Sunday, July 17, 2011

OOTD: Hidden Hummingbird on the Black Forrest Trail

It's HOT HOT HOT today! It's also Sunday, so I broke out my shorts. These are one of two pairs of shorts that I own and they are both from Anthro. These are last summer's Black Forrest Trail Shorts. I loved them so much, I bought them in two colors. They are short, shorts! I also had to break out my Hidden Hummingbird Tank, which is one of my favorite Anthro pieces. It's so cute and the design on the collar is stellar and the pleats are outrageous.

Anthropologie: Hidden Hummingbird Tank (2010), Black Forrest Trail Shorts (2010)
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am counting the days until our vacation at the end of the month!!


  1. Love the new blog design, Kay! You look so perfect in that Hummingbird tank - that's one that I regret not buying soo badly! :)

  2. Thanks, Mandy! I was so obsessed with this, it was probably 4th piece I ever bought from Anthro. I was so excited to find it in my size after trying on a small and being super sad.

  3. Oooh, this top is lovely. Like Mandy, I saw it on an SA a while back and felt a pang of regret. It's perfect for summer!

  4. JG, I feel the same way about the Secret Garden Tank. It didn't fit, but I could have tailored it >_<