Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reviewed: Stable Skirt, Spitalfields Skirt, Sincerely Snug Top, Melded Gauze Skirt & more...

Happy Wednesday! For those of you who have 5-day a week jobs, this is hump day for you! I don't have that privilege. The approaching weekend is very busy for me at my jobs, but hey, at least I get a weekday off...a sale Thursday at that! Speaking of Thursday sale...I am trembling with anticipation! I can't wait to see the speculation post at Effortless Anthropologie and the sale sightings over at Anthroholic. It's always a fun party trying to guess what will be marked down and to see what everyone is hoping for! I'm dying for the High Tea Blouse, the Dagmar Shirtdress, the Lost Time Skirt, and the Dreamy Drape Dress. A girl can dream.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to lunch and shopping with a good friend of mine in Back Bay. We had a gorgeous lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury (Crab BLT out of this world!) and we went to Anthro and then to Copley Square Mall. In the meantime...I have some reviews for you! She insisted I try on jeans at Gap and I left with two pairs of jeans...from Gap KIDS.

Yes, I said Gap KIDS. A size 14 child's bootcut jean fit PERFECTLY. No need to hem, nothing. The best part of it all was the jeans were on sale for $15 a piece. Petite girl FTW. Okay...on to the Anthro reviews!

Stable Skirt $98 Cartonnier
I apologize for the blurry photo. I had the macro setting on and didn't realize it! I love horses...hence...I wanted to love this skirt. It seemed a tad over the top to me when I first saw it a few weeks ago. I mean, it is just a crazy skirt with a horse scene on it. When I put it on, I was surprised about how crazy it *didn't* look. It was actually pretty cute and well-fitting. The skirt is a tad too long for petite girls, but maybe with boots it wouldn't be too bad. I tried it on with the Insouciant Tank as it was styled at the store but without a belt. It's pretty cool! I'm going to wait for the sale.

Sincerely Snug Top $58 Pure and Good and Spitalfields Skirt $78 London's East End
I tried on this little outfit because I was at Anthro with a girlfriend and she insisted. She loved the Spitalfields Skirt and I love how this whole outfit turned out! The skirt is short, but that's good for a short girl, like me! And the Sincerely Snug Top was a pleasant surprise. It's very well-fitted (perhaps even a little tight), but it seems like it would keep you very warm on chilly days. The rust color was my favorite of the three and the yellow of the skirt was more like a warm mustard. With brown boots, this would be a killer outfit. Both of these pieces are excellent and may even snap them up at full price!

Melded Gauze Skirt $128 Edme & Esyllte


After 1 minute of attempted un-scrunchingCool! Sculpture Skirt! This is an interesting concept skirt. There are little wires all along with seams of the skirt so that you can "scrunch" up the skirt and make it wrinkly and ruffly or smooth. I like the idea of a customizable piece of clothing. The look on my face says it all. However, I just found it to be a little bit of a mess and not for the impatient. I am a very artistic person and I love to be creative, but I think I would have little motivation to meld and shape this how I wanted it. I attempted to unwrinkle it and it was difficult. I think you would have to spend a lot of time coaxing it. I think it's REALLY cool, it's just not my thing. Plus, it makes me look Lilliputian.

Mullany Dress $268 Eva Franco
I hate when the product shot doesn't look like what the dress actually looks like. The product shot on this dress makes it look like it's very poufy. Maybe if it fit, it would pouf. Needless to say, I am sized out of this dress because I am absolutely swimming in it. It's an adorable dress that is doesn't fit, it costs like a million dollars for some reason. Pass.
Country Quarters Tank $78 Weston Wear


Really, this tank is super soft and it's been on my wishlist for a while but I've never actually tried it on. It fits TTS and is a really comfortable, well-made, nice looking top. It falls on me exactly the way it does on the product shot. Here's hoping it goes on sale tomorrow!


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