Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviewed: Terrace House Jacket, Acres of Land Cardi, Steamer Trunk Skirt and Doubly Adorned Dress

Good Morning, people! I hope you all are taking advantage of the great sale that started on Tuesday at Anthro! The much-coveted Vappu Dress is on sale for $50! There are many other great things on sale and I saw lots of things in the sale room that got second cuts, including the Splendid Celebration Skirt which is now $19.95! I scored one, but I'm not sure I love it, so it might have to go back. Anyway, I have some reviews for you!

First is the Terrace House Jacket ($138) by Tabitha which I tried on in size 0 and gray.

As you can see, it's very cute! I've wanted to try this on for a while now. I like the gray color, but I think the other colors are cute too. It's a very heavy, thick, substantial wool but not itchy at all. There is a hook and eye clasp in the front, but don't expect this jacket to fully keep you warm, because it doesn't close all the way. The first photo is what it looked like closed. This is super cute for those early fall days when it's just a little chilly. As a New Englander, this might not be entirely practical, but if it went on sale, I might consider it.

Acres of Land Cardi $98 by Tiny, Neutral Motif in size xs. I had been eyeing this on the website and in the catalog forever. There is one clasp in the front. It's a thin, kind of tee shirt-like fabric, so this is not a cardi to really add a layer of warmth for you. The beaded accents are cute. I didn't find the fit very flattering at all. If it fit the way it did on the model, I would scoop it up in a second on sale, but I think this one will be an all-around pass for me.

Steamer Truck Skirt $98 by Moth in Cream in a size 0.

It's very soft and well-made. I like Moth sweaters as a general rule. This skirt is not creating any magic for me. I might consider this one in black at sale time, but it's nothing special as far as I'm concerned. Pass.

Doubly Adorned Dress $148 by Floreat in a 0.

This is a great model shot! How cute is this little dress? And super sexy!

It's very well-made and the pattern and the bow adornments are very cute. Unfortunately, once again, I am too short for this dress. It's really cute and the zero was a decent fit and it's very comfy, but it's a tad too long to make sense. I think a taller girl will rock this!!

Anyway, that's all I've got for today! I cannot wait to scope out the new store opening in Harvard Square tomorrow in Cambridge, MA tomorrow afternoon! I'll be taking pictures and of course...heading to the fitting room! Have a good Thursday everyone!


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