Monday, July 25, 2011

OOTD & Reconnecting

So, when I was about 8 years old, my mom signed me up for piano lessons because I was obsessed with playing. My grandmother had gifted me one of those tiny wooden pianos (à la Schroeder from Peanuts) when I was 2 or something and I loved it and could not stop playing it and figuring out tunes I heard. When I was about 10, my piano teacher suggested to my mom that I take voice lessons because she had heard me sing during one of our solfege lessons and she thought I had a nice voice. This is WAY too young to be taking proper singing lessons, but we didn't know any better. My cousin was taking some lessons with a gentleman and my aunt insisted he was great with children's voices without doing any damage. So, my mother took me to him and I starting singing. All kinds of things, classical, musical theater...amazing! I enjoyed it so much and to my amazement, he was also the artistic director of a Musical Theater Review Ensemble, which I joined when I was 13. I learned to tap dance, jazz dance, do a little ballet and sing my little musical theater butt off!!!

Ultimately, when I was 17 or so, I decided to focus my musical studies exclusively to classical singing and decided to leave the group and study exclusively with the teacher I was studying with at my high school. But, being that he was my first voice teacher, he remained a close, beloved friend of the family and we have managed to keep in touch off and on throughout the years. Well, he was able to come to my wedding four years ago, which was totally awesome and this week, he is visiting Boston and is staying with us. It's amazing to re-connect with someone who met you when you were a kid and watched you grow and go through all of your changes and situations.  Now, as an adult, it feels great to reconnect with someone and share your shared passion for music! So, I'm having a great week!

Here's what came out of my closet today!

Anthrpologie: Deuxhill Cowlneck (2010), Pinochle Skirt (2010), High Prairie Belt (2010?), Salutations & Closings Heels (2011)
A surprisingly All-Anthro combo. The Deuxhill Cowlneck and the turquoise in the skirt play off each other perfectly. Turquoise is one of those colors I am obsessed with these days. I have always been a fan of blue, but I'm loving all things turquoise right now.
Sunday, July 17, 2011

OOTD: Hidden Hummingbird on the Black Forrest Trail

It's HOT HOT HOT today! It's also Sunday, so I broke out my shorts. These are one of two pairs of shorts that I own and they are both from Anthro. These are last summer's Black Forrest Trail Shorts. I loved them so much, I bought them in two colors. They are short, shorts! I also had to break out my Hidden Hummingbird Tank, which is one of my favorite Anthro pieces. It's so cute and the design on the collar is stellar and the pleats are outrageous.

Anthropologie: Hidden Hummingbird Tank (2010), Black Forrest Trail Shorts (2010)
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am counting the days until our vacation at the end of the month!!
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mascara Review: Benefit's They're Real; Beyond Mascara

Good morning all! So, as I promised, here's a review of the new mascara by Benefit that is getting loads and loads of hype at Sephora. I have always had short, stubby lashes and about 7 weeks ago, I started using Stimulash Fusion Lash Enhancer and now my lashes are a little longer than they were, which is great! It is available at Sephora and is a whopping $89 a tube. If you would like me to formally review it, I will. Just let me know :)

I am an admitted mascara junkie and my favorites are:

  • Fresh Supernova - I don't know why this is so great, it just is. The formula is a little thicker than most, but I find that it defines, volumizes and makes my lashes look like whoa! Boom! Pow!
  • BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara - I got this in a sample pack and the brush is AMAZING. Defines every lash and lengthens really nicely. A nice price too, less than $20.
  • Buxom Lash Mascara - a Sephora exclusive and a great product. Another awesome brush. I did not appreciate the newer version of this product, Amplified Lash. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
When a friend tipped me off that Benefit was coming out with a fabulous new mascara, I jumped on the train. The claims they were making were amazing, so I couldn't wait to try it out on my puny little lashes. So, I picked some up at my local Sephora (which was a tad frustrating, I have to say. I had to ask them to get me a tube from underneath the Benefit display. The sales associate said they hadn't put it out yet. O rly?! WHY NOT!?!? I almost walked out without it.)

The box. Very dramatic.

A nice shaped tube.

A close-up of the brush. It's a silicone brush with a spike-y tip for vertical use.

My lashes, sans mascara.

My lashes with 2 coats of They're Real.
So, I have to let you ladies know that I have extremely curly lashes naturally. Since I've been using Stimulash, they have been growing in all sorts of different directions and some lashes are straighter than others, so I cannot comment on if it makes your lashes curl or not. Mine are like that all the time, and they are so curly, they curl backwards into my eyelid, so sometimes I end up with little black spots there, which is kind of a pain. But I can comment on the rest:

Lengthening: Yes, although not super dramatic.

Volumizing: I loved this effect! I have super sparse lashes, so I appreciated this.

Overall, the formula was nice (wet) and the overall effect was pretty dramatic. This is not a daytime mascara if you are not really into this or if you have lighter colored lashes. It's a good price ($22) and Sephora has a great return policy, so you can try it without a risk of having to keep it if you totally hate it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I don't love it as much as I do the Supernova (#1 seed still), but it's totally fun and for a dramatic look, it's awesome!

Questions? Comments? Let me know!
Friday, July 15, 2011

Darwin-izing Anthro Flux: Blog Evolution

So, I noticed that I've been posting a lot about my singing stuff, so I figured instead of trying to control myself, I may as well embrace the trend and make my music adventures become an official part of the blog. So, I've changed the name of it from Anthro Flux to "The Stylish Soprano", which has great alliteration, but implies that I think I'm a fabulous dresser. Well, maybe I'm presumptuous, but the alliteration is too good and I try to be stylish. I will continue to post mostly about Anthropologie and other clothing pursuits as well, but I have a lot to say about being a singer, so...welcome to The Stylish Soprano. There. here I am trying to be stylish. Behold, the OOTD! (Cue, Rebecca Black's "Friday")

Dress: Anthropologie Kissing Friday Dress, Cardigan: Anthropologie Jemima's Shrunken Cardi, Wedges: Payless

I recently have become obsessed with LASHES. EYELASHES. I am not a makeup junkie, but I do have a slight obsession with mascara and eyelashes. In my next post...a mascara review!!! Benefit's They're Real, Beyond Mascara.

Happy Friday, Ladies!
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Good Heart

I know my last entry was such a long time ago and I've been a bad blogger! One of my very best friends has been going through quite an ordeal this week. She had open heart surgery and she's only in her 30's. She was born with a congenital heart defect (bicuspid valve) and the aortic stenosis had become so severe that the valve needed replacing. So, she went under the knife last week and I have been visiting her in the hospital nearly every day since. Heart defects are one of the most common birth defects and heart disease affects women more than most people think. She did fine in surgery and was actually allowed to come home today! So, I'm so glad things are going well! I was very worried about her going in (tried not to show it), but am so glad things are going well and I see her improving every day :)

Needless to say, I've been behind on blogging. I have not, however, been behind on dressing. I had a lovely exchange on the Effortless Anthropologie Trade Market. I purchased a Precious Materials Cardigan (been chasing it forever and a day!) and when I got the package, I also got this cute little blue plaid top as a bonus! I'm so lucky! It's super cute!

I must like this pose.

Top: Anthro (Odille...anyone have any info on it?), Skirt: Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt, Belt: Anthro: High Prairie Belt, Wedges: Payless
Today is probably the hottest day of the week. I sucked it up and turned on all of our window AC units, driving up my electric bill this month. But since I'm in charge of that bill and chose not to roast, it's okay. I refuse to be hot anymore. Anyone else in the middle of a heatwave?