Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oldies but Goodies - Sale Reviews (plus a podcast plug)

Sometimes, items I review just don't make it to a post for whatever reason. I thought I would give a few of those items their shot as all of them have all shifted to the sale and most are still available in-store.

Rushcliffe Cardigan (was $148, now $99.95, style # 18753731)

This is an xs. I had been lusting after this forever and I would have taken this home, had it been less expensive. A hundred bones is still a lot to pay for a cardigan, plus, this one had a snag on one of the sleeves. I really like it still and I love that it has a removable collar, although I think taking the collar off makes it decidedly less special. Something about it in photos looks "non-soft", but it is actually quite soft and comfy. I really like this piece, but it's not totally practical, so I left it in the store. Sadface.

Slow and Steady Cardigan (was $128, now $69.95, style #18753731)

 It broke my little heart to leave this behind. I was trying to decide between this item and another one and I left this in the store because of the price point. Even at $70, it's a little pricey for me, but it's incredibly cute. Insanely cute and I still really want one. I may try and track one down eventually (especially if it gets a second price cut), but I can NOT say enough good things about this sweater. First off, it's got cute turtles crawling on it and it's got fantastic sleeve lining (stripey!). Lastly, it fit like a dream and was super, super soft. Another Wendi Reed winner...I am still in love and am still stalking. As of right now, sizes small, medium and large are still showing in my wishlist as available! Call customer service to snag one.

Walkway Dress (Blue Colorway) (was $158, now $79.95 style #18888610)

 Here's another cute Tracy Reese piece. I already own a Dreamy Drape Dress (aka: Speckled Ink Dress), so I didn't need this one. The pattern is really cute. The dress, in my opinion, would be improved by a belt. It's a longer dress (this was the p, size and it came below the knee. p size in Tracy Reese's fit well at the hem for me). I think it's really cute and comfortble as most jersey dresses are. It's not on my wishlist, so I'm not sure how available it is, but customer service is very helpful, so if you really like this dress, give them a call and they'll track one down for you.

From-The-Poles Jacket (was $128, now 69.95, style #18752733)

 Here's a cute little sweater jacket! This colorway is hard to find now, but some of the others are still available online. I thought it was very warm and comfy and slightly awkward. It looked foolish when I undid the top buttons, so this looks the best with the ruffles peeking out. I'm actually not crazy about the cream colorway here, so I may wait to see if this gets a second cut and I may jump on the green colorway. So cute!

So...there you have it! Reviews from the depths of my hard drive! It's Sunday night again, which means it's time for another live Dereck and Kay Show on Blog Talk Radio!!! Please join us at 6pm for our Thanksgiving Show where we break down the events and hot topics of the week!! If you can't join us for our live one-hour show, all of the archived past episodes are available for download as a podcast or streaming here. We're also on Facebook! Maybe one of these days, we'll discuss Anthro on the show :)

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!


  1. First time poster. I found your blog a week or so ago and like it. I have the Walkaway dress and love it to death. I've gotten many compliments when I wore it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bronzi! Oooh! You have a Walkway Dress huh? Awesome! It's certainly awesome! I heart Tracy Reese :)

  3. I think the Walkaways dress and the Slow and Steady cardigan has a good chance of making it to second cut. There are still quite a few of them in both my local stores.

  4. Diem, that's so weird because I saw hardly ANY Slow and Steady Cardis in my local stores. I hope it gets a second cut because I just purchased one on a popback this morning!! I would LOOOOVE a PA.

  5. First time poster. I found your blog a week or so ago and like it. I have the Walkaway dress and love it to death. I've gotten many compliments when I wore it.