Monday, October 4, 2010

A few Monday Morning Reviews

Hello, everyone! It's rainy again here in Boston and I'm feeling kind of icky. We'll see what the doctor says about my poor back that's been aching for the last few days. In the meantime, I have some little reviews!

Dried Leaves Dress $158 Girls from Savoy

Being a super skinny-minny, I have nothing going on in a hip department, so this dress looks a little funny on me. Maybe with a belt, it would rock. I like the way it's styled in the model shot. It's a pullover, so this is the first part about it that kind of turned me off. However, the wool is SUPER soft and not itchy in the slightest. It's a really cute little dress. The pricetag seems fair as it feels well-made. Maybe, if you are petite like me, you might want to get this hemmed a few inches. I normally love gray and this has shades of gray, but it's not really calling out to me.

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan $128 Tabitha

This is the orange colorway since I think the xs gray colorway was on the dressform and I just didn't want to bother. This sweater is pretty cute and I think I love it! If you are looking for a basic gray (or orange) cardi, here it is. The embellishments on it are subtle, but nice and it's really soft. I would have preferred that it wasn't a 3/4 sleeve, but that's a small thing. I have the gray colorway wishlisted for sale as I don't think it's worth $128. I'd buy it for $50 maybe. We'll see.

Past & Present Tank $78 one.september

Confession: This is a totally biased review because this little top won me over in late August when it appeared on the website. But it could have been disappointing on, but it was far from it! I mean, seriously: How stunning is it!?!? The way the straps are twisted, and the way the fabric is wrapped in the middle gives this top an elegant Grecian feel. And I love the colors! It fits like a dream (this is the xs of course) and when I had it on, it was hard to believe it was jersey. It is so unbelievably soft and graceful a fabric. I don't know why this one hasn't been getting more blog love, it's AMAZING. Wishlisted!!! I would be tempted to buy this at full price, I love it that bad.

Time Gone By Dress  $128 Maeve

I missed trying on this dress in the other colorway the first time around and it's honestly not the type of dress I would gravitate to. It's pretty. I wish it came in a different color because this gray is reminding me of overcooked oatmeal. It's honestly very pretty. I still think the bust is pretty big, but seems to fit TTS. If this is your thing, I say go for it. It's just not for me.

Easy Keeper Skirt $138 Tract Reese & Volante Tee $58 Deletta

The Volante Tee is very cute. It's a wrinkled mess in the store, so it will need to be steamed. I would be tempted to get this now. The beautiful gray and bordeaux colors are gorgeous and rich for fall. The Easy Keeper Skirt is one I've had my eye on for a while. While perusing the sale room, I noticed at least 4 or 5 hanging out there because of broken zippers and this one was broken too (but wasn't in the sale room yet). I don't know if that's been a problem for this skirt in general or maybe for one batch. It's gorgeous and has all kinds of things going for it. I think, however, I am too petite for it. It was a little loose in the waist and it's a little long for me. If you are taller and this fits you well, I say go for it. Definitely try on because the waistband seems a little strange. The $138 price seems a little steep, but if you want to splurge, I don't think you'll feel bad about it as it's a beautiful, well-made piece AND it's Tracy Reese which adds points.

Spectre Dreams Dress $248 McGinn

Wow. Honestly, I have to confess that I tried on this dress just to review it because it's definitely not something I would try on under non-blog circumstances. On a positive note, it's an extremely well-made dress. The fabric is flowy and lace details are really soft. Criticism? Oh my...first off...there's that unflattering, weird gray color again, which is a problem for me personally. The lace details on the collar/sleeves are strange to me. The bodice is baggy and unflattering and I don't enjoy the pointy ruffling on the skirt. Can you tell that I hate this? If this fits you and you love it, then wait for the sale. $248 is a high price point. If you see me on the street wearing this, then you know I lost a bet.

Van Wrinkle Sweater $118 Moth

Sleeper Hit!! I saw Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie try this on and it piqued my curiosity. I am absolutely in love with it! The ruffles are totally flattering! The sweater consists of a vest and some ruffle-y bits in front you can hook via hook-and-eye clasp. Plus, it's a yummy mustard yellow that always slays me. It's amazingly soft and I love the polka dots. Don't you hate/love when you grab something that doesn't do anything for you on the hanger, but when it's on your person, it transforms into something you absolutely NEED to own. wallet hates that too. WISHLISTED!!!

Anyway, I just have one more thing: I picked up this Odille Dress from a consignment shop and I wonder if anyone knows anything about it!?
It's silk and has buttons up the side. It's super cute and I was wondering if anyone knew what year it came out and what it's called! I hope everyone's having a great Monday! I'll be off to the doctor's office today to get checked out for whiplash. Boo. Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive during my tough week. You ladies are the best :)


  1. I just found your blog and I am SO HAPPY that I did, because I am only 5ft and your reviews are amazingly helpful!!! Which could actually be bad for my wallet... I hope your back feels better!

  2. I don't know anything about the odille dress you picked up, but it looks great on you! I love the blue flower pattern and the larger skirt!

  3. Hi Jan! Thanks for stopping by! The whole petite thing does change things a bit. Knowing a good tailor is key, right? :)

    Lori,'s really cute. It's really light and it's getting a little too cold to wear it, but I just adore it (Except for the fact that it fastens with buttons. ARGH!!!!)

  4. I don't think I've liked the Time Gone By Dress better on anyone else. It looks so pretty on you. I'm strangely drawn to that spectre dreams dress after seeing it on you. Thx for the awesome reviews!