Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Quickie Reviews and an unexpected Exchange

After trying on my Easy Keeper Skirt for a third time, I decided the waistband was way too big and that it just didn't much as I actually liked it. I just didn't like it enough to put the investment into having alterations done. I also had to convince myself that the Delancey Boots were actually too tall. Everytime I tried them on with a skirt, they made me look stubby since most of my skirts and dresses hit me at the knee. I tearfully packed both of these items up and took them back to Anthro after work. I also tried on a few new arrivals for your amusement :)

D'Armee Dress (new colorways) $138 Parameter

This is my second time trying on this dress (previous review here). I actually really like's VERY comfortable and well-made. The material is very soft and the zipper front is superb. I love the military look and the new colors are awesome! I cannot convince myself fully that I should ever own this dress, however. I already own a Mary Shirtdress and even though I like the navy, it reminds me too much of the Refined Cord that I also already own. We'll see how reasonable I am come sale time. I recommend the dress, highly!

Garden Party Dress $168 Isabella Sinclair

Hm.*** Okay. This is not something I would normally be drawn to, but it is cute. The silk is very soft and the pattern is all kinds of gorgeous. I can't see myself personally ever wearing this as it takes away any hint of shape I may have. Being such a little gal, it doesn't help if I look like I'm wearing a potato sack - even it's a super gorgeous, soft, flowy potato sack. It's very pretty, just not for me. Pass.

Emerging Leaves Dress $138 Weston Wear

I feel like Weston Wear has been hitting it out of the park lately. This dress called to me on the hanger and it's just adorable on! If you are a small-chested girl, you will love this dress. It is, however, very snug on the top. The girls were very pressed in and I'm a 34B. How cute it is, overrides how I feel about the bodice. You may want to also line this with a tank or a chemise, because not only is the bodice tight, it's VERY low cut.  My husband would enjoy this feature, but maybe not so much for the office. Having said all that, I really like this dress. I can see myself wearing it to death in summertime and with a cardi and boots in fall. It's not the kind of dress I *need* (which is a dumb thing to say, b/c I don't really *need* ANY more dresses), but I would pick it up if I had extra funds on me come sale time. Wishlisted, hard!

So...I also ended up trying on a few more sale items, but I took home one very special item with most of my merchandise credit...wait for it...

SCORE. Most impractical, non-warm, stunning coat ever. I can't figure out for the life of me, WHY this coat is not warm at all. I mean, would it be a stretch to line it with some down or something? Especially at this price point...but it's so stunning, I took it home anyway. I won't be able to wear it anytime soon (I'm thinking there's a 40ยบ minimum on this baby), but the Karelia "Coat" is in the house!!

I have about $60 left on my credit, which I am saving toward the sale price of the Laced With Grace Dress when it goes on sale. I am OBSESSED with owning this pretty...come on, sale!!!!

Happy Saturday, Ladies! I'm off to work!


  1. Karelia coat looks great on you. It'll be warm soon, I hope.

  2. look stunning in the Karelia coat.

  3. The D'Armee really is the most comfortable dress. Ever. I love you in the Karelia coat, the fit looks awesome in the waist, too!

  4. The Karelia coat is definitely not for the faint hearted like myself, but you manage to pull off the loud details perfectly.
    The D'Armee dress appears to be on everyone's wishlist at the moment. It's definitely a dress that would last the distance!

  5. Pretty coat Kay!

    I also love the Emerging Leaves dress on you. It fits you very well.