Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OOTD: Catmint

Have you ladies been on the Anthro website today?! The outfit tours with video are UH-MAZING! I was falling in love, especially with this hat. My jaw just about dropped on the floor when I saw the price. Sadly, this hat would have to be on sale and get a second cut before it ever got into my hot little hands. Sigh.
Anyway, I had a LONG day today. I had my first physical therapy session and I'm hoping that it will help me heal faster from my car accident. I have been in physical therapy two other times: both were for horseback riding injuries. So, I know how PT works...if you don't do what they tell you to do, it will not do any good for you. I am dying to get back to a normal exercise and yoga routine.

Tuesdays, are an Anthro day! When I was on my way to the studio today, a lady at the bus stop was enamored with my outfit. She was so cute! She told me I looked just like a fashion model! Totally not true, but it was adorable and it made me feel good. A win for Anthro for sure!
Anthropologie: Catmint Dress over a Gap Tee, Fastened and Knotted Belt (now $19.95), J.Crew Scarf (old), Anthropologie: Shawl Collar Sweatercoat - on the hanger to the left (now $79.95)
My Catmint Dress hadn't seen much attention since I wore it in Vancouver a couple of months ago and it transitioned nicely into fall. It wasn't a favorite dress in the blogsphere, but I adore it. It's one of the most comfortable Maeve dresses I own and the pattern is to die for. The tie that came with it is pretty boring, so pizazzing it up with a belt is a must!

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday back at work!


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