Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Anthropologie Blogger...

Well, hello there! I understand there are a lot of Anthropologie lovers out there, but I thought I would add my voice to the choir, so to speak :) As a petite lady, I have a special set of fitting issues, being that I am both thin AND short - all-around little. That being said, I am obsessed with all things Anthro and I hope that I can offer some help to some petite Anthro fans out there. For reference, I am 5'1 and I weigh about 100lbs, give or take a few.

My first Anthropologie item actually came to me from a consignment shop! I bought an awesome Moth sweater and fell in love. Then I began searching for Anthro items on eBay and scored some majorly cute stuff on the cheap. I finally got the courage to visit an actual brick and mortar sctore and I am lucky enough to live within ten miles of 3 stores (with one more opening this week!). Once I had done this, I was completely hooked! It was like a drug and once I found out there were new things on sale every Tuesday...well...I was a goner. I had been steadily re-building my wardrobe over the past 6 months to make up for years of neglect. Being of such small stature, I was presented with some special challenges. When others advise to size down on some items, it is not an option if the size you tried on is 0. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of great pieces out there for the petite gals! Without further are some fitting room reviews for you to enjoy!

This is what I came in wearing. I don't normally go out dressed like this, but I have a church gig on Sundays (I'm a classical singer) and I don't get to wear a robe. I don't know the season or name of the Odille Dress, but I love it! It's so silky and soft and light!

First, I tried on the Marston Sweater Skirt $98 in an xs by Moth.

Meh. I mean, it's very well-made and soft and it's a beautiful fall yellow. The four pockets in the front...they just don't do anything for me. I also feel that if the skirt were a couple of inches shorter, it may have worked better. I just felt dowdy in it. Pass.

Secret Garden Blouse $98 by Floreat in size 0.

Letdown City, petite ladies. I REALLY wanted this blouse to work. Everytime I passed by it in the store, I swooned. I never tried it on though...mostly because of the pricetag, but I had a nagging feeling it would hit sale soon, so I grabbed it.

This. Blouse. Is. Huge.

I really don't know what else to say. I was really saddened by this because I think the design is so precious and the embroidery at the bottom is so cute. The armholes are massive and it just is too big to be a size 0. Pass.

Flight of Fancy Top $58 by C. Keer in an xs.

Here's a piece that was working for me! How can I NOT like a cute little ruffled top with birds!?! It was very soft and not completely see-through for a change. I found it to fit my small frame very well and it was very flattering and it even made the so-so skirt look good. CLICK to the WISHLIST!

Whipped Woolens Cardigan (Dark Gray) $78 by Birds on a Wire in xs/sp

Major Sad Face. When this Cardi showed up on the website last month, I was ALL OVER IT. It looked like the perfect cardi for me. It was totally my style. In real life, it' I know there were some reviews on the website about it being itchy and it was, in fact, itchy. The whole cardi was just awkward and totally made me sad. Pass.

Manor Gates Dress $188 by Floreat in a Reg 0 (not 0P)

This dress is so stunning. It's been out a while and I've walked by it at least a dozen times and lately, it's been calling my name. Well, I have a feeling if I get my hands on the "petite" size version of this dress, it will be perfect. The 0 fit "okay", but if cornered, I would purchase it if the petite were not available. The pattern is so beautiful and the detailing on the bodice is really nice. Gold detailing has the potential to be completely tacky and crass, but this dress is just sublime. Plus, it has pockets. WANT! Wishlisted for now.

Babergh Dress $188 by Floreat in size 0.

I do not normally like "ensemble" dresses. I resent being forced into a top and skirt combination. I feel like it implies that I can't style a skirt myself. But the Babergh Dress is so beautiful, I could NOT resist. It's just a gorgeous frock and I had to try it on. I HAD TO. The size 0 fit great! There were no gaping arm holes or loose fabric. It's very flattering and comfortable. I don't know WHERE I would wear this, but I covet it. Petite xs girls, you can work this one just fine!

The only thing I don't understand is...

That's right...the shoulder thing. I mean, I can live with it. It's kind of cute. It just doesn't add to the dress. As other bloggers have noticed, it is easily removable, so if it really bugs you, it's easy to take off. This dress is really pretty :)

Dagmar Shirtdress $148 by Maeve in 0.

This dress did NOTHING for me on the hanger or on other blogs, but I thought I should at least, give it a chance and I'm SO glad I did!!! It's SOOOOO cute! The material is very nice! A thick, soft cotton and the colors and very vibrant. The 0 is a great fit, comfy and it's even cuter with a belt! Wishlisted and doing a special sale prayer for this one!

So...there are my first fitting room reviews. I hope they weren't too bad!


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