Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anthro non-apparel Favorites

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am personally disappointed that there are no markdowns today, but am looking forward to Thursday's anticipated markdowns! It actually works out great because I will have more spending money by Thursday (my teaching day is today) and Thursday just happens to be my only day off :)

In other news, I feel like sometimes the beautiful home items at Anthropologie take a backseat to the lovely clothes. I love, love, love the clothes, but I just would like to share some of my favorite home items with you today!

Natural World Dessert Plates $18. each (4 patterns)

A dessert plate with a bug or a chameleon on it may or may not be your cup of tea, but these plates are absolutely stunning in person. The beautiful scalloped edges give them elegance, and these plates have a sturdy, heavy quality to them which makes them feel special. I think these plates would add great whimsy to a piece of cheesecake or a pile of sugar cookies after dinner!

Trumpeting Twosome Shakers $48. for a set of two

Are these not the sweetest little salt and pepper shakers you've ever seen? The salt and pepper comes out of little holes in the trunks!

Nestled Ring Dish $10.

Okay, obviously, I like animals, but I really, really, really like bunnies. How cute is this little ring bowl? You can hang your rings from the ears and drop some earrings or other small bobbles in the tray. He totally needs a name.

Perpetual Bloom Towels $8.-$36

Admittedly, I recently changed my shower curtain to a blue and white floral pattern and these towels would go perfectly! They are available in a variety of colors and I think the price is pretty fair for Anthro!

3-D Toile Full Apron $32.

Okay...I suppose this is technically apparel, but it's still a kitchen-item. I am a wiz in the kitchen, but I never wear an apron. It's kind of a lost practice! I even have a really cute apron, but this one is so sweet too! It also comes in a cute blue pattern.

Three-Star Apron $32.

Isn't this pretty? Reviews on the website say that it is much grayer than this photograph, but I still think is just so adorable. The little scalloped bottom and the cute little button are slaying me.

There is also an ADORABLE little yellow sugar bowl with a bird on it that is not on the website that I bought for a friend. It's a little yellow orange (as in the fruit) with a little bluebird on top as the handle and it's just to die for. It's $18 and I wish I had bought one for myself, but I already own a sugar bowl that works perfectly fine. Anyone else have some non-clothing items that they are in love with?
Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviewed: Pittore Dress, Sidespun Tee, Embraceable Tee and More...

Good Evening, Readers! It's Monday night again and that means possible markdowns at Anthro! What is everyone doing a sale dance for? I stopped by the Anthro near my work today after my shift was over to try on some things. They did not have many of the things I wanted to try in stock, but I got some good reviews anyway.

Pittore Dress: $168 Moulinette Soeurs, size 0.

This dress is really beautiful and I really wanted it to work. First off, I STRUGGLED to get this on. There is one side zipper and the opening on the top is too small to step into it. It was very tricky and frustrating. Once I got it on, I was impressed how flattering it was. The only issue was with the bodice. The shoulder area was huge.

I didn't want to flash my undergarments to the world, but if I was wearing this dress in public, I would have, if I had moved my arms while wearing this dress. It would need alterations and made me sad. If this dress fits you, consider yourself lucky because it's really lovely and comfy. For me: Pass.

Sidespun Tee: $88 Bailey 44

What a cute top! I have been meaning to try this on for a while and it's been out quite a while. The "neutral motif" is kind of brown and cream and is really cute. It's a really soft fabric and the extra small fits great. It's not sheer and it would go great with jeans and looks good under a cardigan. It's really a beautiful top. Wislisted!

Embraceable Tee: $58 Deletta

This one has been on my wishlist for a while. It fits well, it's very cozy. It's nice. If it goes on sale, I'll grab it, but it's really not fabulous. It's a nice, long-sleeved tee.

Count the Petals Tank $68, McGinn.
Um...when this came out, I thought this top was all kinds of crazy. It's kind of cute on and it fits really well and is TTS but...okay...

