Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anthro non-apparel Favorites

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am personally disappointed that there are no markdowns today, but am looking forward to Thursday's anticipated markdowns! It actually works out great because I will have more spending money by Thursday (my teaching day is today) and Thursday just happens to be my only day off :)

In other news, I feel like sometimes the beautiful home items at Anthropologie take a backseat to the lovely clothes. I love, love, love the clothes, but I just would like to share some of my favorite home items with you today!

Natural World Dessert Plates $18. each (4 patterns)

A dessert plate with a bug or a chameleon on it may or may not be your cup of tea, but these plates are absolutely stunning in person. The beautiful scalloped edges give them elegance, and these plates have a sturdy, heavy quality to them which makes them feel special. I think these plates would add great whimsy to a piece of cheesecake or a pile of sugar cookies after dinner!

Trumpeting Twosome Shakers $48. for a set of two

Are these not the sweetest little salt and pepper shakers you've ever seen? The salt and pepper comes out of little holes in the trunks!

Nestled Ring Dish $10.

Okay, obviously, I like animals, but I really, really, really like bunnies. How cute is this little ring bowl? You can hang your rings from the ears and drop some earrings or other small bobbles in the tray. He totally needs a name.

Perpetual Bloom Towels $8.-$36

Admittedly, I recently changed my shower curtain to a blue and white floral pattern and these towels would go perfectly! They are available in a variety of colors and I think the price is pretty fair for Anthro!

3-D Toile Full Apron $32.

Okay...I suppose this is technically apparel, but it's still a kitchen-item. I am a wiz in the kitchen, but I never wear an apron. It's kind of a lost practice! I even have a really cute apron, but this one is so sweet too! It also comes in a cute blue pattern.

Three-Star Apron $32.

Isn't this pretty? Reviews on the website say that it is much grayer than this photograph, but I still think is just so adorable. The little scalloped bottom and the cute little button are slaying me.

There is also an ADORABLE little yellow sugar bowl with a bird on it that is not on the website that I bought for a friend. It's a little yellow orange (as in the fruit) with a little bluebird on top as the handle and it's just to die for. It's $18 and I wish I had bought one for myself, but I already own a sugar bowl that works perfectly fine. Anyone else have some non-clothing items that they are in love with?


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