Thursday, May 26, 2011

Screw YOU, Screws! 2 Outfits too!

Good evening, Ladies! So, we had some decent Anthro markdowns on Tuesday, didn't we? And AT LAST, the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress got marked down to $80. The much-coveted Magellan Dress did also and I picked them both up on Tuesday morning along with the Tepore Cardigan. On the website it looks totally drab, but in person it's GORGEOUS. It's soft and delicate and perfect for spring and summer and looks fab with a belt. I am looking forward to sporting the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress for a party on memorial day.

Being the impatient Anthro girl that I am, I popped into my brand new dress for running errands yesterday morning!

Dress: Anthropologie Magellan Dress (sold out online)
The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL yesterday after it has been miserable and rainy for the past 10 or 11 days or so. I enjoyed wearing this and having my shoulders and arms free after months and months of cardigans. I was so glad I was able to find this dress in my size on the sale rack and I've been stalking it. This is a 0 and it's a great fit for me.

In the meanwhile, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I've been having some pain in my ankle due to the fact that it has 4 screws in it from a bad break (er...breaks) I had four years ago. I went to see my orthopedic surgeon this morning and he said he can definitely take them out! So, in a week, I'll be screw-less and hopefully a lot more comfortable. Here's a link to the photo of the x-ray if you want to see it. I know some people are squeamish, so I will give peeps a choice whether or not to look at it, but I think it looks COOL!!! My surgeon says they look like a cyclone!! Anyway, that ginormous sucker on the bottom is starting to back out a tad and interfere with a tendon there and giving me an awful zinger. So, we're going to take them ALL out next week! Apparently, this will cramp my style for a couple of weeks and I'll need a cane. How do you work a cane with an Anthro Dress? Am I supposed to whimsy it up a bit?

Anyway, I wanted to look not-so-pathetic at my appointment today because the last time I saw my very-handsome doctor, I was a hot mess. That's what 10 weeks on crutches will do to you. I haven't worn my Seabound Skirt in nearly a million years. This was actually the first piece I purchased from a B&M Anthropologie after I found the guts to go in. It's whimsical, well-made and colorful. Today was a gorgeous day, so I thought it was appropriate's office. (?)

Blouse: Anthropologie: Picture Frame Blouse (2010), Skirt: Anthropologie Seabound Skirt (2010), Belt: Anthropologie High Prairie Belt, Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I'm a little nervous about going under the knife again. The operation on my ankle is the only operation I've ever had aside from getting my wisdom teeth out. Frankly, who enjoys being cut open? I'm also slightly worried about being intubated due to the fact that they have to shove a plastic tube down my trachea and I have a very important gig in 4 weeks. The last time I talked to the anesthesiologist and they gave me the smallest tube possible and I had no negative vocal effects that I remember. I'll have to trust again that I can make the same requests. Don't mess up the money maker!!

It's almost Friday! How is everyone preparing for the Holiday Weekend!?


  1. I will be praying for your surgery Kay! All the best. I absolutely LOVE your outfits- I always do! Oh that Seabound Skirt outfit is awesome! I just bought the Sailboat Skirt - full price even - I NEVER do that, but it was for my Mother's Day gift, so I thought it would be OK. It reminds me of this one you are wearing that I missed out on.

  2. You look great in both those outfits! I snagged the Magellan on a charge send from NC and the Tepore cardi from CA. Hope they both get to me safely and fit! I may not be able to fit in them since I'm about 24 weeks preggers with the 3rd and bigger than how I was with the first two at this time. They are my major surgeries as well, c-sec, and I'm always nervous! I want to get the new Sailboat Skirt but I'm torn between 0p and 2p. The skirts I've got recently have been 2p, but I don't know....

    You'll do fine with your ankle surgury! Thoughts and prayers to you. I'm sure you'll also sound as good as new before your next performance.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. I love the print on that dress - looks like a batik... very flattering on you!

    My SO is an orthopedic surgeon. A lot of times the hardware has to come out, especially if the person is small framed. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Both of your outfits are so pretty! You look fantastic. I am envious of your Magellan dress. I wanted one but sat on it too long after the sale to find my own.

    Good luck with the surgery!

  5. The Magellan Dress is absolutely cute, pretty, fun, and perfect on you. You are very Beautiful and happy in this post. Second outfit is amazing too. I loved the Picture Frame Blouse. It was too revealing on Chesty me.

  6. The Magellan Dress is absolutely cute, pretty, fun, and perfect on you. You are very Beautiful and happy in this post. Second outfit is amazing too. I loved the Picture Frame Blouse. It was too revealing on Chesty me.