Monday, August 16, 2010

Reviewed: Discovered Lace Dress, Sugar Coated Dress, Deuxhill Cowlneck and more...

Good Evening, Anthro fans! I have been working super hard lately and I am VERY tired. The tax-free weekend we had here in Massachusetts has done wonders for retail and I have been very busy! It's Monday night and that means, there may be a sale on tomorrow at Anthro! I hope some items on my wishlist go on sale, but they probably will not, given that most of the things on my wishlist are newer items. A girl can always hope, right? (Lost Time Skirt...are you listening?)

Anyway, I have some reviews!

Discovered Lace Dress $148 by Fleur Wood in size 0. (Pictured on the model to the left)

You know what didn't cross my mind when I saw this model shot of the dress? That they are models! They are tall, beautiful, photogenic and um...tall. But the Discovered Lace Dress just called out to's a beautiful design and the lace accents on the sleeves and the neckline were so graceful and delicate. I wanted it...but I didn't want to try it on for fear of disappointment.'s D-Day.

First off, it's a beautiful gray silk and the lace accents are very soft and nice. It feels weightless on and the top half of the dress is beautiful on. As you can see, it hits me right at the knee, which is horrible. I thought the dress looked so cute on Cat from Anthrosdottir, but I was so sad about how long it was on little me. 3 or 4 inches off the bottom would probably make this dress petite-friendly. I suppose I could have it altered...but...who wants to do that? Super duper sad face and back to the racks.

Sugar-Coated Shirtdress $128 by Maeve , in size 0. (This dress is by Edme & Esyllte, I don't know WHAT I was thinking?)

Can we talk about this product shot for a second? WHAT is she doing and what is the look on her face? Her hand is resting near the candy (like she ran out of energy to reach up for the lid). "Oh...I want to eat some cand...oh...I don't have any money, because I spent it all to by this dress, shoes and belt. I am so dumb..." YES. This is what she's saying.

Anyhoo...I have a lot of luck with Maeve Edme & Esyllte Dresses and ever since scoring a Tiny Windows Dress on sale, I have been LOVING the shirtdresses. I still need to get my grubby little mitts on a Two-Wheeler Shirtdress before it's gone forever, but that's another issue. Let's talk about this dress.

This dress did not disappoint. Personally, I loved this dress! The design is PERFECT for fall and the dress was super comfy. The 0 size translated well to petite as it looks like the dress is falling to the same place at the knee as it is on the sad model shot. Again, Maeve Edme & Esyllte wins with nice material, great fit and cute style. The ribbon it came with is very nice, but a belt would be really cute too. Wishlisted!

Deuxhill Cowlneck $88 by Odille in size 2.

First off, I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this top. Deuxhill is a neighborhood in Shropshire, England? Who knew?! How do you say it?? "Ducks-Hill"? "Doo-Hill"? Whatever! As soon as this top appeared on the website, it caught my eye.

She is chowing down on those chips, isn't she? She's gonna get crumbs ALL over it. What I couldn't tell from the photo and from the website, because I can't read, is that it's SILK. This shocked me a little bit, because I thought it was a jersey-type of fabric, but the silk is nice. Plus, Odille items are always good to me. The only quip I have with Odille, I suppose, is that on the actual fabric tag, 4's look just like 0's, so I grabbed a 4 in my fitting room frenzy. I tried it on, was appalled that it was so big and than realized it was not a 0. Well, it turns out there were no 0's, so the SA brought me a 2. Fine.
Well! The size 2 ain't half bad! I'm SURE if I could get my hands on a 0, it would be great. But you know what, I could live with a two. It's REALLY comfy and the silk is beautiful. It's not a black,'s a silk black, which if you know silk, is not as black as satin. I really like this top. I'm almost willing to pay full price for this one.

I also tried the Ladies' Choice Cardigan and the Kirklees Sweatercoat. Both were slightly overwhelming for a petite. I was so sad about the Kirklees, because it's SOOOOO cute, but it looked ridiculous on me. Too bad.

The Ladies Choice Cardi is an open front and was too long, but had a cute shape. I love the yellow color and the other colors as well. The back of the Cardigan has an issue though. The tag is sown in with brown yarn and to me, creates four little weird brown spots on the back of the sweater.
You can probably take the label off, but then you have a label-less garment. It's kind of weird. This little detail is not viewable on the website, but it's clearly there on the one I tried on.

Anyway, I hope these reviews were helpful! I can't wait to see what hits the sale tomorrow!


  1. I really like the Deuxhill Cowlneck. I've been waiting for someone to review it. I'm going to have to check out my local Anthro and hope they have it in.