Thursday, December 4, 2014

One Direction Makeup and Bad Clam Pistachios

This is going to be a totally random post. First off, I love pistachios. They are the perfect nut. Good flavor and they come in their own little shell. Maybe it's because I'm from Maryland and I am used to eating crabs and I like to unshell things. There is something about a pistachio that makes it so fun to eat and the fact that it is actually good for you (save how salty they usually are) makes them even better.

That being said, don't you hate it when this happens?

It's a bad clam. You know, the one clam that is already dead by the time it hits the pan and it doesn't open. There are always a few in the bag that are completely un-openable. What do you do with these? Do you smash them? It seems like you would end up smashing the whole thing then and you'd end up with a pile of shells mixed up with nut pieces parts. No one wants that.

Then there are the ones that opened too much and the nut fell out. Those are also super disappointing.

I digress...I went to Target this evening to grab some paper towels (and maybe grab a few makeup brushes) and I saw a few things that really baffled me. First off...One Direction Makeup Palettes. Just...what?

Last time I checked, One Direction was a bunch of Brit boys who were a pop band. Not makeup artists. They don't give a crap about makeup but they will put their names on anything I guess. It also appears they have a this really necessary? Do you have daughters that buy this? Someone please enlighten me. I didn't smell it by the way...Am I just baffled because I'm in my thirties? Someone explain. If I am fourteen, do I want my favorite boy band to create a makeup palette for me? Not really. I haven't really looked into this. It's probably a top-seller or something.

I also found an entire end cap that had celebrity name and endorsed perfumes. Gross. Do they all have to be on the same end cap? I like some Taylor Swift. I have 1989 on like repeat right now all day long, but perfume is where I draw the line. Maybe it smells good, but she's a singer. She has no experience making perfume she just slapped her name on it. So annoying. I hate this actually. Poor Coach, Juicy Couture and Cool Water were just stuck in there. I wish Target had just gone all out with the theme of celebrity perfumes only on that end cap. I would have had more respect for it.

Pumpkin Everything 2014™ is finally coming to a close...pumpkin items have reached clearance. Brace yourselves...Minter™ is Coming (I'm not complaining).

And finally, we have reached this point: Seasonal Kitty Litter exists. You're welcome.


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