I just can't deal with the fact that is has two giant flowers on it. I mean, maybe it's cute under a jacket, but I just can't get past the fact that it just has two ginormous, 3-D flowers on it. Pass.

In-Flight Cardigan $168, Rosie Signature

I really like this cardigan! It helps that I also like ducks, but what a cute cardi! I tried on the Migrating Mallard Cardigan but it was really big and seemed to not fit right, but this one seems okay! I'm not lusting after it as it's not that practical, but I'd pick it up if it was on sale.

Speaking of sale...can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Goodnight!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Botanical Stroll at WaterFire!

Good evening readers! Okay...let me begin with the fact that I was so excited to wear the Botanical Stroll Dress to my gig tonight. Every year, Opera Providence invites 30 or so opera singers to sing at WaterFire in Providence, RI. All of the singers spread out in groups of two and sing opera arias to canned accompaniment, lit by one or two torchbearers (people holding a lit torch). This is my 3rd year doing it since being involved in Opera Providence's production of Treemonisha a few years ago. Of course, I was wearing Anthro! I got a Botanical Stroll Dress for a steal ($66 due to slight damage to the left strap).

Anthro: Botanical Stroll Dress ($89.99 on sale)
Anthro: Necklace ($9.99 on sale!)
JCrew: Scarf

I HATE looking at photos of me while I'm singing, I find them quite unflattering, but this is the only photo of the dress and this photo was snapped seconds before an ember from one of the torches flew into my hair!!!!! This happened RIGHT at the beginning of the aria ("Ach, ich Fuhl's - Mozart).

The other torchbearer saw it, and snuffed it out by patting my head and saying; "Oh my God, I'm sorry..."

WHAT?!?! How was I supposed to know that ALL MY HAIR didn't just burn off!? I smelled the familiar smell of hair burning and I was horrified. WHAT IF ALL MY HAIR HAD JUST BURNED OFF?!?!?

So, I'm singing this beautiful Mozart aria, whilst thinking: "Will I need to get extensions? Will I need to cut it all off to make a cute short style until it all grows out? Are all these people looking at me and feeling bad because I'm now bald?!?!"

5 minutes of Mozart and horrified thoughts. TORTURE.

Quite luckily, nothing had really happened to my hair except a slight singe. I don't think I've ever been so relieved in my life...or so afraid of a torch. But at least I looked cute. I received many compliments on the Botanical Stroll Dress and rocked it out at the concert this year! I wonder which Anthro dress I'll work next year!?
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September Previews are piercing my Autumn-loving heart like Cupid's Arrow

Just as I was rounding out my summer wishlist wants...Anthro does what it does best...come out with super pretty new stuff for fall! The September cataloge shots are on the website and the new pieces are just gorgeous. September seems to be equestrian themed, which you can see...I love. That's my horse (former), Butterfly. She loves fashion too :)

There is one piece that I am going to fully justify and that is the Loosely Looped Tee $58 by Deletta. It comes in Black and this is PERFECT for concerts!

I'm also swooning over the Pertshire Dress $168 by Edme & Esyllte. Sooooo pretty with tartan and the asymmetrical neckline!

The Summer's Reminder Cardigan ($128, Sleeping on Snow) REALLY got me swooning. It's beautiful AND it looks comfy and warm. I need this sweater in my life.

And the Past & Present Tank ($78) is JUST DIVINE. I'm just in love with the colors.

In the meantime, I scored 2 Anthro hard-to-get dresses at this point in their life: The Botanical Stroll Dress and the Pigment and Canvas Dress. I can't believe how well both of these little dresses fit!!! My hubby comes home after being in Tanzania for 4 weeks and I think Friday night, I'll be wearing this little number out to dinner and the Botantical Stroll Dress is perfect for my Saturday gig! Yay!

What are everyone's new fave fall pieces?
Monday, August 23, 2010

OOTD and some Reviews!

