Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Night at the Opera: OOTD

Today was totally awesome. I started out the day with a HUGE cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I don't normally buy coffee (my coffee maker gets a LOT of work. It's MUCH cheaper), but I was out this morning and it was my day off so I decided to treat myself. I played Rune Factory Frontier all day and then decided since it was the closing night of Cardillac at Opera Boston...I would treat myself to that as well! My hubby teaches a college course on Tuesday nights, so I was home alone anyway.

It was SO EXCELLENT! It was a three-act opera by Paul Hindemith and there were no intermissions, but none were needed - it was riveting. Check out the libretto, as you can see it's a very dark-themed story. I was so happy I randomly decided to take my lazy butt down to the Theater District!

The Karelia Coat was screaming; "You're going to the opera?! You have to wear me!". So, I did. It's 31º tonight and I was surprisingly not freezing in this as my coat. I wore elbow length gloves and a scarf underneath since I had to walk a half a mile to train. I was pretty comfortable and feeling sassy.

Coat: Anthropologie Karelia Coat
Dress: Anthropologie Peggy Sue Dress
Cardi: Anthropologie Moth Cardi (thrifted)
Shoes: Anthropologie Glad Rags T-Staps
Scarf: J Crew (2008)

It's a color bonanza!!!! I felt fab in this dress! It's the first time I have worn both of these pieces and the shoes. I walked a half a mile in those shoes! It wasn't bad (although, it wasn't great either).

I also got a love note from Anthropologie saying they had gotten a lot of new pieces in for spring and to come in and make an appointment with the personal shopper. I thought this was a really nice touch for such a big store since it was a handwritten note. I feel bad though, because I really don't have the cash to spend on full price stuff right now because I'm spending most of my money on lessons and coachings. We'll see how solid my resolve is when markdowns happen this week! I am getting a few good gigs, so I'll have a little extra cash soon :)

Good night ladies!


  1. That coat is freaking awesome on you Kay, and you look sooo comfortable in it! I have not gone to an opera yet, but I imagine it must be pretty cool. I think that Anthropologie sending out those cards is such an excellent example of great customer service, and it is such a nice touch.

  2. Jess, thanks! I am totally in love with this coat, it's just STUNNING! I'm planning to rock it again on Saturday when I go to another concert. Going to the opera is super fun...being IN one is like 10 times MORE fun, especially when your character is like evil or gets killed or something. LOL

    I was very pleased to get the little card, it worked!