Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reviewed: Four Dresses and a Cardigan

Good evening, readers! I have been SO busy these last few days, I've hardly had time to blog. Whilst everyone was relaxing during Labor Day weekend and eating BBQ, I was working my little size 0 tail off! Business was BOOMING in my store this Labor Day and our empty product shelves show it! I had no time to wear any Anthro (sad face), but I did have time to go and try on a few of my favorite things...dresses.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with dresses. It could be the whole opera singer/romantic thing or the fact that I have to wear a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers to work everyday, but I love a cute dress! Here's some I tried on at Anthro a few days ago :)

Violet Gloaming Dress: $268 Moulinette Soeurs

This dress sure is pretty. So were all of the Moulinette Soeurs dresses I tried on. You know what all those dresses had in common? They were ALL too big for me. I tried this on, hoping to be surprised. I wasn't. This was huge on me...especially in the armhole region. Petite girls, resist the urge to try this on, because it will make you cry. It's so pretty. It really is. But, it's really just awkwardly cut in my opinion. The bodice is not fitted well. I think the sash and the sleeves are really cute, but that is all. For $268? FAIL.

Along with Anthropologie, I also happen to have a passion for tea. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos tea and honeybush and herbal. I have an entire drawer in my kitchen (a big one!) FULL of loose teas and tea gear. You can imagine my excitement when this dress was released!

I was underwhelmed by it on my person. Something about the gray isn't flattering with my skintone. If the base color were not this gray, I would probably feel differently. The teacups are so cute and it is a soft silk and doesn't feel cheap or anything. The sash that comes with the dress is adorable! The print is really whimsical and really something I would go for in a heartbeat. I'd consider it if it went on, really on sale. It's just not my cup of tea though at the end of the day (you KNEW that was coming).

Love Letter Sweater: $188 Laureate Lane

Now for a sweater. The love letter cardi is just...breathtaking. So is the price. I, however am deeply in love with it. It's comfy and has neat hook and eye closures which give it a clean look when you close it. The bead work on it is spectacular. It's just a little gem of a sweater. I'd be traumatized if the beadwork started coming off, which is my only concern. This would have to go on sale or I'd have to win the lottery to buy it, but it's totally on my wishlist.

You know what's happening next payday? This dress is coming home with mama. It's so flattering and comfortable. The navy blue corduroy is soft and feels warm without feeling bulky. Pair with a pair of boots, a belt and an undershirt and you've got yourself a cool-weather staple. I LOVE this dress!

Waffle Weave Dress: $118 Ric Rac

At 98 lbs, I didn't think there was a dress in the world that could make me look fat; Until I tried on this dress. Really? What is going on here? It's really comfortable and I like the stretchy waffle material (kind of a boring name, by the way. "Waffle Weave Dress"? Snoozefest.) and the length is nice, but...this dress adds 10 lbs to my frame somehow. It's like an Anthro Fatsuit, plus it's a rather drab color. Bleh. Pass.

*Update 11/29 - I've had a total change of heart regarding this little dress. It's grown on me and I actually just ordered one (on a popback, yay!), so we'll see how I feel about it when it gets here. I'm so fickle.

So there you have it! I have the day off tomorrow so hopefully, I'll get to post at OOTD! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!


  1. Hi there Kay! Thank you for the reviews!

    I love the Refined Cord Shirtdress on you, it's very flattering in all respects! You should definitely treat yourself with that one! :) You look very happy wearing it, which is always a good sign! And the Love Letter Sweater looks perfect on you too ... if only it wasn't so darn expensive!

    I think the Sugar & Cream dress looks really flattering on you too. :)