainly wasn't expecting this Anthro sale! 25% off all sale merchandise!? Huzzah! I decided to give myself a little pre-Christmas treat! (Probably shouldn't have, but who can resist?!) I picked up the In The Trees Skirt (current sale price, $79.95, no longer available online, call customer service, as there are still plenty in stores) and the Kissing Friday Dress in Orange after seeing it look so adorable on Carol. It is a killer when after suddenly, seeing a piece on someone else makes you want it so bad. When I tried it was amazing. Really flattering on and the orange color is to die for.  With the extra 25% off...the price was much more palatable. I've been admiring the In The Trees Skirt forever and waiting for a second cut, but the extra % off, is nearly akin to a second cut for me, so I snagged it. The particular skirt I picked up yesterday seems to fit a little better than the one I tried on in another store, which makes me feel better about it. It looks so awesome with boots and for some reason, I have a weakness for things with birdies on them. It's a very "me" piece. The bad news with Christmas shopping and extra shopping for me, I'm broke for a couple of weeks, LOL. I try to pay my Visa bill off whenever I get an opportunity, so most of my recent paycheck when straight to Visa. So...unless I get an Anthro giftcard for Christmas, these will be my last two pieces for 2010. Not bad, if I say so myself!

Today's OOTD was inspired by the cold. Baby...when I left the house this morning at quarter to five, it was 15ºF.  After my first job, I had to change into music teaching and shopping clothes and I wanted to look pretty, but also be warm.  So...the Refined Cord Shirtdress came out. I heart this dress so much as I've probably worn it 7 times already. I do NOT regret for one second paying full price for this beauty. When it's cold as it is in New need to be warm while you're looking cute.

Dress: Anthropologie Refined Cord Shirtdress ($128)
Undershirt: Wintersilks (gifted from my grandpa! He was always so practical :)
Tights: Anthropologie Foxy Tights (hidden from view kind of, $28)
Boots: Payless $30, over H&M legwarmers...ancient
Belt: Anthropologie Knotted and Fastened Belt ($9.95)
Scarf: J.Crew (old)

So, I'm done ALL of my Christmas shopping and I have wrapped every gift. Whenever something arrived, I would just wrap it. Amazing. I can't believe I'm coasting into Christmas like this, it's fantastic. Now, we just have the LONG drive to Washington D.C. Friday, because we will be spending the Holiday with my parents this year which I'm thrilled about. I'll try to make the trip fun, but let's face it...7 hours on I-95 is no picnic...

Happy Saturday everyone :)
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OOTD: Heather and Whipped Cream

Today was totally wacky! Doing your Holiday shopping online is great! You can get some killer deals, especially on shipping fees and you don't have to wait in lines and deal with crowds. On the flip have to wait for packages, and juggle the whole thing where you don't want people in your household to see their gifts arrive on your doorstep. I ordered three things this arrived at the house next door which was INSANE. I looked all over the yard for it and then just figured I'd look on the porch of the next door houses and there it was. I was pretty upset with UPS.

The second incident was my error. saves your previous address in the system and I had neglected to change it to the new, new address. I got an email that my package had my previous address...which is across the river about 7 miles away. If you know anything about know that 7 miles will take you 30 minutes by car. I scurried over to my old apartment and was thrilled to discover it was still waiting outside on the porch. Crisis averted. I am waiting on more more gift to arrive and I'll pick up one more and then I'll be done! I am STILL in the process of making some homemade gifts which I'll share with you later.

For now, I have my outfit of the day. It was VERY, VERY cold today! I believe it only got up to 25ºF. It was the perfect day to wear my new Tria Sweater Skirt!

Sweater: Anthropologie (thrifted!)
Belt: AnthopologieKnotted and Fastened Belt ($9.95)
Skirt: Anthropologie Tria Sweater Skirt ($69.95)
Boots: Payless (worn over H&M legwarmers)

This skirt is so comfortable and cute! If anyone knows any details about the cardi, I would love to know. I think it's Sleeping On Snow, but I got it for a song at Second Time Around. I wore this outfit to rehearsal tonight and I'm glad I did! It was SOOOOOO cold in there! I don't know why they did not heat the room we were singing in. So cold!