Good Evening, Ladies! It's Monday evening and you know what that means! Possible sale day tomorrow! I didn't grab any sale items last week, (no new ones anyway. I did happen to score a Red Delicious Blouse!) but I'm hoping/not hoping (my wallet!) that something from my wishlist hits the sale rack tomorrow.

Anyway...I had an audition this evening and I decided that my brand new Southward Stop dress should come out for it!! I prepared two lovely English Art songs (Vaughan-Williams and Purcell), so the dress was totally the right spirit. I didn't sing as well as I thought I could have, but we'll see what happens when the concert is cast. I could really use the money and who doesn't want to do a concert?!
Anthro: Southward Stop Dress, $128 Maeve (not online yet)
Anthro: Checkerboard Belt $38 (Buy Here)
JCrew: Jackie Cardi in yellow
Payless Peeptoe flats

So, I have some quickie reviews for you.

Dreamy Drape Dress aka Speckled Ink Dress: $158 Tracy Reese in xs petite
Ok...honestly, I am in love with this dress and this is my second time trying it on. I think I like it so much because it drapes so nice and would work so well as a casual concert dress. The dress fits TTS for me, and the xs petite is JUST PERFECT. I really need this dress in my life. It seems a bit pricey for jersey, but it's NICE. Wishlisted!

Claude's Retreat Tank $78 (currently out of stock online), xs
OK, this top is awesome! It reminds me of the Hidden Hummingbird Tank. It fits TTS and is just really gorgeous. It may even fit BETTER than the Hidden Hummingbird Tank does. It's just beautiful and if it goes on sale, it's MINE.

Well, that's all I've got for you tonight!
Friday, August 20, 2010

Anthropologie in Harvard Square & some reviews!

Well, a new store opened in Harvard Square in Cambridge today! It took over the multi-level space which used to house a Crate and Barrel for many years. Of course...I went to go check it out and see what was going on there! First of all...it's GORGEOUS and MANY levels. Last time I went into the fitting room at Anthro, everything I tried on sucked. Today, it was the exact opposite and I broke my "Never buy things that aren't on sale" rule. Dagger.

This is what I came in wearing: Raccoon Rumpus Blouse ($49.99 on sale! Sold out online, but still some in stores!), jeans, Loft, shoes Marshall's.
This dressing room was awesome! Bright lights and so flattering and super clean! BRAND NEW! All of the SAs were super nice as it was their first day. Everything was so beautiful and clean (not a single Two-Wheeler Shirtdress to be found though).

Maeve No-Name Dress in size 0 $128 (**Update** Kathryn from In Pursuit of Pretty Things found out the name of this dress and it's called the "Southward Stop" Dress.)

I broke my rule for this dress. I loved it that much. Fits TTS and would be cute with a belt too. It's a slight beige lavender color and it has adorable bird and deer print, very toile like. This dress appeals to by Baroque sensibilities, plus, it's a light corduroy, so I can wear it right now and when it gets cool, I'll layer it. The corduroy is very soft and light and not hot at all. The lining is really cute with polka dots and the pockets are perfect. I walked out with this one.

Oak Apple Dress
$178 by Moulinette Soeurs in REG 0.
I didn't get to try on the Petite version of this dress, which is sold out in my size online anyway. It's a VERY pretty dress. The material is beautiful and feels wonderful on. The regular version of this dress seemed to work well, except for the bodice, which was very large. You will probably need to tack the front of this dress unless you want everyone to see everything when you lean over. It comes open so easily. It's SOOOOO pretty though.

Soft Scalloped Cardi $118 by Guinevere in an xs
This was the sleeper hit. I just grabbed it because I grab cardis to try on with dresses. It's SO beautiful on. It wasn't itchy or anything, just comfy and a very nice fit. I loved it so much, I almost left with it, but I can't justify paying over $100 for it. On the website, it crosses in front to close, but I found it just tied in front. I didn't fiddle with it very much, so there may be another way to close it that I missed, but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Wishlisted for sale!!

Flower Vendor Top $78 by Deletta, size xs, 1952 Skirt $138 by Edme & Esyllte, size 0.

