Friday, March 4, 2011

More Reviews: Pretty Spring Dresses (Plus a Skirt)

Good evening, readers! I have some more Anthropologie Dressing Room Reviews for you!

Inkwell Skirt $98 Edme & Esyllte

Here's a poofy skirt! I love a good poofy skirt and here is one that caught my attention on the selling floor. I personally love it and think it's adorable. If you are worried at ALL about accentuating hips, then this skirt is NOT for you due to the crinoline that this skirt has and the horizontal striped pattern. If you are straight up and down like me and don't mind a little help in that area. There is a petite size available AND it has pockets, hooray! I think it's a adorable! Wishlisted!

Great Dot Maxi Dress $158 Moulinette Seours

Something about this dress made me want to try it on. I passed it by twice and looked at it hard. I know maxi dresses and mini people don't really go well, but I couldn't resist. Something about it is very cute and I love the idea of the red belt to go with it in the description. This pic features the tie from my sweater as a belt. The bodice didn't do much for me. The little layer behind the cowlneck seems to stick out and not go with the dress. I like might look better on a taller person. It's probably not for me, but I actually like it. Wishlisted for someone who isn't me at sale time.

Hydrangea Petals Maxi Dress $228 Moulinette Seours

Oh. My. I was very, very surprised by this dress. First off, it's GORGEOUS. Second, the fit is amazing. Third, it comes in a petite size!!!!! OH. MY.

Okay, so it's no secret I am in love with this maxi dress. I was leaning toward the Irresistible Maxi for my April Concert, but now I'm torn. This is $50 more, but OH, do I love it so and I feel it fits the style of music I'm performing a little more (Baroque English Lute Songs). The quality on this dress is what expect from Anthropologie. It's a gorgeous, soft silk with a great silk lining, so it has a significant dress feel, not a chemise feel. It's flying under the radar, but it's gorgeous. Wishlisted for Birthday Haul!!!

Tuileries Dress $158 Moulinette Soeurs

This pretty little frock caught my attention 3 weeks ago in the store when I picked up my Color-Dipped Dress. The print is so me! I love plants and I love to garden!!!! OMG!!! Getting a flashback...Sugar and Cream Dress. That dress was DARLING on the hanger. I hated it once it was on me.

Here we go again. The top portion of the dress is fairly baggy on me. And once on, I found the cute botanical book pattern busy and distracting. Bleh. This was heart-breaking as when I saw this dress on the hanger, it was totally adorable. I still think it's adorable - as long as I'm not wearing it. Gals with small chests will find the bodice a little baggy, but aside from that, the fit is fine. I love the ribbon belt! The perfect width! I will pass on this dress, but it's classic Anthro whimsy and I recommend it. Sadface for me. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Berry Months Dress $148 We Love Vera

Squeeeeeeeeee!!!! It's a dress with strawberries on it!!!!!! Speaking of gardening, strawberries are one of my very favorite things to grow. The giant, mutant berries that you get from the grocery store are tasteless and lame compared to the intense flavor or an itty-bitty homegrown alpine strawberry. It's like strawberry BAM, POW!

This dress is adorable and the fit is great. I was wearing it with the straps since it was merchandised that way, but going strapless would be no problem. What can I say? It's adorable! This has summertime written all over it and the quality is very good. And YAY! Petite Sizing available! Wishlisted!!!

Around the Maypole Dress $158 Girls From Savoy

Here is a truly strapless dress, no strap option here. That being said, I thought the fit was spot on and I loved this dress. Girls From Savoy loves this dress shape, but so do I and I love that they keep churning them out! I love the subtle pattern on the skirt and bodice. This dress is pretty darn perfect. Girls From Savoy pwning all the other in-house designers for me this season! Wishlisted!!

Magellan Dress $158 Maeve

This dress is not as beautiful in photos as it is in real life. It's very gorgeous and the photos are making it look weird. First off, the fit is fantastic. The belt portion of the dress is a lovely rope material and it's just really neat. It's got crazy patterns on it, but it does not seem busy to me. It's very ocean blue and it reminds me of an awesome Bermuda vacation. It's gorgeous, machine washable and comes with pockets. What's not to like? WISHLISTED!

There you have it!! Is everyone planning on an awesome weekend?


  1. Magellan makes your waist look soooo super tiny. I love it. That and the Maypole are my favorites on you. I agree about the maxi dress too. MS seems to be a great fit on me so far so I'll have to go try that one on too (I think we may have a similar body type except for the height). Thanks for posting your reviews!

  2. I agree - Girls from Savoy is quickly becoming my favorite in-store brand! You look great in that dress!

  3. love, love, love the mix of patterns in the Magellan dress- very Suno-esque!

    I`m also extremely tempted by the inkwell- it looks super cute, but I suppose the color-dipped dress is similar and I have one coming to me!

  4. Thank you for these reviews kay!
    I saw the "poofy" skirt on the website and was slightly intrigued. I think it looks fantastic on you. It's on my (very long) wishlist.
    Sorry about the Tuileries Dress - i know that you were excited by it a week ago. I'm still thinking about it though - it's a very whimsical print.
    On the other hand, i think you have to get the Magellan Dress - a total stunner on you!

  5. Maxi dresses - mini people - made me laugh! Love the Hydrangea Petals on you, and the description of it sounds delicious - the silk, the ruffles...and I think you should get it...but-but-but, you CAN'T turn away the Irresistible Dress - it looked SO amazing on you...Greek goddess statue amazing!

  6. The Inkwell skirt isn't my usual style, but I really liked it when it hit the website - it's very cute on you! And gosh, so is the Magellan Dress - LOVE that! The Tuileries Dress comes in petites, right? I was hopeful for that one, too! Maybe the petite size would do the trick? Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  7. Thanks for the great reviews! I love the Berry Months and Around the Maypole dresses on you the most :)

  8. Oh my god! love it!!!

  9. I agree - Girls from Savoy is quickly becoming my favorite in-store brand! You look great in that dress!

  10. Oh my god! love it!!!