So along with store bought gifts, I'm also making homemade body scrubs for the ladies in my life. I am filling up these little 7oz jars with Dead Sea Salt Scrub that I have made with Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential oils. It is just as nice as the Salt Rub you can buy from Origins, but just not as expensive. Here is the prototype I made tonight...I can't wait to try it!

Anyone else making homemade gifts this year? Hope you ladies are having a good week!!!
Monday, December 13, 2010

Quickie OOTD: Christmas Party Wear

There are quite a few pictures of me in the Dagmar Shirtdress. I love it and I figured it was perfect for the company Holiday party. I topped it with my new Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat and it looked very festive! I quickly snapped a photo in the mirror before I left.

I have been Christmas shopping online almost all day trying to get the best deals. I am DONE shopping for my husband and am now working on family. So exhausting! Is YOUR Christmas shopping done or have you not begun?!
Saturday, December 11, 2010


Good morning, Ladies. I want to thank everyone of you who chimed in yesterday about my bad morning. I just could NOT believe what had happened and I found myself so unbelievably frustrated. I had originally planned to go to the mall with my two good friends yesterday after work, but I was so freaked out by the morning incident, I considered backing out. After I talked to the insurance company and gave them the run down and had evaluated myself physically, I talked to both of my parents. My mom insisted that I still go out shopping with my friends to take the edge off. Sometimes, when I am frustrated or sad, I tend to stay in and feel sorry for myself. So, I took her advice and let my friends kidnap me for a Christmas shopping excursion. I am very glad I did because their support meant the world to me. There are some other things that are going on right now in my personal and professional life that are both upsetting and scary and it was nice to have friends to lean on and cry too. I am not going to really get into details, but this Autumn has not been the best and I'm hoping that the new year will result in my luck turning around, even though I realize part of that is my getting out of my own way.

Our trip to the mall was really fun! While I was in Nordstrom looking at pretty dresses, I received an email (don't you hate smart phones sometimes?) which I found incredibly frustrating and slightly insulting. I won't go into details, but I will say it wasn't from a friend or family, if that paints a clearer picture. It made me pretty upset, especially since the day had been so incredibly annoying. I didn't need THIS too. Minutes later when we arrived in Nieman Marcus...a guy in a suit handed me a glass of champagne with a raspberry in it. Was that perfect timing or what!?!? A glass of champagne took the sting out of the frustration and added an air of festiveness to the whole trip :)

It would not be complete without a trip to Anthro, would it? I picked up a couple of things for my parents and my friends...picked out the Tria Sweater Skirt were like; "You have to try this!". I was basically ganged up on by both of them and ended up taking it home! I also grabbed a Curry Comb Cardigan which I have been admiring for several months, but had been horrified by the price. But at the second cut to $59.95, it was much more palatable. I actually hadn't tried it on either before, but I found it incredibly flattering, comfy and beautiful! I love the color and it is not itchy, I don't care what the reviews say. I also picked up a black version of the Fastened and Knotted Belt, which I had been after forever. It's $9.95 now!
Tria Sweater Skirt $69.95

Curry Comb Cardigan $59.95
As a sidenote: I actually own several REAL curry combs because I used to have a horse. She HATED being groomed because she had sensitive skin, so I bought all of these different curry combs trying to find one she liked. I don't think I ever succeeded in making her comfortable, LOL.
So, here's my OOTD. I considered just going in jeans, but I didn't want to dress according to my mood, I wanted to make sure I looked better than I felt.
Sweater:Anthropologie Mallard Bay Cardigan
Skirt: Anthropologie Weave-The-Ring Skirt
Scarf: J.Crew (2008)
Boots: Payless

Sick of the Payless boots yet? They frigging go with everything and they're comfy. Eventually, I will probably wear these out, but for $30, who cares?! The Mallard Bay Cardi is VERY WARM. I was very pleased to be comfortable everywhere I went and I never thought of pairing it with the skirt. I didn't even realize that they are both navy based and work perfectly together. is the second POST-accident picture of 2010. Let's hope there are NONE of these photos in 2011...or 2012 for that matter. I could use a break.