The Flower Vendor Top caught my eye when it hit the website...it's stunning. I was concerned the top would look crazy when I put it on. It comes attached to a cami, so you don't have to worrry about sheerness. It's soft and just super flattering. The flower looks EXACTLY how it does in the product shot on the website and it's just a really beautiful top. Wishlisted for sale!!

The 1952 Skirt is really pretty. It might be a little overwhelming for my frame, but I liked it anyway. The colors are very fall and the material is very light and fluffy. It's a total "me" skirt, but the price is a little steep. Maybe on sale.

Mystery No-Name We Love Vera Ribbon Dress, $168 (I think) size 0

Being a former horseback riding instructor, this dress called out to me. It had horseshow ribbons and trophies all over it! How cute is that!? It's navy and comes with a large navy ribbon that ties in the back. It's a cute dress. I don't know where I would go wearing this, but it's cute. TTS. I might consider on sale, but there are many dresses I would buy before this one.

Tatted Ties Skirt $148 by Moulinette Soeurs size 0.
Here's another time when I didn't read the website carefully and I was shocked when I picked this up and it was Navy. It's legit navy, which disappointed me slightly since I thought it was black. It's kind of cute. I might consider on sale, but for the most part, it didn't do anything for me. It seems like it might be tricky to style this and it was slightly weird shaped. Pass. It fits TTS.

That's all I've got for today! What does everyone think?!
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviewed: Terrace House Jacket, Acres of Land Cardi, Steamer Trunk Skirt and Doubly Adorned Dress

Good Morning, people! I hope you all are taking advantage of the great sale that started on Tuesday at Anthro! The much-coveted Vappu Dress is on sale for $50! There are many other great things on sale and I saw lots of things in the sale room that got second cuts, including the Splendid Celebration Skirt which is now $19.95! I scored one, but I'm not sure I love it, so it might have to go back. Anyway, I have some reviews for you!

First is the Terrace House Jacket ($138) by Tabitha which I tried on in size 0 and gray.

As you can see, it's very cute! I've wanted to try this on for a while now. I like the gray color, but I think the other colors are cute too. It's a very heavy, thick, substantial wool but not itchy at all. There is a hook and eye clasp in the front, but don't expect this jacket to fully keep you warm, because it doesn't close all the way. The first photo is what it looked like closed. This is super cute for those early fall days when it's just a little chilly. As a New Englander, this might not be entirely practical, but if it went on sale, I might consider it.

Acres of Land Cardi $98 by Tiny, Neutral Motif in size xs. I had been eyeing this on the website and in the catalog forever. There is one clasp in the front. It's a thin, kind of tee shirt-like fabric, so this is not a cardi to really add a layer of warmth for you. The beaded accents are cute. I didn't find the fit very flattering at all. If it fit the way it did on the model, I would scoop it up in a second on sale, but I think this one will be an all-around pass for me.

Steamer Truck Skirt $98 by Moth in Cream in a size 0.

It's very soft and well-made. I like Moth sweaters as a general rule. This skirt is not creating any magic for me. I might consider this one in black at sale time, but it's nothing special as far as I'm concerned. Pass.

Doubly Adorned Dress $148 by Floreat in a 0.

This is a great model shot! How cute is this little dress? And super sexy!

It's very well-made and the pattern and the bow adornments are very cute. Unfortunately, once again, I am too short for this dress. It's really cute and the zero was a decent fit and it's very comfy, but it's a tad too long to make sense. I think a taller girl will rock this!!

Anyway, that's all I've got for today! I cannot wait to scope out the new store opening in Harvard Square tomorrow in Cambridge, MA tomorrow afternoon! I'll be taking pictures and of course...heading to the fitting room! Have a good Thursday everyone!
Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Poni Cardigan
. Ok Anthro...what's going on? What is this? I saw this on the website a week ago whilst perusing the new arrivals and it stopped me in my tracks. I mean...really? And $328? REALLY?