Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Cuts PSA

Good Morning, Ladies! I noticed some items took a second cut this morning! Here are some of the good ones I noticed!

 Finally, this cutie takes a second cut. How can you not love the fun ocean print with the octopus? I may consider this now.

I have a special relationship with this little dress. My friend got married this summer and she wanted all of her bridesmaids to wear navy blue dresses and this dress saved me when I couldn't find any dresses to fit me. You can't beat this price now! This didn't get a lot of community love but I love it! It's a cute little frock!

This is a cutie! It's not something that I would pick up, but it's definitely a cute dress.

I think this is really cute. The flower applique was too overwhelming for my frame, but I would have snapped it up had I been able to pull it off! Fits well and is super amazing! Such a great price now!

Really pretty!

Pinochle Skirt now $19.95
What a fun print! I tried this on and it's adorable! How can you beat that price now!?

There are a few more cuts that I noticed, so check the sale page to see if your coveted piece is on mega-sale! The Green Thumb Belt is now $9.95!!!!! Happy Hunting everyone!


  1. Great info for someone like me that has no store nearby.

  2. Yes! Scoop up your deals while you can! I'm actually considering the Pinochle skirt since my hubs is really into Poker and it would be adorable to wear to the big tournament we are planning to attend in AC this November!