Friday, October 8, 2010

Concert Black, Anthro Style

It's concert season again and it's time for me to consider new clothes for the stage for ensemble gigs. I am not a big fan of wearing all black, actually, but it comes with the territory of being a musician. Luckily, there are some lovely pieces at Anthro that are tempting me and would perhaps cause me to loathe wearing black less!

French Bustle Jacket $188 Mise En Scene by Ruffian
Gorgeous.This is like #2 on my concert wear list. With a great pair of black pants or a trumpet skirt, perfection. The $188 price stings a bit. Sale?

Dollhouse Jacket $118 Elevenses
It's so cute! The "bow" is really just ruffles. The little flare at the bottom is precious. I love it.

Falling In Love Vest $118 Tabitha  &   Finessed Turtleneck $58 C. Keer
Cute together maybe? Who knows.

Deuxhill Cowlneck $88 Odille
I already love this little top so much. Sold out online right now in every size. Totally worth full price. Ya.

Soleares Silk Blouse $198 Leifsdottir
Oh my. I have to admit, I'm not much of a Leifsdottir girl. None of the pieces appealed to me before and I thought the price points were just ridiculous. This pretty little blouse is making me reconsider. The little tulle accents are slaying me (I'm a sucker for tulle). I've never seen this in person and the 0 is sold out online, but I'm hoping for a sale soon, I'll snatch that sucker up.

I am leaning towards one of these pieces for my first concert next month!


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