So, the day ended much better than it began. Tomorrow, we'll be broadcasting the Dereck and Kay Show at an earlier time (4:00pm EST) because we BOTH have Holiday Parties to go to that evening. I am leaning toward the Traced Twirls Dress, but we'll see. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some Anthro reviews soon
Friday, December 10, 2010

Worst Luck Ever.

Well readers, it's not a happy post. I had great plans for today. I was going to go to work from 5am-9am and then two of my good friends and I were going to go shopping (including Anthro) I was on my way to work this morning and I was just chillin' at a red light waiting for the light to change at 4:47am or so. Then BAM!!! A car comes between me and the other car waiting at the light, sideswipes me and presumably the other car and PWNS my driver's side mirror and scrapes up the drivers side. I was completely terrified and also PISSED.

If you are a reader of my blog, you know that I was involved in another accident a few months ago, in which someone hit me in a rotary and I suffered a minor back injury for which I was in Physical Therapy. I am still in some pain, but I was just released from PT (to do the exercises on my own at home) on the 23rd of November and I also received my car back that VERY SAME DAY.


I don't think I'm hurt, but I am still recovering from my last impact. Luckily, a sideswipe isn't as powerful an impact as a direct hit to the side panel, I totally tensed up when it happened. I'm hoping, this doesn't further my yet-to-be-healed back injury and that I will be fine soon. I will be needing a rental as I cannot drive without a driver's side mirror. I would need to be changing lanes eventually. I was totally going to wear my Blooming Lattice Cardigan and High Tea Blouse to the here it the car. My poor car...

So...that was going to be the OOTD. Thanks for listening to my whining. I'm going to buy some lottery tickets, because my luck should be turning around soon. This is just too messed up.
Thursday, December 9, 2010

Skirt Reviews & The Mary Shirtdress

I've been a bad blogger...but I'm back. I have been holding on to some reviews for a while, but here they are! Skirts for your anthrophilic enjoyment!

First of all, the photos (both mine and the ones available on the website) do NOT do this skirt justice. I walked by it in the store and it stopped me in my tracks. It's all kinds of gorgeous and sparkly. it's a mini-skirt length, but on me, it fits the way a normal skirt should, which is okay with me.  This is the xs and it's very well-fitting and comfortable. I really cannot say enough good things about this little skirt, which is definitely a showstopper. This, however is an almost $200 skirt, so it's a splurge for sure, but is perfect for that fancy holiday party you might be attending. If you have no occasion to wear this little number, wait for the sale. At that price point, I can't imagine there would be none left at sale time.

Jacquard Missive Skirt $158 Eva Franco

It's the Aniseed Skirt's fancy pants cousin. This skirt isn't something I'd normally gravitate to, but since I missed trying the Aniseed Skirt, I thought I'd see how it fit. I thought it was all kinds of cute. With some heels and a cute top, this could easily be your next holiday party outfit staple. It's a shiny, silky polyester (I know...really?), but it feels high quality. I think it's worth the splurge as it has massive cuteness going for it.

Wooded Hideaway Skirt $148 Corey Lynn Calter

I loved the little cute woodland pattern on this skirt and the silk is very soft and flows nicely. I just can't figure out if it's supposed to be a mini or not. I would prefer that the length be a little shorter, but I still like it. At $148, it's a little pricey for me, but I would pick it up on sale if it got a second cut perhaps.

And here was Tuesday's OOTD the Mary Shirtdress which they must have ten million of or no one else likes but me, because it's still available in nearly every size and colorway (including petites). I happen to really like this little dress though! Maybe it'll get a second cut and I'll get a PA? A girl can dream..

That's it, ladies! I'll be heading to Anthro tomorrow so I look forward to trying some more new arrivals for you. Any requests?

