Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Un-Screwed, plus some backlogged Outfits

Good Afternoon, Ladies! It's Kay here, coming to you LIVE from my couch! Well, yesterday was the day. NO ONE likes to have surgery, do they!? I was SUPER nervous. The last time I had surgery was to put the screws IN and I was in so much pain and wacked out from all the pain meds, I was in a daze and don't remember much about the experience. This time, I walked in perfectly okay (okay, actually I was totally sore, but I was still together!) and walked out on crutches! First off, getting an IV in your hand TOTALLY SUCKS. Never mind the needle stick, which is nothing. Having the thing IN YOUR HAND is so painful and the saline solution they put in there makes you cold.

I had to change into oh-so-attractive hospital clothes (you in the back). Five different nurses talked to me and did stuff to me before I went in. I talked to the nurse anesthetist who I begged NOT to intubate me or to be careful. I was so worried about the vocal folds, but luckily, they didn't need to fully intubate me, so there was no worry of vocal damage, which was my main concern going in.

They walked me back to the Operating Room, which TOTALLY reminded me of that 1947 Alien Autopsy Video. It was all bright in there, machines everywhere, big clock. It totally made me feel like I was on TV or in a movie or something. They strapped me down to the Operating Table and I was like: "Have there been many collisions in this thing? Does it go faster than 60?" They laughed and put the gas in my face. As I felt myself falling asleep I told them Goodnight and then I woke up in the recovery room, shivering like the dickens.  BUT, I wasn't in that much pain. My husband and my best friend came in and we chatted. The nurse handed me a vicodin tablet, but I knew that wasn't going to go well. I took it anyway. BAD. I don't understand how people can get hooked on that stuff, it makes me feel terrible! The nurse insisted that I take it for 24 hours minimum, but I really can't tolerate it and have done well, despite it (Motrin is better!). I can actually walk without the crutches, but my instructions are to take it easy for 72 hours, so that's what I am reluctantly doing. The good news is, I think I'll be back in action sooner rather than later. I don't know what happened to the fourth screw since I didn't get a chance to talk to my surgeon after, but here's what I came home with:

They are super shiny!!!! I might make a killer piece of jewelry out of them! I like to have them out of my leg. They did a good job holding me together when I was broken, but I'm all healed and they have to go!

Anyway, here's my outfit backlog!

Kissing Friday Dress!

Anthropologie Daring Dart Blouse, Anthropologie Lost Time Skirt
The Lost Time Skirt is so awesome and it felt perfect with the Daring Dart Blouse from last summer.

Anthropologie Nostalgic Asterisks Dress
 I was sooooo pleased when this lovely little frock went on sale. I love a red dress. I wore this to a cookout Memorial Day and it was a total hit. Lots of compliments on this pretty.

Anyhow, I probably won't be posting outfits until I have recovered which I'm hoping is a tenth of the time I spent recovering last time. I'll be keeping up with all of your blogs while I'm off my feet, so post some pretty outfits, okay? :)


  1. You are so brave Kay. I can imagine how nervous you must have been, especially in that horrid operating room. I'm sorry for what you had to go through, but at the same time, I'm glad you got the surgery - it's all for the better.
    All the best for a speedy recovery :-)

  2. So glad it went well. You look lovely as always in all outfits!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Kay. Kinda morbidly cool that they let you take the screws I guess. :)

    So glad you picked up the Asterisks dress. I loved it on you when you first reviewed it (at least I think that was you, I'm in a fog at the moment).

  4. Yes! That was me! I absolutely adored it back then and am so glad I was able to find one in my size. I am doing okay as well, thank you :)

  5. I love the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress. It looks really good on you. I have it too. I found that dress to be pretty small so I had to get a 2 in it(normally wear a 0).