Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broadcasting in Anthro!

Happy Sale Tuesday, everyone! I am soooo excited that three items (really four, but I'm going to not get all of them) from my wishlist are now on sale! The Dagmar Dress was number one, but I am also thrilled that the Lost Time Skirt and the Flight of Fancy Top are now on sale! Holy Cuteness! Holy Wallet Hell!

My good friend Dereck and I started a really silly internet radio talk show sort of in the spirit of a hot talk show like The Don and Mike Show, The Ron and Fez Show and The Sports Junkies. I have always been a fan of hot talk radio and when I was a little kid, I would spend hours and hours recording into my Fisher Price brown tape recorder with my own homemade folly and everything. My friend and I have always wanted to host our own silly show, so we are now two weeks into it. Check it out, if you're interested...we are still working out the kinks!

Anthro: Red Delicious Blouse, Anthro Split Decision Cardigan, Gap Kids Jeans, Natrual Soul Shoes
Anyway, of course I wear Anthro to broadcast! It's become Autumn seemingly overnight here in Boston and it's become lovely during the day and cool at night. I was excited to have the opportunity to wear some of my new cardis that I scored during the Labor Day Sale! The Red Delicious blouse (We Love Vera) was a VERY lucky sale find. I was totally smitten by it when I saw it and was so lucky to find it all by its lonesome, on the sale rack in my size! I'm also in love with the Split Decision Cardi! It's sooooooo comfy and cozy and the ruffles on one side are just adorable. I'm still a little freaked out that I am now buying my jeans at Gap Kids, but I suppose it's good because, I finally have found jeans that fit properly and they certainly are very cheap.

That's all I've got for now! Hope you ladies are having a great sale day!


  1. My darn computer won't let me listen to your talk show! BOO times A THOUSAND!!

    But you look so so cute broadcasting! I love how you paired the Red Delicious Blouse (an awesome sale buy, by the way!) with the Split Decision Cardigan! So cozy and in the spirit of fall! I'm glad to hear that Boston is having some autumn weather - we're still stuck in summer here in Texas! :P And your jeans look like the perfect fit ... no shame if they're GAP kids! Rock 'em! :)

  2. LOL, thanks Mandy! You can also download the show as a podcast...maybe that will work? We are definitely fall-a-licious here and I cannot wait to go apple picking! This might be the perfect apple-picking shirt!