Thursday, June 9, 2011

High Prairies & Plains

Good Afternoon, ladies! I have officially been given the go-ahead to resume normal activities within my pain tolerance after my screw removal surgery! I'm still limpy and painful and the surgeon told me today that the fourth screw (which I didn't get to take home) was VERY DIFFICULT to remove as there was bone growing around it! So, he says I'll probably feel beat up for another week or so. But today I drove myself to my appointment and got dressed up for the first time, so I'm feeling like I'm on the mend. It still takes me a little bit to get going, but I'm able to walk somewhat close to normally, although the swelling is still an issue. So, I'm pleased to have all that stuff behind me! Thanks to everyone who wished me well during this time :)

It's like going to be a high of 101ยบ today, so I grabbed the one dress that really reminded me of summer, which was the Plains and Prairies Dress. It isn't normally a dress I'd be attracted to, but it just makes me think of summer picnics and walks in the park. I threw the Tepore Cardigan and the High Prairie Belt on to pull it all together for a doctor's office visit. I really like the look of the two pieces together!

Dress: Anthro Plains and Prairies Dress (2010), Cardigan: Anthro Tepore Cardigan (sold out online, still in stores), Belt: Anthro High Prairie Belt (2010)

Screwless!! YEAH!
So, we're roasting on the East Coast right now. Our cozy little condo is nice and cool so far! The cats are enjoying having me home but I hope to get back to work soon. I have a couple of gigs coming up, so I have to get back crackin'! I'm also sitting out this Anthro Sale even though it's 25% off all clothing too. There is NOTHING I want, except for the Verdant Slipdress and we know that puppy will NEVER go on sale. I'll have to save up for it. Otherwise, I've been mostly "meh" to the latest Anthro offerings. Anyone else feel the same way?

What happened to the Sugar and Cream Dresses? And the On-A-Wing Blouses or the Raccoon Rumpus Blouses?! I think the Sailboat Skirt is cute, but I miss the Anthro whimsy!


  1. Love the dress, love the cardi, as ususal!!! Yes, meh. I miss the whimsey too! And I did buy the Sailboat Skirt- LOVE!

  2. I thought so too! But although there's less whimsy, I'm still sort of excited- there's a gorgeous Odille kimono jacket with roses, the Gathering Breezes dress, and an embroidered skirt that I have my eye on.

  3. I love the way the lace details work together on these 2 pieces!

    I picked up the En plein air dress for myself finally- that's all I need...though it would be nice to check out the sales section in a store!