Thursday, January 13, 2011

OOTD, Thrifted Anthro and Blizzard Craziness

So, it's no secret that there was a impressive blizzard across New England yesterday. We are buried in tons of heavy, wet snow which caused power lines to collapse and trees to fall down. Unfortunately, my husband's car was a victim of a downed tree branch. The branch fell from a very large tree taking out the sideview mirror, part of the frame and windshield which is cracked. As if we haven't had enough car trouble in the past 6 months! The insurance company is coming out to see if the car is totalled on Friday. Nightmare! Aside from that, I was actually relieved to have a snow day. I had a rehearsal scheduled in the evening, but since the Governor declared a state of Emergency, it was canceled. I did a little looking through my calendar and realized it was my first "day-off" since the 28th of December. Yikes. I've been very grumpy and overtired and I think I needed this day to recuperate. Back to the grindstone today though!

I have been non-impressed with Anthro's January additions, which is bittersweet, since I'm on an Anthro ban until my credit card is paid off. I allowed myself to go treasure hunting at Second Time Around, which always seems to have old Anrtho pieces. I scored an adorable little cream cardi with cherries at the snaps (Moth) and a GORGEOUS red and gray cardi with ruffles at the bottom (Guinevere). I scored them for a song and I threw on the little cream cardi over the Waffle Weave Dress Monday night!

Dress: Anthropologie Waffle Weave Dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie Cherry Cardigan (don't know name or year)
Belt: Anthropologie High Prairie Belt

Somehow, this photo doesn't do very much for the Waffle Weave Dress, which is adorable and totally comfortable. I was very pleased with how the two pieces worked together. And of workhorse Marley Boots from Payless. When it's cold and wet and snowy throw these on with every dress with some legwarmers. You gotta be cute, but at the same time...winter in Boston is no place to wear cute shoes. Especially when you're a city dweller like me.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I'll announce full details of the Anthro Flux Closet Challenge tomorrow! Hope you are all having a great week and aren't snowed in!


  1. I love that cherry cardigan! I remember it from quite a while ago. Is Second Time Around a local consignment shop for you?

  2. Thanks, Ady! It's like new too! Like the previous owner just never reached for it. I think it's totally adorable. I would love to know what it's proper name is.

    Second Time Around is a consignment store that started as one store in Boston, but now they have several and they are growing!

    LOVE IT!

  3. Aw you look great! Love the boots, I totally understand the workhorse boot idea, my brown ones are the same for me. It is so great you can find anthro pieces in consignment stores, I once found a jcrew sweater up here, but that was about it for american based items

  4. Love the sweater! It looks like a lot of us are on a shopping ban from Anthro. I'm on a ban until March when I get my B-day discount.

  5. Sorry about your husband's car. And thank god no one got hurt.
    Good to see you wearing the Waffle Weave again, especially in winter. That cherry cardi is really adorable!
    Take care out there.

  6. i love your devil-eyed cat peeking around the corner :)

  7. Jess, I think we all have an excellent pair of workhorse boots, right?!

    Diem, I have also noticed a lot of peeps are on an Anthro Ban...kinda hilarious.

    Jen, thanks :) I am so grateful no one was in it when the giant branch fell on it! The cherry cardi is one I just couldn't leave in the store!

    Stacy, he's in every darn photo doing that! LOL

  8. i love your devil-eyed cat peeking around the corner :)