Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 Sunday Reviews and an OOTD

Happy Sunday, all! I hope everyone is enjoying the Columbus Day weekend! AAAAAAAND...

It's 10/10/10! Holy Moly! I love when dates like this happen! I got married on 07/07/07 and part of me believes that dates like this are good luck! Hope you are doing something fun today!

I stopped into Anthro on my way to work yesterday and had exactly 8 minutes to try on some things in the dressing room (I stopped by specifically to purchase the Refined Cord Shirtdress since I could NOT stop thinking about it since trying it on a month ago). Here's what I grabbed for you guys:

Mystery Moulinette Soeurs Dress $168 (??)

Hm. Okay. This dress seems something I would have grabbed to wear to a party or a school dance in 7th grade. The material is nice and the fit is okay, but something about it doesn't seem very Anthro. It just makes me think about 7th grade, which for me was in the late 80's. Pass.

Switching Sides Sweater $118 Moth & Wall Street Skirt $88 Moulinette Soeurs

First off, the sweater: How adorable! This is a very "me" sweater, so when I saw it hit the website, I just had to try it on. It's simply adorable. The fabric is soft all around and the different colorways are just so cute. This is the gray colorway and it's darling and fits awesome. $118 is a little high for me, so I'll pick it up when it hits sale.

Now for the skirt...meh. I'm not quite sure who came up with the name Wall Street Skirt? It looks really cute with the sweater, but if you are petite, you should order the petite size online. Hemming this will ruin the beautiful design on the front. Otherwise, it's a cute skirt, that fits TTS. It's a thin wale corduroy and $88 is a good price for a skirt at Anthro! I think it's cute, but it's not really my style. Pass.

Peppered & Striped Skirt $128 Tracy Reese

I know this skirt has been reviewed to death, but I decided to throw my .02 in. It's a cute skirt and well-made (Tracy Reese for goodness sake), but I'm not quite sure it's a winner for a petite frame. On me, I think it's making me look a bit dowdy. If you love this and you are 5'2 or smaller, wait for the sale and get this altered a few inches. It would probably be super cutie-cute if it were 3"-4" shorter.

And here's my beloved High Tea Blouse and me are finally together. We've come a long way to get here and I had to call many Anthros, but finally tracked down this pretty in Harvard Square. Yay!

It's Sunday night, so we'll be broadcasting a brand-new, live Dereck and Kay Show tonight at 6pm on Blog Talk Radio! Please join us live or listen to an archived episode on the website! Happy Weekend everyone!


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