Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Colors & OOTD: Sugar-Coated Shirtdress

Good morning, ladies! Another good sale at Anthro this week!!! It's quite a surprise since last week we saw a great sale with tons of second cuts and markdowns.

It's been raining here for what seems like ages here in Boston and I am trapped in my rainboots. I actually secretly pining over the Sugar-Coated Shirtdress ever since I tried it on and when it went to sale last month, I passed it up in favor for another piece. I spied two at my local Anthro before the weekend and I told myself that if it was still here during the week, it was meant to be and I would snatch it up. Well...

Dress: Anthropologie Sugar-Coated Shirtdress $59.95 (sold-out online, but still available in stores! Call customer service, style #18823385)
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Mustard
Belt: Anthropologie: Fastened and Knotted Belt ($19.95)
Wellies: J.Crew (old)

I am IN LOVE, IN LOVE with this dress!!!! I don't know what took me so long to pull the trigger on this, but it's possibly my favorite dress of the season (I love my Refined Cord and my Southward Stop, but...)! It's totally flattering, fits and is adorable. The hemline gets shorter with corresponding sizes, so it hits me at the knee, the same way it did the model, which made me feel good about it. The colors look bizarre when it's on the hanger, but on, it's all kinds of cute. It's got an awesome vintage feel to it. I do actually like the burgundy ribbon that came with the dress, but I took it off in favor of this belt. I feel like the key to this is a thinner belt, even though the model shot shows the Radiating Ruffles Belt. I just think it's too much for someone of a small stature...especially since I have a short torso. The belt is adorable though.

I still can't get over the bizarreness of this shot. It's like she's pining for candy.

So, it seems some items have come out in new colorways; specifically, the Refined Cord Shirtdress. I already own (and love) the navy, but the red tempts me. I also noticed a new color of the Daylight Aurora Top. The black and grey is cute and a lot more like something I'd be tempted to buy! I'm still pining over the new color of the Deuxhill Cowlneck though more than anything!

Does anyone else find that a product in another color will suddenly raise an interest for you?


  1. The Sugar Coated dress is one of my favorite recent pieces, too! Love, love, love that dress. The new colorway that got me was on the Bianka top. I fell in love with the green pattern but unfortunately didn't pick it up before it sold out.

  2. That dress is just adorable on you! I love the color of the cardigan you paired with it.

  3. You look adorable!! Those boots rock! If I had those, I wouldn't mind the rain - and that dress is a hit...nice combo.

  4. I love the mustard cardigan with your new dress! I wasn't able to resist the Clinton Trench when I saw the navy.

  5. Thanks, Ladies!

    Saya - Ah...the green Bianka! It's so pretty!

    Debbie - Thanks, it's in the regular rotation! I'm so mad the Jackie Cardi is sold out at J.Crew now! Sadness!

    Tracy - Ha! Thanks! I don't know WHY I waited so long to buy a pair, seriously.

    Jan - I saw pics of you in the navy Clinton Trench! So adorable!

  6. That dress is just adorable on you! I love the color of the cardigan you paired with it.