Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reviews are Back!

Good Sunday Morning, ladies! Remember when I used to go and try on stuff and take pics? YEAH, me neither. Anyway...I found the enthusiasm to find my way to Anthro after work last night and here are some reviews for you this morning. They didn't have anything I REALLY wanted to try on (*sniff* Tuileries Dress). I'll have to try again this week in the bigger store.

Draped Jungle Skirt $158 Eva Franco

Hey, look! It's the Aniseed Skirt, Jacquard Missive Skirt, but in a new pattern. Getting a little tired of this...every season now? I actually really liked the other two skirts...this one not so much. Because of the pattern, it's hard to see the cute shape and bow-folding effect of the skirt. The material is not as flowy as the other ones. The Jacquard Missive Skirt was cutey-cute...same price. This one, I don't think is worth the pricetag. It's not as flattering as the other two. FAIL. Eva Franco is not working well for me at all this year.

Picked Plaid Skirt $98 Odille

Wow, $98? Really? I actually like Odille as a brand, I like their subtly cute style. This looked totally cute on the hanger...but look at it! The material is a little bit like, um...tablecloth. Which is EXACTLY also what it looks like. I'm wearing a picnic tablecloth made into a skirt. Dowdy. Too long for a petite. Unflattering at the waistband. Awesome! PASS.

Confession...I hate wearing black. As a musician, this doesn't always work for me, since I am forced to wear "Concert Black" a lot when I'm part of an ensemble. So I have an arsenal of black concert clothes...none of which I like very much, so as an attempt to remedy this problem, I was hoping I could find some love in this chemise, but wear it as a dress. The bottom portion at least anyway. In real life it was a lot shorter and less elegant than it looked online. It's most definitely underwear and cannot masquerade as Concert Black. Disappointment in that respect, although I will say that it's comfortable and fits well. Pass. Well, this is going great, isn't it? It gets better.

 Powdered Pigment Dress $228 Tracy Reese

I love Tracy Reese Dresses, they usually fit very well. There was a little bit of sticker shock involved with this one. It's been out for a while, but here is a silk dress for $228. It's a lovely silk, patterned cowlneck dress, but I don't really find it to be anything special. It's well-fitted. I noticed the tag said "0" instead of "P". I find the numerical sizes to be less awesome of a fit than xs (p). I really have nothing bad to say about this cute little frock, but I don't think I'll be picking this up, although I'd wear it if someone gave it to me as a gift.

*sigh*. Ok, here we go. This is such an adorable design. This dress simply cannot be cuter and the green color is just delicious. This is a wrinkly mess. The fit on it is very nice, but I could not get past how wrinkled it was. It suffers from the same malady that the Circle the Globe Skirt does, but I don't mind it as much as I mind it on an entire dress. I wish it was a less stiff cotton material. The material on the CTG skirt is very soft, but this is a stiff cotton which turned me off when I first touched it. The price is way too high. $98? Yes. $128? No chance, Lance. Wait for the sale. I may re-consider at sale time in the stripe color.

Cloud Art Dress $158 Laffaire

The product shot on the website of this dress is so beautiful. Doesn't it look amazing! Hey look, there is only one left in the store! It's an xs! *Snatch* It must be amazing, I can't wait to try it on...

Wow, it sucks. Shapeless. The slip that is attached to the dress doesn't fit (hey everyone, look at my bra!). Too long. Terrible. Lacey potato sack. FAIL. Size xs will probably fit you if you normally take a small, etc.  XS gals will be sized out.

Nostalgic Asterisks Dress $158 Girls From Savoy

Girls From Savoy to the rescue...ah...this is LOVE. First off, it's very red. My camera did not capture the beautiful red hue that this dress actually has, but it's lovely. It's a gorgeous fit and gives me the illusion of a little bit more loveliness in the bust, which is very much welcome for me. The little stars on it are adorable and I love the 50's shape of it. I may pay full price for this if it's still full price around my birthday in April. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Thank you, Girls from Savoy for saving an otherwise terribly unsuccessful Anthro dressing room experience.

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End Plug.

Okay, ya'll...I'll try to get down to the big Anthro this week to try on the things I love the most. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


  1. Thanks for the posts. Sorry you had so many misses. I think the Powdered Pigment looked nice on you, BUT the Girls from Savoy dress? Made for you!! Hope you purchase it because the cute, shape, style and color are awesome for you.

  2. Thanks for this round of reviews! Aw, I am kind of upset about the night moves chemise because I've been eyeballing it myself and haven't seen it in-store yet. I'd wear it as day wear - did you find it sheer at all? What about sizing, I am seeing mixed reviews about it being TTS or a little large?


  3. Betty...thanks! I'm ALL over that Red Dress. It will haunt me until it's in my closet.

    Lisa, it's not sheer, but it definitely is not as substantial as a dress or even the Camera Obscura chemise that I tried on a couple of months back. The top isn't very fancy either. I found it to be TTS if not a little large. I wish it had poofed out a little more.

  4. Thank you for these reviews Kay. I had high hopes for the Picked Plaid skirt, but i just don't think it's worth paying full price for, unless you are a major fan of the print.
    The Nostalgic Asterisks Dress is a perfect fit on you, and is very flattering. Definitely made for you!
    I think the lace dress could work with a little belt...

  5. Thanks for the posts. Sorry you had so many misses. I think the Powdered Pigment looked nice on you, BUT the Girls from Savoy dress? Made for you!! Hope you purchase it because the cute, shape, style and color are awesome for you.