Friday, October 22, 2010

Cambridge Arts Coucil Anthropologie Event & Reviews

Last night Anthropologie in Harvard Square hosted a private shopping event to benefit the Cambridge Arts Council and to celebrate their new location. I love Anthro, I love the can I NOT go!? I was very pleased to be invited and I broke out my Two-Wheeler Shirtdress for the occasion. I was greeted to a glass of white wine and this gorgeous display:

...and Kickass Cupcakes!

It's really cute that the store is decorated with Harvard decor. With it being located in the heart of Harvard Square, right next to Harvard Yard (where I spent a good amount of time taking pre-med classes, completed everything but Physics. I missed music too much!) the Harvard theme decor is everywhere. It's kind of adorable and reminds me of my classes (which were HARD, but fun) at Harvard Extension School, which, by the way, is GREAT and affordable and of course...some the best quality post baccalaureate education you can get around here.

After wandering around for a while with my first glass of wine, I started to pick up some things to try on. Then I slipped into the dressing room.

OH! Guess what was in the Mystery Box?

Anthropologie: Bowtied-Beauty Boots $248
I was so excited to get these as a surprise gift! I have the best hubby! These boots are AMAZING! I am a size 8 (sometimes 8 1/2) and these in an 8 fit PERFECTLY. The leather is nice and soft and the bows are cute, cute, CUTE!!!! As you can see, they totally stick out, which is NOT like the picture at all. They are super comfy and I felt cute as can be in them. The soles are a little stiff, so I'll probably be padding up the bottoms. Worth the investment if you like these.

So, here's what I arrived in:
I don't know why my hand is up against the wall. I have no idea what I was trying to do. Anyway, on to the reviews!
Traced Twirls Dress: Girls from Savoy now $80
You know those things you never think you'll ever try on, much less buy? Well, here's one. I never gave this dress an ounce of consideration until I walked by it on the sale rack last night. This is a 0 of course...surprisingly I loved it! It was a good fit and I felt fabulous, glam, like a movie star and sexy all at the same time. I had a concern that it would be too long, but I actually have rather long thighs and short calves, so it totally worked. With some heels on, this dress will be killer. This came home with me.

Chilled Ripples Shell $118 Floreat & Matriarch Skirt $88 We Love Vera

First off, the Chilled Rippled Shell is just drop-dead gorgeous and fits well and I didn't find it see-through, which is amazing for Anthro. It's a really beautiful blouse, I'll consider it on sale.

I love all of my We love Vera pieces and I was so happy to see a Matriarch Skirt in the store. It was very cute, but it didn't wow me. It reminded me of the Circle the Globe Skirt with a print on it. It's not as poofy, but if you missed out on the yellow Circle the Globe and you like the print, here's a skirt for you. $88 seems high to me. Maybe I'm a little cheap, but I could totally understand a $78 price point, but the extra ten dollars seems high. Wait for the sale.

Mystery Sweater $168 Rosie Nietra?? (I can barely read the tag) & Mystery Odille Skirt
*Edit 10/27/10 - This sweater is now identified as the Pinafore Pullover and the Odille Skirt is now identified as the Tales of Yesterday Skirt.

Oh my. I love this sweater. It was super comfy! It will need to be worn over an undershirt or a shell, but I think the shape of it is simply adorable! The skirt is pretty cute with it although it felt an odd length to me. It's a fine plaid, but it has a slightly longer, floral print lining. I don't remember the price, but I want to say it was over $100. I am really focused on the sweater's dreamy and I must have it when it hits sale! It would be so cute with some jeans!

Mystery Dress, Unrecognizable Label $168
*Edit 10/27/10 - This dress is now identified as the Japonica Dress by Coquille 

 Huge all by itself. This is a size 0.
 Saved by a belt!!

I have no idea what the brand name on this dress is. It had some gold label that was un-readable. Anyway, it's a really pretty pattern, but it's huuuuuge. The cowlneck is lovely. The belt saved it somewhat, but without it, an xs petite wearing this looks like she's wearing a mumu. It's cute with a belt and maybe in a petite size, but pretty much a pass. Maybe on super deep sale. $168 is a little pricey for what it is.

Mystery Moulinette Soeurs Dress, $188
*Edit 10/27/10 - This dress is now identified as the Lucillae Dress

I know that sizing is all over the place for Moulinette Soeurs. I have found that some dresses are cut true to size and some are so big that I am sized out. The Violet Gloaming Dress was one of those that was so enormous, it would never work. This particular dress seems to be cut too narrow for some people. I happen to have a straight up and down figure, so I thought I might have a chance wit this gorgeous dress. It actually fit pretty well and I'd be curious to see if there was a petite version of the dress because I think it's too long. I think it's just beautiful and truth be told...a little roomy. I'd need to get it altered. I will definitely reconsider this at sale time! It seems a little dressy and I'm not sure where I'm going dressed up like this.

And there you have it! I stayed in the store until 9:30 talking to sales associates! They were so nice! I stumbled home with my bag and crept into bed, satisfied with my goodies! What a fun evening!


  1. Wow this is so's virtual shopping! Love it! I sooo want that Rosie Neira pinafore sweater but it is a bit out of my budget for one sweater...gosh I wonder if I will get a shot at it when it goes on sale...anyway just wanted to say thanks for the reviews and Ahthro looks really awesome on you!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! The sweater is gorgeous, right? I must have it, but paying $200 for a sweater would make me cry!