Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Surprise Sale & Dress Reviews!

Good afternoon, Ladies! Wow, Anthro threw us for a loop today with their sale, didn't they? I was quite tickled to discover that the Mary Shirtdress, which I think has been out for 5 minutes got marked down today. I was heartbroken with the D'armee Dress which didn't fit me, but when the Mary Shirtdress showed up online, I was smitten. I was planning on just reviewing it today, but I took it home as well! I'll review it in this set.

I headed over to the Boston Anthropologie this morning and had a fantastic time. The lovely and fabulous Jeanne Mooney who is their resident personal shopper is always a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of style. I grabbed a BILLION things to try I'll be dividing my reviews into sets. I'm going to start with my favorite things...DRESSES!!

Sewing Circle Dress: $168 Floreat

I have liked this dress since it appeared online and I was glad to see it in the store today. I happen to find it just darling and well-fitting, even though reviews online seem lukewarm. All of the dresses in store had the straps already on, but I think it's super cute as a strapless dress and it's tight enough in the bodice that I am not worried about it slipping down. It's very poufy in the skirt, but that is something I actually really like. The blue embroidery on green is really sweet. Worth the $168 to me, but I think you would definitely be able to pick it up on sale. I find it to be a really sweet little dress, Well done, Floreat.

Peggy Sue Dress $168 Girls from Savoy

Oh MY. It was everything I could do NOT to walk out of the store with this beauty. The Spinning Lace Dress is sold out in my size online, but...HELLO, LOVER! I heart this in a major way! The navy color was scrumptious and the length was just right. There was just the right amount of pouf in the skirt and the bodice fit nice and snugly. The chiffon straps were a touch long, but I did not care because they did not move. I need this dress, but I have nowhere to go in it as it seems dressy. If you are in Boston, can you invite me to a fancy party or a wedding? I'm there and I'm there in this dress. AMAZING. Worth full price.

The Florist's Arrangement Sweaterdress was  $168 now $79.95 Moth

This is such a sweet little sweater dress. It was soft all over and the knitted floral details on the shoulder are darling. I wanted to love this dress on me, but I think I am a little too petite for it. It's 40" long, which for me is about 4 inches too long. It's not bad, but it's not great either. Plus, if I were to spill something on it, I would be devastated. The one I tried on was in perfect condition, but there has been some buzz online about the quality and some have found it was prone to snag and unraveling. I still think it's a sweet dress and would look great on the right person. It's on sale now, but something tells me to tell ladies to wait for a second cut if you like it.

Mystery Maple Dress (forgot to look at the tag for price point, sorry!)

I've got two words for this dress: HOT MESS. I apologize for ripping into this dress, but first off...there is no zipper on it. It's a wrap dress held on by like ten thousand hook and eye closures. The skirt seems to be okay, but the bodice is a disaster. This was the 0, but it feels like a 4. The dress also probably weighs about 2lbs for some reason. It was a lovely material and felt a very high quality, but I'm not sure what else to say. It makes me question whether or not it IS in fact, a dress. The polka dots are cute. Pass. Not even on sale. See it on Roxy.

Silver Cloud Dress (was $188 now $89.95)  Mise En Scene by Ruffian

Aw. This could have been amazing if it was like 7" shorter. It's a shift dress, but it's truly not flattering, especially if you are are not curvy like me. It could have been a really fun party dress, but unfortunately, I think it's flawed in its fit. Maybe if this gets a second cut, it may be worth it to get it hemmed to a better length or something...if you have somewhere to go in it. At $90 now, I think if you really like this, wait it out for a second cut.

Mary Shirtdress (was $128 now $59.95) Maeve

After my disappointment in the D'armee Dress, I had some hope that this dress would work well for me. It was even sweeter that it hit sale much sooner than I expected! I love the military inspired look of this dress. The photos do not do it justice. The 3/4 sleeves are nice and the pockets are adorable. There is a petite length available, but I saw nothing wrong with the regular 0 here. I actually LOVE the back of the dress more than I do the front. It's a perfect fit and I plan to wear it ASAP. At $60, why NOT?

There you have it! I have lots more in the pipeline for some posts later in the week. Including my review of the much-coveted Solistice Festival Cardigan!

Did anyone score anything awesome from the sale today? Seems to be undercover so there's lots left in stock! Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Hi there!
    thanks for your comment on my blog. I have a Q about the Peggy Sue - is that a size 0 you have on and is it a small make? I'm debating whether to go up a size...
    I am 5'5" tall, size 32/34B bust, about 26/27" waist, and not much hip action...
    hmmm! some people said the 0 fit them, whereas others couldnt do up the zip.
    thank you!!

  2. Hey there! The Peggy Sue is a 0 and it fits me very well, so that leads me to want to say that it runs TTS to slightly small. I am a 34B bust and a 24 waist so I want to say the 0 may be fine for you. However, whenever a review says they couldn't do up the zip, I usually take that as "it will fit you, a lilliputian" and it always does. This wasn't tight though, it just fit nicely. Boy...I don't know if I helped or just made it confusing.

  3. Yay reviews! Oh that poor dress by maple, it's such an awkward thing so far on most people I think... The mary shirtdress looks great on you.

    I was so surprised by the sale, I have been staying up late every night before any "supposed" sale to make sure I could get the crocheted clouds dress when it finally goes on sale, and then last night, nothing! Then boom, was on sale at some point this morning???? So yes...the crocheted clouds dress and one more that got a second cut.

  4. Thanks for replying Kay!
    24" waist - oh my, you are heaps skinnier than me :-) I'm still not sure about sizing, but i think i need to size up to a 2.
    I love the Peggy Sue Dress on you. You'll have to get it!

  5. Thanks for replying Kay!
    24" waist - oh my, you are heaps skinnier than me :-) I'm still not sure about sizing, but i think i need to size up to a 2.
    I love the Peggy Sue Dress on you. You'll have to get it!