Thursday, February 20, 2014

OOTD: Sweet Life & Getting Lucky

It's a few days before the big Cantata Singers concert and I'm having fun choosing outfits for rehearsals. It's been so long since I posted an outfit and I did not have any decent light to work with so I apologize for the quality of this photo.

Paddington was totally photobombing as well! The cardi is from Express, but it's ancient. I got the skirt from a second hand store, but it's from Anthropolgie and it's from Corey Lynn Calter (Sweet Life Skirt). It still had the tags on it when I picked it up and I got it for a steal. It's one of my favorite skirts as it's so cute with the pink and gray stripes. It's really well made and looks adorable on. For some reason, I have INSANELY good luck at consignment stores. Everything I find that I love was like a highly coveted piece or something, it's in my size and either still has the tags on or looks like it's only been worn once. I don't know why I am so lucky in this way. I don't have ANY other luck in life it seems, but I can find something awesome in a consignment shop any day of the week.

I recently started buying a scratch ticket every now and again and this weirds me as well as intrigues me. I'm not even sure (and this is embarrassing) what to do with ones that win. I won about $5 (which is actually not a win because I spent more than that for the tickets), but the tickets are just sitting around. I'm just not lucky with that stuff. I went to Las Vegas in September and I was like the most unlucky person ever. I won a little bit of money at the stupid Sex and the City machine (like $75), but only because I was obsessed with watching the stupid show clips when I would hit the bonus. They know how to get you. Yet, I still like to try my luck...why do I continue to do this when I know my luck is bad? Or is it just a mindset? If I believe in my luck, do I become lucky? Maybe I should just stick to keeping people organized... Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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