Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOTD: Lost Time on Scalinata

Happy Sunday readers! I hope lots of you ladies are getting lots of rest today! I am a weekend warrior between retail, my church gig and the radio weekend doesn't arrive until Wednesday. Until then, I'm still rockin' some Anthro!

I happen to be currently working as the soloist at a Christian Science Church and there is no choir, so instead of wearing a robe, I get to wear pretty clothes! So, here's what I was wearing this morning! I'm lucky the soloist gets a dressing room, so I can take these pics! So luxurious!

Anthro: Lost Time Skirt ($59.95 on sale), Anthro: Scalinata Top ($39.95 on sale), Anthro Checkerboard Belt ($19.95) Limited: Cardi (super old), Nordstrom: Söfft Heels (circa 2008)

The Scalinata Top has not been getting a lot of attention and quite frankly, I bought this not having any idea how I was going to style it and I've struggled with it. There have been many days I've put this on, only to take it off and have it not work with anything. But I never returned it, because it's just so awesome with all of the gold flecks and ruffles! Well, when it met the Lost Time Skirt, it was a match made in heaven! The Lost Time Skirt is just SO cute that I couldn't resist wearing my new sale score at my gig. It might have been a little quirky for church, but whatever.

I noticed a really adorable coat on the website this morning!
Cym & Ripple Coat $188 Elevenses
Hello, lover? When did you come in? Seriously, I am still mourning a beautiful red wool coat I lost 8 years ago and this one is calling my name. I HATE that it's "online exclusive". I wish I knew how substantial it was because living in New England, winters here are no joke. You can't just get away with looking cute when it's like 10ºF and 30mph winds blowing down Boylston Street. Anyway...I'm budgeting for a new winter coat and I am LOVING this pretty right now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, you guys! :)


  1. congrats on being the soloist! You must have an amazing voice! That coat is darling! I didn't know Anthro did web exclusives!

  2. I just found your blog while searching for the Nestled Ring Dish you posted a little while ago. You're completely adorable!! And, thank you for all the awesome reviews!

  3. Lori: It's kind of cool to get paid for doing something so fun! (Even if it's early in the morning, oy) Yeah, the other notable Anthro exclusive is...

    Cat: Yay! Thank you, you're so sweet! I love your blog!!!

  4. i agree the red coat is so cute a must have in any girls closet.

    btw you look adorable in that skirt. Love your blog. Please check mine out.

  5. Hey! Thanks Nina! I am totally following you now! :) Very jealous you scored a Clinton Trench! Why, oh why didn't that last very long :( I totally wanted one.

  6. This whole outfit is so lovely and flattering on you! And wow, I never even NOTICED the Scalinata Blouse before, but um, now I need it :)

  7. Hahah! Now you need it! It's been on sale a while...I'll say a second cut prayer for you on the blouse! It's definitely tres cute!

  8. Hahah! Now you need it! It's been on sale a while...I'll say a second cut prayer for you on the blouse! It's definitely tres cute!