Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reviewed: Lingonberry Corset Dress, Spiced Dress and Flower Stand Dress

Hello, Ladies! I hope you are all ready for the weekend! Next week, it's my wedding anniversary so I thought  I would go shopping for a special dress for the occasion. I was disappointed I didn't see the Cirque A-Line there, but I got a text tip, that my store got it today! Drat! One day late!

Lingonberry Corset Dress $328 Leifsdottir

Closeup of the racy mesh detail

I don't own any Leifsdottir items yet, so I thought I would try this on. It's cute and who doesn't love lingonberries? So Ikea.
Anyway, I nearly fainted when I saw the price. $328? Really? I know it's Leifsdottir and it's lux and fab, but this is a little silk dress. I really wanted to like it. I really did. The quality of the silk is top notch, but I found getting this on pretty frustrating. The little fabric strip that's next to the zipper kept getting caught and it took me about 5 minutes to actually get the zipper up without a catch. The straps are adjustable, which is terrific. Here's my main problem with this dress: The little mesh areas featured in the last photo. They are kind of sexy, but it makes wearing a bra impossible. Meaning, if you can't fill that cup (which I can't), the dress doesn't work. Back to the rack.

Bottom Line: If you're comfortable going braless and you're a size to fill the cup in the bodice, it could be really cute. High quality construction consistent with Leifsdottir, but still pricey. Doesn't really work for a petite.

It's the mysterious Spice Dress which sold out before it was even shipped to Anthro. Reviews on the website stated that this dress is running VERY small in the bodice and that is totally accurate. This is the 0. I could get it up and zipped, but it was VERY tight. There is major boob smashing as you can see in the bottom photo. It's a beautiful color and it's actually pretty cute and I'd want to try a 2 to see if it would fit better. Would I pay $188 for it right now? No chance.

The Bottom Line: Cute dress, but the bodice is very tight so size up.  The embroidery on the bodice is stunning in person, but the dress is not worth full price in my opinion. Wait for a sale.

Sometimes, my bestie comes with me to Anthro and she kept passing this dress and saying: "That would look phenomenal on you, you should try that on." I have been so afraid to try this dress on until yesterday. I was afraid I would really like it and not be able to resist it, even at full price.

Well, I'm poor now, because I took this little beauty with me. It is comfortable and I love that the strapless part doesn't feel like it's going to fall down. My favorite part of course is the full skirt! How beautiful is it!?!

The Bottom Line: I love this! Fits TTS (Maybe a smidge large). The top is sheer-ish, so you should wear a nude (or black if you're me) undergarment underneath. Very light and fluffy feeling. Expensive, but you could wait for a sale and get one.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Great review Kay :) I never noticed the sheer panels on the Ligonberry -- they are so pretty, but ack, what a bra problem. I could probably fill the cups out on that dress, but I'm still so uncomfortable not being able to at least wear a strapless bra with dresses, it wouldn't work for me. Nor the price for my wallet though, so it's okay ;)

    Totally agree with your assessment of the Spiced Dress, and the Flower Stand Dress as well! You lucky duck, taking it home with you! I'm so very envious =)

  2. Thanks for these reviews, especially the Spiced Dress which I've been longing to see in person. It really does look tiny! So glad you took home the last dress, as it is so cute on you and so hard to find strapless dresses that stay put. :)

  3. I love the Flower Stand Dress on you! Just gorgeous! Hope you grab that one when it hits sale, lady! And those mesh panels on the Leifsdottir dress? Ehh! I was eyeing that dress, but now I'm thinking it's a definite no for me! Boo! Thanks for the reviews, gal!

  4. The Flower Stand dress is lovely on you! Hope you enjoy it, it looks like it was worth every penny :)

  5. The spiced dress looked amazing on you, to bad there wasn't a sz. 2....