Saturday, November 1, 2014

Product Review: Firmoo Eyeglasses

Good afternoon, fellow lovers of pretty things! I am back from a bit of a break. Over the past three weeks, I have been moving all of my things into my new apartment that I now share with my husband-to-be. With our wedding fast approaching, it is now nice that we live in the same place! No more schlepping my stuff over to his place and vice versa. We now share one, wonderfully cozy living space...with my cat. That said, I HATE moving. This is the 3rd time I've moved in 15 months, so you can imagine how good I've become at it. I still hate it. I get rid of more and more stuff every time I move so it's been good for purging stuff...except clothes. I have just as many pretty clothes as ever. Thank goodness, right? I also now have a GORGEOUS walk-in closet for the first time ever. Installed it myself...This is the "before my clothes got there" picture.

Yes, I need that much long hanging space. THE DRESSES.

Anyway, now that I'm all settled, I can get back to posting! The wonderful folks at contacted me and inquired if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of glasses for them here. I have ALWAYS loved eyeglasses since I was a teen. Both of my parents wear glasses and I always had crushes on boys who wore glasses. It was just a thing. Nerdy and blind? I'm going to prom with you and laughing at all your bad jokes.

I didn't become nearsighted until I was in college. I had a little trouble seeing street signs and reading the board in class, so I went out, got my first eye exam and my first pair of glasses. They were Ann Klein. They were adorable cat eye frames and they cost over $200. Seriously? I held on to those puppies for years, until one of the ear pieces kind of broke. I still have them, although I should throw them away. 

A friend of mine recommended an online site where you could go and buy glasses...they were super cheap. Maybe a little too cheap. For $75, I got 5 pairs, which is a lot. They were cute, but kind of cheap feeling and a lot of them didn't fit right. I keep them around because I can see when they are on my face and some of them are fun colors. So, when Firmoo contacted me, I was delighted. I had been thinking about a new pair anyway, so I picked out a pair that I thought would be flattering and I went for it.

The website is super cute and the selection of frames is huge. Prices are GREAT. Considering the website I shopped for glasses at before had SUPER CHEAP prices (like between $5 and $40), these prices were in a range where you KNEW you were going to be getting something higher quality at least. Picking out a pair was hard (so many choices!), but the checkout process was easy and fast. They arrived quickly in a padded envelope and look at the SUPER CUTE case!!!!

The underside is a cute map!

This is a GREAT quality plastic case with a GREAT soft interior to protect the frames. It also came with a lens cleansing cloth and a double-sided screwdriver to make repairs to the frames if need be. This was already MILES ahead of the previous online glasses retailer I had shopped from. Then I put them on my face. My fiancĂ© was there with me as I was trying them on (this was moving day!) and the first thing he said is; "Is there glass in the frames?". Little did he know, I had poked the frames to find out the same thing a few seconds before; They were THAT clear. I had a few more people ask me that going forward. Lastly, they are ADORABLE and fit great. They are very comfortable to wear and I was thrilled to have them. 

Check out the sides!

The ultimate test...driving. Reading signs? Check.   
The weeks that followed, I got MANY, MANY compliments from people who had seen my old pairs of glasses. It was official: They were a hit and I was in love with them. They were my go-to pair and my eyelashes didn't hit the lenses, which was a win in my book. These retailed on the site for $36, which in my opinion is a great price. 

The verdict? You wear glasses? GET THEM HERE. I want to spread the love so the wonderful folks at are going to let you guys get a nice little promotional discount on some glasses of your own! Simply visit, shop and enter the voucher code: STYLISHSOPRANOBLOGS4

This is good for $15 savings on regular priced frames (excludes shipping & products already on sale). The code can be used up to 5 times!!! Get them! You can use this discount code until November 25th. After that, you're on your own!

Thanks for reading this review! Do you like these glasses? What do you think of them?

FTC Disclosure: I received the product in exchange for a blog review, although all opinions and thoughts stated in this review are my own, honest opinion. 


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