Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boston Early Music Festival, A Pair of Outfits and a Pair of Reviews

Good morning, ladies! Did everyone take advantage of the last days of the 25% off of sale merch at Anthro this weekend? I completely missed out. I ended up actually returning the Spectrum of the Garden Mini. I could NOT make it work in real life. My best friend and my husband both vetoed it, so I took it back. Some lucky lady can grab it now! I think I was too petite for it. Instead of taking a refund, I just took a credit, knowing I would actually spend it anyway.

It's Boston Early Music Festival right now, so all of my friends are really busy (I am sitting out this year due to my surgery, plus, I'll be performing at Connecticut Early Music Festival, so I'm not completely missing out on the fun!). I am attending a TON of concerts this week, so I'll be posting more outfits than usual :)

Here's what I wore to my composer friend's Faculty Recital this weekend. Sometimes, when I'm just hanging out with my friends, I don't always remember how talented they are. This man writes SUCH incredible, beautiful music! I'm so lucky to be good friends with such a great musician.

Dress: Anthropologie Pigment and Canvas Dress (2010) Cardi: Anthropologie Jemima's Shrunken Cardi (2008)
I was totally worried about the cherries on the cardi adding too much action to the whole outfit and I think I would have made a different choice about the cardi, but it's past! Again, you see a kitty in the picture. I can't seem to take a photo without them in the background. They are very social and they LOVE to just hang out.

Yesterday, I went to see a French Baroque Opera and then I stopped by Anthropologie to see what was going on. By golly, they had cleaned out their basement! I saw TONS of older items there (I'm super sad I didn't make it there during the weekend!). And I managed to snag a Terrace House Jacket in grey for $9.95!!! CRAZY! I took two dresses I've been lusting after into the dressing room:

Here's what I was wearing:

Anthro: Blooming Lattice Cardigan (2010), Fantastic Field Skirt (2011)

I can't believe I had to wear tights and boots in June. Ugh. Anyway, I had been drooling over the Dutch Yellow Shift (Maeve, $138) and the Artist's Rendering Dress (Odille, $188).

Disappointing. The fabric is a silk-cotton blend which is AMAZING. It feels soft and is very nice to the touch. Maybe the petite size would be better, but I could not find love with this dress. The colors wash me out, the whole thing is just wrong. Ah, well.

UM...I'm in love. This is soooooo comfy! I was worried the print would overwhelm me, but it's beautifully subtle. It makes up for the ill-fitting Violet Gloaming Dress of last year. I am a little bit sad about the lack of the black sash that was in the original pictures of the dress (what happened, Anthro?), but it's just SOOOOOO beautiful on. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt to get on (it's an over-the-head kind of thing), but once it was on, I was drooling. I may have to splurge full-price on it, as I'd like to try the petite version. Fit is TTS. GORGEOUS. Price point is a little high, but I may splurge.

So there you have it!


  1. heh- I knew the minute I saw the artist's rendering dress on you that it was a winner! It's so pretty, and so you, little miss statement dress.

    And I think I love the cherry cardigan with the pigment-and-canvas dress- they go together perfectly!

    I'm so sad the dutch shift is bad- I've seen a few reviews, and the consensus is it doesn't work. such a nice fabric...

  2. Yeah, I think the Artist's Rendering Dress will be mine eventually!

    LOL, Little Miss Statement Dress! I LOVE it!! :)

  3. Thanks for the reviews! Love the Artist's Rendering Dress on you.

  4. Love what you wore to the recital - really cheerful.

  5. Yeah, I think the Artist's Rendering Dress will be mine eventually!

    LOL, Little Miss Statement Dress! I LOVE it!! :)

  6. Thanks! I'm so glad! I was worried it was too much.