Happy Thursday everyone!
Monday, December 6, 2010

Waffling about Waffle Weave

When I tried this dress on a few months ago, I hated it. Then, I started to have a change of heart and I thought: "It's not actually so bad."

Then suddenly...I had to have it. I don't know WHAT happened, but for some reason, I turned the corner on this little dress. I was able to add it to my wishlist, via the September catalog Link and stalked it for a popback. Lo and behold, an xs popped back and I snapped it up, along with the Slow and Steady Cardigan I have been coveting all this time. Sunday, I decided to take my new dress for a test drive.

Dress: Anthropologie: Waffle Weave Dress (track stock through this link until January)
Cardigan: Anthropologie Stretching Sprigs Cardigan (sold out online)
Boots: Payless
Belt: Anthropologie Knotted and Fastened Belt

And...I LOVE IT! It's amazingly comfortable and the purple is very warm and nice. I normally do not get along with purple, but I made an exception for this dress. My only complaint is that the lining of the skirt is less than significant. I wish it were a little more full and longer, so the skirt didn't look so sheer. Other than that, it's a cute little dress and I'm happy I changed my mind.

That's Paddington there in the background. He wanted so bad to be on the blog, so I'll give him a little blog love.

He's 11 years old and he still acts like a kitten. He's a celebrity at the vet's office. He's a little chubby (obsessed with food!), but he's totally awesome and loves everyone. He is my big boy :) He does a good job of putting up with the two newer girl kitties we added to our family last year, but he's still a mama's boy.

I am shopping for my mom's Christmas gift from Anthro and I hope a certain something goes on sale tomorrow so I can splurge for her!
Friday, December 3, 2010

Reviewed: Cardigans and Tops

Good Friday morning, Ladies! I'm back with my next review set and for this one, I am covering new(ish-mostly) Tops and Cardigans. I had so much fun trying these on and it was hard to leave them all in the store.

Tea's Ribbon Cardi $128 Rosie Niera

What an adorable little cardi! I definitely fell in love with the Pinafore Pullover, the other Rosie Niera piece this season, but if you can't get it, I think this is a good substitute. It's really soft, not itchy and amazingly cute in the back. There are about a million buttons on the front, but it didn't bother me that much. At $128, this almost came home with me, but I'm going to try and wait it out for the sale.

Solstice Festival Cardigan $198 Field Flower by Wendi Reed

It's amazing that this was the only one of it's kind in the store and it was my size. Ever since I saw this in the November catalog, I've been lusting after it. I love Wendi Reed sweaters, but the price made me a little gun shy. I mean, $198? Wow. I was eager to try it on and see if it was worth almost $200. Sadly, I think it's a little flawed. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's cute, but not $200 worth of cute. It's a little boxy and the placement of the snaps is a little off. I also think it's a tad short. But it was very warm and if this went on sale for $50, I would buy it. I'll probably be waiting forever. Sadface...pass for now.

French Bustle Jacket $188 Mise En Scene by Ruffian

I've been admiring this online as it had potential for concert-wear since it's black. It's really nice, but I think it may be a little to major for me. It's a very, very high quality, heavy sweater jacket with really gorgeous details, but it's soooooo ruffle-y and it only has a tie closure. I would wait for the sale on this piece. I feel it overwhelms my frame, but is very nice.

Glittering Plume Tank $88 Yoana Baraschi

Online, this looked amazing. I wishlisted it right away. In person, however, it was an ill-fitting disappointment. The good: The sequined feather detail on the front is spectacular and the color is gorgeous. The tank, however is too big for me. The arm holes are huge as you can see from the second photo and it fits more like a tunic than a tank top. I would wait for the sale on this one if it fits you well. I was too petite for it.

I was so excited to try this. I thought it was going to fit similar to the Repose Sweater Hoodie of 2008, but it didn't. It was terribly unflattering and huge. The front view looks okay, but the view from the side and the back is hideous. I'm wearing a sweater tent! Feels soft, comfy is terrible. Mega sadface. Wait for the sale if you like wearing a tent.

There you have it! I hope everyone is ready to have a great weekend!