Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Saturday Night: A Discussion on Healthy Shopping, Shopping Addiction and Keeping yourself Fashionable and in the Black!

Good Evening, Ladies! It seems everyone in the Anthro Blogging Community are all sharing the same thoughts and sentiments. Are we in trouble with our shopping habits? Did we all HAVE to have the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress even though it ran big, was a dull shade of blue and had tiny, tiny armholes (Come on ladies! I love mine, but you know it's true)? Is that $500 Leifsdottir coat really worth it? Charge or pay cash?

We are talking about it ALL this Saturday night on our live podcast, at 7:00pm EST! We'll have a special guest psychologist who will discuss compulsive shopping and how to tell if YOU or someone you know has a problem and needs help. AND we'll poke fun at ourselves at ALL the times we know we've slipped up and been idiots about shopping! We'll discuss how to stay out of the red and still look fierce!

Please join Dereck and me for a lively discussion (he likes shopping too!). We are still lining up guests so you never know who will stop by! Stay tuned!

Where am I going to hide all these bags?


  1. You can hide the bags in my closet! I kid, I kid :P I would like to listen in on the podcast, must remember!

  2. I'd be happy to tape my Big Mouth Shut and listen Kay.

  3. Ooohhh, this podcast is such a fantastic idea, and so timely! I will definitely be listening (and maybe calling in)!

  4. Sweet! That would ROCK if you called in! I'd be so excited to talk to you! Please spread the word! We MUST come together this weekend! Sing kumbaya and all that. Yeah, yeah...

  5. LOL, I'm bringing all my shopping bags over. You know something funny? I was looking for shopping bags to use as props for that photo and those were the only three I found. Man I throw a lot of stuff away. Prop FAIL.

    Yes! Don't forget about the podcast, baby!