Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviewed: Pittore Dress, Sidespun Tee, Embraceable Tee and More...

Good Evening, Readers! It's Monday night again and that means possible markdowns at Anthro! What is everyone doing a sale dance for? I stopped by the Anthro near my work today after my shift was over to try on some things. They did not have many of the things I wanted to try in stock, but I got some good reviews anyway.

Pittore Dress: $168 Moulinette Soeurs, size 0.

This dress is really beautiful and I really wanted it to work. First off, I STRUGGLED to get this on. There is one side zipper and the opening on the top is too small to step into it. It was very tricky and frustrating. Once I got it on, I was impressed how flattering it was. The only issue was with the bodice. The shoulder area was huge.

I didn't want to flash my undergarments to the world, but if I was wearing this dress in public, I would have, if I had moved my arms while wearing this dress. It would need alterations and made me sad. If this dress fits you, consider yourself lucky because it's really lovely and comfy. For me: Pass.

Sidespun Tee: $88 Bailey 44

What a cute top! I have been meaning to try this on for a while and it's been out quite a while. The "neutral motif" is kind of brown and cream and is really cute. It's a really soft fabric and the extra small fits great. It's not sheer and it would go great with jeans and looks good under a cardigan. It's really a beautiful top. Wislisted!

Embraceable Tee: $58 Deletta

This one has been on my wishlist for a while. It fits well, it's very cozy. It's nice. If it goes on sale, I'll grab it, but it's really not fabulous. It's a nice, long-sleeved tee.

Count the Petals Tank $68, McGinn.
Um...when this came out, I thought this top was all kinds of crazy. It's kind of cute on and it fits really well and is TTS but...okay...

I just can't deal with the fact that is has two giant flowers on it. I mean, maybe it's cute under a jacket, but I just can't get past the fact that it just has two ginormous, 3-D flowers on it. Pass.

In-Flight Cardigan $168, Rosie Signature

I really like this cardigan! It helps that I also like ducks, but what a cute cardi! I tried on the Migrating Mallard Cardigan but it was really big and seemed to not fit right, but this one seems okay! I'm not lusting after it as it's not that practical, but I'd pick it up if it was on sale.

Speaking of sale...can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. Oh are so right. That Count The Petals tank has HUGE flowers! you rock the In Flight though - and I didn't think that would work in real life! And the Sidespun Tee - also looks great, and thanks for reviewing something that actually ISN'T see-through. I'm going to look for it!

  2. Yeah, the flowers are just HUGE. I LOVE the duck cardi! Wouldn't it be nice if it went on sale soon?