Friday, August 20, 2010

Anthropologie in Harvard Square & some reviews!

Well, a new store opened in Harvard Square in Cambridge today! It took over the multi-level space which used to house a Crate and Barrel for many years. Of course...I went to go check it out and see what was going on there! First of's GORGEOUS and MANY levels. Last time I went into the fitting room at Anthro, everything I tried on sucked. Today, it was the exact opposite and I broke my "Never buy things that aren't on sale" rule. Dagger.

This is what I came in wearing: Raccoon Rumpus Blouse ($49.99 on sale! Sold out online, but still some in stores!), jeans, Loft, shoes Marshall's.
This dressing room was awesome! Bright lights and so flattering and super clean! BRAND NEW! All of the SAs were super nice as it was their first day. Everything was so beautiful and clean (not a single Two-Wheeler Shirtdress to be found though).

Maeve No-Name Dress in size 0 $128 (**Update** Kathryn from In Pursuit of Pretty Things found out the name of this dress and it's called the "Southward Stop" Dress.)

I broke my rule for this dress. I loved it that much. Fits TTS and would be cute with a belt too. It's a slight beige lavender color and it has adorable bird and deer print, very toile like. This dress appeals to by Baroque sensibilities, plus, it's a light corduroy, so I can wear it right now and when it gets cool, I'll layer it. The corduroy is very soft and light and not hot at all. The lining is really cute with polka dots and the pockets are perfect. I walked out with this one.

Oak Apple Dress
$178 by Moulinette Soeurs in REG 0.
I didn't get to try on the Petite version of this dress, which is sold out in my size online anyway. It's a VERY pretty dress. The material is beautiful and feels wonderful on. The regular version of this dress seemed to work well, except for the bodice, which was very large. You will probably need to tack the front of this dress unless you want everyone to see everything when you lean over. It comes open so easily. It's SOOOOO pretty though.

Soft Scalloped Cardi $118 by Guinevere in an xs
This was the sleeper hit. I just grabbed it because I grab cardis to try on with dresses. It's SO beautiful on. It wasn't itchy or anything, just comfy and a very nice fit. I loved it so much, I almost left with it, but I can't justify paying over $100 for it. On the website, it crosses in front to close, but I found it just tied in front. I didn't fiddle with it very much, so there may be another way to close it that I missed, but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Wishlisted for sale!!

Flower Vendor Top $78 by Deletta, size xs, 1952 Skirt $138 by Edme & Esyllte, size 0.

The Flower Vendor Top caught my eye when it hit the's stunning. I was concerned the top would look crazy when I put it on. It comes attached to a cami, so you don't have to worrry about sheerness. It's soft and just super flattering. The flower looks EXACTLY how it does in the product shot on the website and it's just a really beautiful top. Wishlisted for sale!!

The 1952 Skirt is really pretty. It might be a little overwhelming for my frame, but I liked it anyway. The colors are very fall and the material is very light and fluffy. It's a total "me" skirt, but the price is a little steep. Maybe on sale.

Mystery No-Name We Love Vera Ribbon Dress, $168 (I think) size 0

Being a former horseback riding instructor, this dress called out to me. It had horseshow ribbons and trophies all over it! How cute is that!? It's navy and comes with a large navy ribbon that ties in the back. It's a cute dress. I don't know where I would go wearing this, but it's cute. TTS. I might consider on sale, but there are many dresses I would buy before this one.

Tatted Ties Skirt $148 by Moulinette Soeurs size 0.
Here's another time when I didn't read the website carefully and I was shocked when I picked this up and it was Navy. It's legit navy, which disappointed me slightly since I thought it was black. It's kind of cute. I might consider on sale, but for the most part, it didn't do anything for me. It seems like it might be tricky to style this and it was slightly weird shaped. Pass. It fits TTS.

That's all I've got for today! What does everyone think?!


  1. How cool. Reviews from a new store. I just wish I had an Anthro to visit.

    Now you got me liking The Flower Vendor Top. I have a large chest but narrow shoulders. I wonder if it would look as good on me as it does you.

    Laura (Anthro Closet Chaos)

  2. I just noticed I'm your first Follower. Ha-ha! I like that.

  3. Yay! Thanks for following! I love your blog! The Flower Vendor Top is just amazing...I may have to pay full-price. It's that good. $78 is a little ridiculous, but so am I.