Friday, December 3, 2010

Reviewed: Cardigans and Tops

Good Friday morning, Ladies! I'm back with my next review set and for this one, I am covering new(ish-mostly) Tops and Cardigans. I had so much fun trying these on and it was hard to leave them all in the store.

Tea's Ribbon Cardi $128 Rosie Niera

What an adorable little cardi! I definitely fell in love with the Pinafore Pullover, the other Rosie Niera piece this season, but if you can't get it, I think this is a good substitute. It's really soft, not itchy and amazingly cute in the back. There are about a million buttons on the front, but it didn't bother me that much. At $128, this almost came home with me, but I'm going to try and wait it out for the sale.

Solstice Festival Cardigan $198 Field Flower by Wendi Reed

It's amazing that this was the only one of it's kind in the store and it was my size. Ever since I saw this in the November catalog, I've been lusting after it. I love Wendi Reed sweaters, but the price made me a little gun shy. I mean, $198? Wow. I was eager to try it on and see if it was worth almost $200. Sadly, I think it's a little flawed. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's cute, but not $200 worth of cute. It's a little boxy and the placement of the snaps is a little off. I also think it's a tad short. But it was very warm and if this went on sale for $50, I would buy it. I'll probably be waiting forever. Sadface...pass for now.

French Bustle Jacket $188 Mise En Scene by Ruffian

I've been admiring this online as it had potential for concert-wear since it's black. It's really nice, but I think it may be a little to major for me. It's a very, very high quality, heavy sweater jacket with really gorgeous details, but it's soooooo ruffle-y and it only has a tie closure. I would wait for the sale on this piece. I feel it overwhelms my frame, but is very nice.

Glittering Plume Tank $88 Yoana Baraschi

Online, this looked amazing. I wishlisted it right away. In person, however, it was an ill-fitting disappointment. The good: The sequined feather detail on the front is spectacular and the color is gorgeous. The tank, however is too big for me. The arm holes are huge as you can see from the second photo and it fits more like a tunic than a tank top. I would wait for the sale on this one if it fits you well. I was too petite for it.

I was so excited to try this. I thought it was going to fit similar to the Repose Sweater Hoodie of 2008, but it didn't. It was terribly unflattering and huge. The front view looks okay, but the view from the side and the back is hideous. I'm wearing a sweater tent! Feels soft, comfy is terrible. Mega sadface. Wait for the sale if you like wearing a tent.

There you have it! I hope everyone is ready to have a great weekend!


  1. Ohh I'm adding the Glittering Plume Tank, the French Bustle Jacket, and the Tea's Ribbon Cardi to my wishlist thanks to you! :D Thank you for the lovely reviews as always, Kay! :)

  2. It's really not right how you (as a petite) get sized out of so many gorgeous Anthro items. Like the tank for example.

    I agree on the Fireside Cardi. Hello Tent from the side.

    Love the Ruffian Jacket, but no way could I even consider it on my already well endowed chest. The ruffle sticks out way too far from the side view.

    Flower detail too large on the Wendi Reed.

    You look marvelous in the Tea's Ribbon Cardi. This is one to add to my Wish List.

    Thanks for your very helpful reviews, Laura

  3. Mandy, awesome! No problem :) The tank is amazing...if you get it, I shall live vicariously through you.

    Laura, it is a shame. The tank was so pretty but it would just need alterations in order to fit correctly. Being sized out of things is occasionally heart-breaking. I'm still bitter about the Secret Garden Blouse and the Mullany Dress which was HUGE. C'est la vie, I guess.

    The French Bustle jacket is so awesome, but from the side it is a lot going on. I wanted to love it from every angle, but the only angle I thought it worked from was from the front. I again, was too tiny for it.

    I just hope the Ribbon Cardi ends up under my Christmas tree :)

  4. The Tea's Ribbon Cardi is a definite winner on you - so pretty! I agree with the French Bustle looking great from the front, but overwhelming from the side - it looks like it would be A LOT for most people to pull off.

  5. thanks for your reviews, i`m on the petite side myself. I really hope the tank fits me! The Tea`s Ribbon Cardi looks fantastic on you, and the colour is so versatile. How was the Collecting Starlight skirt that you had one? It`s at the top of my wishlist right now :)

  6. Jan, it's a real shame about he jacket cause it's SO awesome :(

    Ivy - The skirt is AMAZING! I'll include it in my next review set!

  7. I like the french bustle jacket, can you tell me if it was itchy at all?

    I think ill wait for sale tho because its a little pricey.

    thanks for reviewing it!

  8. Can you post here what size you were wearing in the Solstice Festival Cardi? I'm on the fence and there are none at my local store. Thanks!

  9. Ohh I'm adding the Glittering Plume Tank, the French Bustle Jacket, and the Tea's Ribbon Cardi to my wishlist thanks to you! :D Thank you for the lovely reviews as always, Kay! :)