Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OOTD: Tiny Windows and Tiny Closets

Happy Humpday everyone! I was lucky enough to have the day off from my retail job and had all day to clean the house and prepare music for an evening rehearsal. It was nice and relaxing. Anyway, I wore my pink Tiny Windows Dress to rehearsal tonight with (for some reason) The Four Petal Cardi. It was a strange pairing and I didn't wear them together for more than 5 minutes (it was hot!), but I did wear them together. Why? I dunno.

And now, I thought I'd post some photos of my very small closet. I only have 48 inches width of space. I actually took out the built-ins that were in this closet in favor of Elfa which helped a lot. But, it's still a 4 foot space. I have no bureau anymore, so everything is in those little drawer units. If my husband and I were to buy this place, I would be tempted to knock out the middle portion of this closet and extend our individual closets, because as you can see...all of my stuff is crammed in there! Can you spot all the Anthro pieces? :)

The 3rd photo is the middle portion of the wall of closets which I share with my husband. He has the top two drawers and I have the bottom drawers and three shelves. A divided transparent box keeps all of my pairs of earrings separated so I don't have to go hunting for a mate of an earring once I've found one! The black and white fabric boxes have my gym clothes, scarves and tights in them.

That's all I've got for you guys! It's getting closer and closer to Friday!


  1. Your closet looks awesomely organized! You've done an awesome job. And indeed, I spot many exciting Anthro pieces lurking in there :)

  2. Thanks! I spend all day helping other people organize at my day job, so I am organized at home. I was actually going to post some organizing posts!

    The bad part of the tiny closet is that everything gets so wrinkled in there. I might change it around so that there is more hanging and less drawers...I dunno.

  3. Wow Kay! You know I have that same problem of a 4 ft closet space, but yours looks way more organized than mine! Instead of the drawers below, I have another clothing rod - great for hanging more pants and shirt - but not so good for having space to hang any long dresses.

  4. Lori, I'm thinking of changing it tomorrow. It would involve taking the whole dang closet apart, but it might work out better.

  5. I see so many Anthro Dresses Kay. And you are doing the right thing by grouping your cloths. I have a friend that has a mountain home with limited closet space. She is an Anthro cloths horse. She bought some hangers that hold multiple items and collapse to increase space. I was doubtful when I saw them on TV. But she swears by them. She found them close-out somewhere for the cost of shipping only. I don't remember what they were called. But I can find out.

    And what about storing your shoe bins on the upper shelf, under the bed if possible. Then remove the shelf, raise the existing dowel up, and add a second below like Lori has?

    I feel so lucky to have 28 ft of dowel space in my closet. And I think I can't fit another item in there.

    And keep in mind, if you haven't worn an article of clothing for over a year. Sell or donate to make space.


  6. Hey Laura!!!

    I am considering making 2 extra feet of short hang below where the drawers currently are. The shoes unfortunately will not fit below the bed as there are already some other things there :( I may have to resort to putting them in another room. I wish we had more storage space in our place!

    I know exactly which hangers you're talking about, I've seen them on TV! Not for me though...anything cascading involving my clothes...I just can't. We sell some hooks where work to cascade the hangers I use, but I just don't like my clothes not being exactly next to each other. Totally non-rational. LOL And everything is current regular rotation, I need more space! (Or to stop shopping.)